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Who hates courswork

hi im at franklin college and im starting to rememberr from the 7 weeks off of how much i h8 coursework i really really hate it. its like iv got maths courswork aperantly soon you want have to do maths coursework dam im unlucky. but anyway this is the place to past how much u hate courswork e.t.c. but yea at the moment im totally tied down with courswork.
Coursework Sucks!!!
Its really really annoying.
I do prefer it to exams though....
I think we get tooo much coursework though, and its not explained properly. Well for me it isnt anyway Laughing
Coursework is annoying, but probably required, 'cos a lot of people really break down during exams. I think maybe they should give a bit less (e.g. maximum of one per subject) and the teachers could give us more support.

Personally, I prefer exams Smile
At least your getting into new crap, not forced to take a basic software class to lealrn photoshop (which I aready know) and all this other crap. Its 4 hours of bordem crap! I cant wait till 10 weeks is up to get the hell out of this class and get into some good art classes.
I think the worst part about coursework is that it always all gets handed in at the same time - right before an examination period usually. So you've always got 3 or 4 pieces on the go at the same time.

I also hat the paradox of 'group work' - in that if you get a good group then it can actually be really easy & fun, but if you get in a bad group then it's absolute hell!
GProject wrote:
I also hat the paradox of 'group work' - in that if you get a good group then it can actually be really easy & fun, but if you get in a bad group then it's absolute hell!

True. When I was doing experiments for my science coursework I was with some really lazy guy who doesn't even like standing up. I had to do everything. When he actually tried to do something useful, he did everything really lazily and inaccurately.
It Sucks
I hate it, I have to do a lot of it today.
I hate coursework and would much prefer a hundred percent test, rather than do coursework. Coursework was introduced becuase women (In general) did terrible in tests because of nerves etc. and since coursework women have been getting a lot better test results, coincidence? lol.
@ Jack_Hammer -- lol, that is a brilliant explanation.

I am normally quite good at taking test and I would prefer tests to coursework any day. But in the case that the professor/teacher does not teach thoroughly what will be on the test, I sometimes prefer coursework, although this should not happen.
I'm not sure what you mean by coursework (Is that what we call homework in Britain?). I also had problems understanding your post - perhaps you need to do more English coursework!!
To the person who didn't like groupwork: The great advantage of having a group with lazy people in it is that you get to learn the stuff and have all the fun whilst the others just get bored and learn nothing. When it then comes to the stage when you need to use what you have learnt then suddenly you're a genius and the others are morons. Ask around, almost any adult will tell you that they wish they had concentrated more in school (there will be exceptions of course, but most of them will not be in a situation that you would like to be in).
I completly hate coursework. I just cannot be motivated to do it all to the best of my ability. I personally prefer doing a final exam and just getting it all done at once.
Ok my revision tactics are not a strong point either, but im usually fairly good at doing ok in an exam compared to getting coursework done to a high grade.
Coursework itself isn't too bad, it's usually the timing that stinks!
id take exams anyday over coursework - i excel under pressure. good thing i saw this thread, it reminded me of the english coursework i gotta hand in 2morrow.
lets get this party......STOPPED. >_<
I hate! Especially when the coursework required groupmates!
I very much agree that a hundred precent of test is a good evaluation techique, since coursework instead is a copy and paste job for many students. Nothing deal with their ability in fact........
I agree It doesn't make mush sense to me to spend hours in classes and then get hours more work to do for that class after it is over. The reason a teacher exists in a class is to teach you, but instead they give you work to do that sometimes you need to go through a book to learn on your own so that you can do it. It makes no sense to me.
coursework sux, but without it i wont study at home and might forget wat was taught at coll... but it shud be very very less
Who doesnt hate it?

Im lazzy, so its not my thing. Ah well, thats life. We just goto stick with it and try to sruvive Smile
I hate coursework. But thank god now i dont have to do any of it, cos im finished with my education, got my honours degree in Network Computing, so hopefully that will keep me out of education for a we Most likely not but i like to dream.

Coursework suck and so does UNI Evil or Very Mad
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