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Tibia (by CipSoft)

Rad Ultima 2
(First time making a new thread... hoping I'm not doing anything wrong!)

Has anyone out there heard of Tibia? It's an MMORPG, but has like of like a Super Nintendo feel to it. Razz What do you like and dislike about it? Do you still play it? What's your name on there?

I've been playing it for several years now (actually kind of retired due to school work). It's very addictive if you get into it far enough. Please fill me in on what you think!
I know the game and I have a Knight lvl19 on server Galana. I havn't plaied it so much. This is my firs and only character. (Sne Ko is the name =) ) It was fun to begin with. It's cool that a low graphic game can be so popular!

But I think it take too much time. I only stand there with a bad weopon and fight to be good in club fighting. how fun is it. I know I don't have too do it that way. Another thing that can make me very angry is all those Murders who kill Everyone thats bad. I have died a lot =). I haven't give up the game yet but I don't play so much know.

I think you have to have time to play it a lot. School take too much time for me!

I remember signing up for this game a few years ago when I was investigating other MMORPGs besides Mirage games, and I was all like "wow, this game has so many people that play it" (somewhere in the thousands) but you had to sign up to play. So I made my account and then played the game and it was so choppy, dreary, and just pathetic O.o. Then I realized there was no way to terminate my account and realized that's why there were so many members. It's probably gotten better since then, I think it was in some sort of beta back then. But honestly, it was a disgrace ;-;. If someone actually wants to play it nowadays, I should probably look into it again.
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