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Is big business sucking you dry

Hello there fellow consumers. Have you had any bad run ins with big business recently? About a year ago I started getting letters from my insurance company. I wasn't insured if my car broke for a hire car etc etc.

I pay about 10-15% of my money to this insurance company. One day I made an enquiry as to "if I was insured if...." They gave me a quote of 250 bucks extra a year. The next thing I know is they send me the bill! When I tell them I dont want the insurance because the insurance was no longer needed they say you have to pay and start getting all lawyer talk.

This is a minor one compared to some of you others whats your experience?
i had a somewhat ugly experience recently with FedEx. I shipped a guitar that I sold on ebay from St. Louis to Toronto. Everything seemed cool...

Six months later, I started receiving notices from FedEx that the import taxes and fees hadn't been paid by the buyer, so now I was responsible for them. This was about $100 (I sold the guitar for $300) so I was not happy. I called to ask what attempts had been made to collect from the buyer, and I was told two letters were sent. That's it! No phone calls, emails, or anything else. I thought it was pretty stupid that they didn't require the buyer to pay these fees on delivery. So I decided not to pay it.

Eventually, they threatened "legal action", so I sent them the money, but also sent along a nasty letter and carbon-copied it to their customer service department. A few days later I got an apologetic message on my voice mail and they refunded my money. IMHO it was just damage control, if I hadn't said I would never use FedEx again I doubt they would have refunded my money.
Big business is ALWAYS making a large profit off of small businesses. You have to be VERY thrifty to make it as a small business and try not to let the big guys take any more of your money than you have to give them.

I bought an lcd monitor from an online company that I had bought from several times before and didn't have any problems with. Apparently there was a glitch when it was ordered and they sent 2! I had a heck of a time getting that one returned. It took 3 calls to the company. The first one told me that I had to pay for return shipping but would give me back $9 of it. UPS told me I had to pack it better and wanted to charge me $30 to ship it instead of $15. The 2nd time I called the company I told them I was NOT going to pay $30 to ship their mistake back to them. That person told me that I didn't have to pay for it at all, they would send UPS to my house to pick it up. Well, UPS never showed up. So, talking to a 3rd person they emailed me a label to put on their package so I could just take it there myself.

In the end I did ok because they still put that $9 on my credit card. I would return it but gas was expensive then and with all of the stress I figure I deserved it.
These are both good examples. I'm glad you got somewhere where as I didn't. I have been successful in the past in redeeming money that was claimed unjustifiably. I think you got a human being at Fedex after you had been handled by a computer system....
You went through too much trouble. Next time, just keep the monitor.
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