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mp3 and mp4

mp3 and mp4...
whats the different between them..
well recently i go download a mp4.. remy zero-save me...
nothing diffrent than mp3 excpert larger saiz file and got people singing ( MTV)

what do you thing of mp4...
i think its just a cool new product that leech money form us.. T.T
mp4 = MPEG-4 Part 14. It can be used as Video or/and sound file. but it can also contain other data such as subtitles and still images. MP4 files with audio and video generally use the .mp4 or .m4v. It's the same file but often used mp4.

so the big diffence with mp4 is that it can contain Video. Mp3 can only contain music. So it can be a little confucing if you see a mp4 file becouse you don't know if it's music or video if you only look at the file extension.
I haven't heard many tracks in MP4, but I can't really tell the difference between them and a well encoded MP3. Personally I prefer OGG files overall though. Most of my stuff is ripped using OGG.
MP4 is generally used for video rather than music as MP3 is the universally accepted standard for music.

DivX encoding is a good example of MP4 technology.
i still think mp3 is the best and the most frills-free usage coz i personally wouldn't really care to watch music videos THAT often or so especially when ur on the go most of the times...but really i think its juz another innovation to LEECH $$ FROM CONSUMERS!
achowles wrote:
I haven't heard many tracks in MP4, but I can't really tell the difference between them and a well encoded MP3. Personally I prefer OGG files overall though. Most of my stuff is ripped using OGG.

You probably know this already if you use it, but OGG is just a container format. MP3 audio could be contained inside an OGG container theoretically. Vorbis is probably what you are referring to. Vorbis is the codec, OGG is the file format. OGG can have video (not just Theora) or whatever else.

Yes, I do love OGG Vorbis, but I can't use it with my crappy $50 Sandisk player. Oh well.

I have been lead to believe that the MP4 format allows music files to be compressed to a greater degree than MP3's, without sacrificing quality. Reading the posts under this topic, I feel I may have been mislead? Question
Well, As much as I realized, The different is that with MP4 You can watch movies on your screen, you can watch some text pages on you screen, and it's more usefull.

But, for me, I prefer at this moment MP3, because it's more compact, and I don't think that I want to see any movie on my hand. (the screen is not so big that you can watch it at least 90 minutes)
mp4 is a container format. how much compression you get depends on what formats you use inside it.

and where exactly do the $$ come in?
About this, mp3 is the very popular media file format that compressed the size of the file. mp4 is a file format that compressed audio and video as well as subtitles or other stationary text.
MP3 for Audio while MP4 Audio & Video. We have a lot of mp4 player for sale. It's only $80 for 512memory. interested? email me at
Ok, I first opened this thread hoping that the person who had started it was a fool and someone had already ripped on him, but after reading the posts, I realized that I'm the fool. You're all talking about mp4 files and how they can contain video. Now, my question is this: what format is m4a if it isn't MPEG-4? Is it just another name for the same format, or is it something entirely different? I ask this because iTunes has a bad habit of making all files imported automatically m4a files, thus making it impossible to burn an mp3 cd anymore. Please...someone explain this to me.
i tunes did this becoues of the ipod and it's format you just need to seach for the mp3 format on itunes still it works m4a is for i think the videos becoues that is wat my freand is telling me hear
What ever it be, I use MP3. Not onl;y me most of the people use MP3. Which is yiour favorite?
Obviously mp3 are better... more compressed, same quality...
Let's think about it!
I need link of website download music. Razz
guys mp4 ar videos i like mp4 better but mp3 is wat i can get for now gettin ipod video soon and site for music
isnt mp4 movie almost and mp3 is just music or sound
yes it is i just said that i think video
As said earlier the difference is that MP4 can encode more than just sound, but also videos and other visual data incorperated with the music. Podcasting is a great example of using MP4 technology. I hope to soon have both MP3's and MP4 videos on my band web-site. WWW.DAWNROCKS.COM
I have a nice mp4 which i use to see my favourite skateboarding videos!
Its great how the technology grew up! I just love it!
I have a cool MP4 player - I'd also suggest buying one instead of mp3 - MP4 playaz can be used to play mp3s and music videos.

