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Supreme Commander

I'm excited for the new game Supreme Commander that should come out sometime in 2006.

It is the continuation of the greatest game of all time!! Total Annihilation, that game was the first RTS to use actual 3D realtime rendered objects. Finally, even though their company Cavedog fell appart the creator Chris Taylor will create Supreme Commander the continuation to Total Annihilation.
comon aren't you guys waiting for it as much as I am?
Kitten Kong
This game kicks arse, but i can't get any of my dodgy friends to play it with me. I need some new ones i think
Kitten Kong
Still noone to play with....
Well ive been playing it since the closed beta (Won a cd key Smile)
Im in TeamFunk (Current #1 clan in the last tournament)
Im extremely good at the game and i ranked 4th in the last tournament....

My name is CrazyMonkey12 on there, hit me up if you wanna few games. Ill be happy to help/play ya Smile

P.S- The game is awesome but requires a beast of a pc to play it, luckily i have a beasty pc : Razz
I heard it's really complex -- is the learning curve too steep for the average Starcraft/Command and Conquer player to deal with?
I agree that it is a bit hard to learn. I have tried playing it for a few times but still don't know what is my aim, or what I am doing. The only thing I do is just keep on building units and structures, and the enemy was like "i am your shooting duck, so quick come and destroy me" that kind of thing.
It is quite a steep learning curve, its very different to command and conquer.

The resourcing is quite complex but with around 2 weeks of playing some custom/ranked games and watching replays you should pick up atleast the basics and be out of the extreme noob genre.
I read that Supreme Commander has poor widescreen support (reduces field of vision instead of increasing it).
Osmodius wrote:
I read that Supreme Commander has poor widescreen support (reduces field of vision instead of increasing it).

The widescreen support is superb, its just all the noobs who dont know how to change to the minimal UI (the best UI) which supports the higher widescreen resolutions...

So too the people who say the widescreen support is rubbish, it owns joo n00bs.
maybe I am a noob, but I will have to agree. When I zoom in to micro-manage the units, it really reduces the area that I am able to view on the map, which limits my moves.. Sad
Use the minimal UI you n00b.
To open the UI hit ALT & the up arrow at the same time in game.
This cycles through all the UIs.
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