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please suggest a hairdo for me

I like your hair as it is personally, if I were you, I wouldnt go any different.

There's nothing wrong with your hair. It's okay and it fits the shape of your face. Sometimes, we need other people as our mirror to view the better of us--we can't judge ourselves by using our own judgement, but by others'.
Nikkori wrote:
There's nothing wrong with your hair. It's okay and it fits the shape of your face. Sometimes, we need other people as our mirror to view the better of us--we can't judge ourselves by using our own judgement, but by others'.

Your hair is really good the way it is, but if you wanna change it a little, try this! If you're not to conservative, I think it will fit perfectly with your face. Wink
It suits you, no need to change it.

at least you have hair unlike some of us Laughing
Personally I think your hair really suits you the way it is... but if you're trying to do one of those I-want-to-change-my-style-completely, then I think you should put some streaks in it! Very Happy
Yeah! Maybe something like fire red, or a deep electric blue! Very Happy Or you could stay on the safe side and just go with normal blond-ish highlights... but yea... I really think you should go with some wild colour of streak! hehehe that would be wayy sweet yo!

Anyways, see you around!

~nIkKi Razz
maybe you want to add low/highlights to your hair...
id say go with a full beard or no facial hair at all
That seems like a good haircut for you. If you just want a change, play with the color or do something different with the facial hair.
dude, i'd suggest that you go to a parlour and get some touching up done for your eyebrows! i think that although they are OK as they are currently, they are nearly touching each other - that makes you look fierce. for your beard, i would suggest that for a younger look, shave them all out. or else, you could try to get a brad pitt kind of beard. cuz the shape of your jaw is quite the same as his. so imitate his style dude! well, add on something for your personal touch. but dont overdo it. ALL DA BEST!!!
I didn't ready all the other replies, so forgive me if this suggestion has already been made...

But why not go Brown. Maybe if you color your hair it will give you the new look you're searching for.

Good luck with that friend! Smile
Like everyone else, I like the way your hair is now, but i second the full beard/stubble or none at all. It just would suit your jaw better. You could try some spikes, or maybe even grow it out a bit. Smile
Agree with the rest, it looks good.. so keep the haircut.. if you wanna change anything.. try some color and use some wax to make it look abit more wild.. see what you can do.. and if you don't like it.. you can wash it out and you are back the way you are now.. (not the color tho, so go easy on it the first time or use a 7-wash-colour).. and as someone else said.. go with a full beard or nothing.. don't be affraid of trying new things! you can listen to what we think, but the dessision is always up to you.. Very Happy
The haircut and the beard suit together very well..u don't need to change or alter anything..just keep what u have..
If u want to be more outrageous...why don't you go to the barber and ask them to make you a spikey hair...maybe that looks good too on you...
Like someone else said, first and foremost fix your eyebrows! If you can, pick them yourself, otherwise go to a pro or your girlfriend =) .
I would also suggest you to get rid of the beard. The hair I think you don't need to do something with, looks good on you.
Dude your hair looks perfect for you, unlike mine >.<

anyway if you really want to change your hair just give it a very light highlights, or let your beard grow out some
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