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Twink Nation

Hey guys,
My hobby: World of warcraft (Actually, it's one of many hobbies - yes, I have a life outside of WoW, lol. For example, making web pages Smile )

So I'm making a guild in the world of warcraft. I'd just like to throw out some general information on it here, and if anyone has any ideas or suggestions for said guild, please let me know! Thanks.

Purpose: To twink out as many horde characters as possible.

Ranks: In the true twink way, the ranks are based on the different types of shards used for enchanting. New recruits being a glimmering twink, the more senior being brilliant twinks. Nexus is going to be reserved for officers. This kind of has a double meaning in a way. Twinks tend to be shiny, and brilliant is much more shiny than glimmering Smile

Bank: There will be a bank that people can donate items to and request items out of.

Point system: Whenever anyone donates to the guild bank they will be given points based on what they donate. They will also be given points based on various guild events and for using an out-of-guild character to assist the guild. Since we aren't focusing on end game material, we don't expect to have many level 60s in guild to help out the level 50s. All out-of-guild assistance will be rewarded with in guild points. These points can be used to obtain items or enchants, along with being usable in other guild projects. This is on a first come first serve basis.

Seniority: As all banks eventually get full, we will from time to time give items and enchants out without deducting points. For these items, the more senior recruits would have first dibs, so to speak. The most senior recruit that requests the item when it is being given out will get it.

This is pretty much the basis of our guild. I'm looking forward to as many suggestions as possible from other warcraft players. Thanks.
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