Well, if you can, you should Smile
m4a files are the audio version of mp4 files.

they offer more compression without sacrifice in quality than of mp3s.

downloading m4a files is better than mp4 files, because it cuts out the extra tracks and provides the true compression capibilities of MPEG-4

m4p files are protected MPEG-4 files, video and/or audio. these files are usually are downloaded from the itunes store, and require an itunes store user and password. from what i've read, there is no way to get around this, so don't even bother downloading these files if you happen to stumble upon them, unless you know the person and they give you their itunes store password.
Well. I must admit that i can't here the difference between mp3 and mp4. Of cause it might just be my old speakers. But im gonna be fine with mp3 i guess.
i only know one difference between mp3 and mp4. from what i've seen mp4s can be protected meaning you are prevented from uploading them i think. if you have itunes installed on your computer and buy songs from there the music file types are mp4. to have a look for yourself just go to My Documents/My Music/iTunes/iTunes Music or wherever the music is saved and look at the properties of one of your songs. so if im completely wrong the only time where i've see the file name "MP4" is in the itunes music folder.

It's basically what dingdongduck said..
Thank you all up, I want links for download mp3 and mp4 and lyrics too, and now I am looking for some program for all converter if you have please send links to me. or or reply this post.

............Smile Thank you very much Smile..............
Okay here's a little lesson for you all that don't know about the formats being asked about above. This is all self taught and researched so please correct me if I make any mistakes along the way.

Best "Encoding" method for music is MP3 with the open source and free encoder Lame.

Now MP3 format is obviously the most widely used encoding method to shrink down music and most commonly used and accepted worldwide.

Also just wanted to post a quick note that there is a difference with "Encoding" and "Compression". When encoding using a MP3 encoder such as Lame, it combines both methods along with certain frequency removal in order to achieve the best possible sounding music with the smallest file possible.

MP4 is typically used for encoding video and is also a very widely used encoding method. Although it is not the most popular and most widely accepted at this moment in time. Because it's not as widely accepted, it will be hard to figure out what the MP4 file will include if you do not have the appropriate player or file detector.
mp4/AAC uses a better compression than mp3. So mp4/AAC with 128 kbit/s sounds like mp3 192 kbit/s (dunno if it is still the case if you use mp3 LAME).
It's like h.264 (MP4/AVC). It does also better quality with smaller files than for example XviD.
Let's not forget:
MP3 = MPEG-1, layer 3.
(ooooooooold! but good.)
WIKI wrote:
MPEG-4 Part 14, formally ISO/IEC 14496-14:2003, is a multimedia container format standard specified as a part of MPEG-4. It is most commonly used to store digital audio and digital video streams, especially those defined by MPEG, but can also be used to store other data such as subtitles and still images. Like most modern container formats, MPEG-4 Part 14 allows streaming over the Internet. The official filename extension for MPEG-4 Part 14 files is .mp4, thus the container format is often referred to simply as MP4. Devices that play .mp4 files are referred to as MP4 players.

I seriously didn't know much about mp4. Now I'm thinking about a portable mp4 player.
btw mp3s can also tag lyrics.
I hate mp4. some people encode it that it works only with quicktime for some reason.
vaoger wrote:
mp3 and mp4...
whats the different between them..
well recently i go download a mp4.. remy zero-save me...
nothing diffrent than mp3 excpert larger saiz file and got people singing ( MTV)

what do you thing of mp4...
i think its just a cool new product that leech money form us.. T.T

mp3 is for audio only. but mp4 is video and audio both. all types of mobiles support these formats.file size is comparetively small as compared to other formats..

abhi Rolling Eyes
Mp4 is a file type of Video and Mp3 is music file type. Why do you not search for some information on the internet, such as GOOGLE? That is much faster than you ask here.
Chinese lingo 求人不如求己
that means It it much better to help yourself than ask for help.
I got your idea about mp3 and mp4. but I have a question here about mp4.

how much bytes does mp4 support? what I mean is, when you create your own mp4, does it support all bytes or it will just require a small bytes like just for 10 minutes playing and so on. I'm just asking it because i have experienced that I can't save my mp3 to mp4 format ( i have add an MTV).
Ok, guys...

First, there was mp3-format...
then comes mp3pro... (for lower frequenzy)
then comes AAC...
mp4 has very good sound quality over mp3 and very good compression on file ...
In mp3 have only sound no any types of video format but In mp4 have Video we can watch. Video mp4 quality normal well not bad and we can also convert Mp4 to Mp3 but we cant Convert Mp3 to Mp4. Very Happy
I have never found any difference between tMP3 and MP4.
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