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Radio modems for wireless internet conection

Hello everyone.

My name is Ronald, I work in a small IT Office in a Red Cross Society at Honduras, recently I'm about to contract some sort of a wireless conection with an ISP for one of the offices that we have inside the country, the thing is, that I have no previous experience with this type of technology. I'm writing specifically about RADIO MODEMS, I've been looking for specs and further information, and everything seems quite nice in the theory, but I would like to listen to the odds in this matter.
The target environmet to install to is the following.
OS - Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2
Browser - IE6
Main hardware architecture
Intel Pentium 4 1.9 Ghz, 512 mb Ram DDR, HDD - 60 Gb, MB - U8668Grand (Biostar)

Within the comments, I would like you to include your personal experience with interference for climatic reasons due to I'm in a tropical country wich has tendency to have constant and strong climatic phenomenons and I'm kindda worried about that issue. The rest is totally easy I think, once I have the internet signal; I suppose that the rest of the process will be the same as it is with other technologies to share the connection with other computers.

I thank you all in advance for your valuable contributions and I hope you can give me useful comments.

Best regards

RT Cunningham
Hi Ronald,

I live in a tropical country as well. Wireless signals do not seem to be affected by local weather, including typhoons. A radio modem uses the lower bands but should be just as reliable if not more.

In fact, the signal should be much more reliable since a "line of sight" is not required. Wireless signals via cell towers and broadband routers need line of sight or "near line of sight" to work properly. Radio signals travel through walls easily.

I'm no genius and I've had no experience with radio modems, but from what I gathered from some research, the radio modem is a pretty good choice for wireless connections.
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