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Weird Al Yankovic's new album

Has anyone listened to "Weird Al"'s new album, Straight Outta Lynwood? Considering it's his 12th or so studio album, and that most of the parodies are rap/crap/hip hop parodies, it's a fantastic album. My favourite songs are "Canadian Idiot" (Green Day parody), "Confessions Part III" (50 Cent parody), "Do I Creep You Out" (guy American Idol parody), and "White and Nerdy" (Charmillionaire parody). Some of the original songs are good too, but he excels ar parodies. Awesome stuff.

I haven't bought the album yet (hello, RIAA), but I will be doing so in a couple weeks. I am thrilled that it's a Dual Disc album so that when I am at home, I can pop the second side into my home theatre system and listen to the whole album in 5.1 surround sound! YES!! Plus the original songs have animated videos. I heard these aren't that great, but I like animation, so I am curious to see them.

Hopefully I am not the only Weird Al fan on here! The man is a musical genius!
It hasn't been released where I live yet, and I don't use limewire or anything, so I have to wait Sad

I've heard Don't Download This Song and White And Nerdy, and they are brilliant!!!

BTW, I think Confessions Part III is an Usher parody.
I've heard White and Nerdy and some of his other older songs. They're funny but I don't think I'd go out and buy an album of them.
I haven't heard of the new album but all other songs are just awesome.
I bet the new album is great as well!

Jewish Paradise oink
Amish Paradaise, not Jewish Paradise Razz. The only song he's done about being Jewish is Pretty Fly for a Rhabbi Smile.

And yes, Confessions Part III is an Usher parody. I don't keep up on that music, so they are all the same to me.

His original songs aren't as good on this album as on earlier albums. but theyy're still good. I guess you REALLY have to like Weird Al to buy his albums Very Happy
Yeah, they're are funny! I love white and nerdy, and the video. It made me laugh! Laughing I wouldn't buy the album though, as i'm not a 'fan' just an occasional listener! Cool

I am supporting. I also like to listen Al Yankovic. The bloke is really good. Completely different look at the music with mood. It is good alternative for orygial of works.
Still have to get this album!
So far, I've heard that White & Nerdy track, very funny.

Weird Al will never die!!
He has a new album ??!! Oh, got to find it. I love him, love ow he comes up with such ideas for the tekst
i love weird al, i rather some of his older stuff though. I love amish paradise and another one rides the bus, as i do many others. I have heard white and nerdy and you're pitiful. I think they are alright, seems to repeat himself alot though..
My parents don't really like Weird Al, but that's just because parents are not "crunk" today. Smile I listen to Weird Al and I need to put it on the band house's amps. Smile
Weird Al's onto a winner here Very Happy I got "Don't Download This Song" from CNet and I had a good old cackle. Very Happy
Pablo Diablo
The only song I've heard from that album is "White and Nerdy"... beig a computer programmer I found many of it's technological references side-splittingly funny.
He is almost Wikipedia-accurate when he sings about things like computers and Amish people. If you found the technological references funny, you should listen to "It's All About The Pentiums" from his Running With Scissors album. It's a parody of the P. Diddy/Puff Daddy/Didy song "It's All About The Benjamins". It's a little dated since it's from 1999, but still holds up to today's PC technology.

He may repeat himself a bit, but he's been doing this since 1983! His newest Album debuted on the Billboard charts at #10 - making it his very first Top 10 album ever, and White & Nerdy debuted at #28 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, which makes it his highest ranking single ever as well. Not bad for a guy with a niche audience. Very Happy
I can't believe Atlantic Records stopped him from putting "Your Pitiful" (Parody of James Blunt's "Your Beautiful") on the album. Bastards.
i know. what a bunch of pr*cks. at least he made it available for a free download everywhere Smile
This man is genius. His ability to parody popular music sets him apart.
Don't care about the songs without the music videos. hehehe
It's been a while since I last heard some new stuff from Weird Al. Been stuck with his older stuff mainly, including The Saga Begins several years back.
Hard to believe he has put out 12 albums now. I went to his myspace site and he actually takes the time to tell you about all the songs that are not him on the web. He explains how most of his stuff while funny and somewhat offensive are not crude nor do they have curse words in them. Then he takes it a step further to list all the songs on the web credited to him through our favorite tool on this site "limewire". I found it interesting, and on that note since I have no life I have been listening to the new album in loop on my player for 3 wks now. Nothing but AL. Very Happy
Weird Al is great. And man, he's gotta be really, really smart. Coming up with parodies is really hard!

White and Nerdy is the best. <3
Parodies that rhyme with themselves AND the original song. I sure as heck couldnt do it!

I have also been listening to the album over and over again. I find it a lot better than his last album, Poodle Hat. And I got my hands on the DualDisc version of the album; it sounds even better in 5.1 Surround!
Hahahaha.. I LOVE Weird Al. A lot of talent, and very funny.
I didn't know he'd released a new album! Shocked

But I have heard his song "White and Nerdy", as well as watching the video for it. It's good indeed - I really liked it. Wink
canadian idot is the best song of the whole album.

the rest of the album got me dissapointed actually, i cant listen to that rap music, i just cant, my brain is in pain everytime.

So i dont give much for the whole album, its just that one song Smile
haha yeah, i agree with you eday2010, Weird Al Yankovich is a genious when it comes to parodies!
i listened to his new album last week and i think it's fabulous! Laughing i didn't like White & Nerdy all that much, but i totally cracked up at Confessions part III! Laughing Laughing
i also loved Polkarama, he rocks when it comes to polkas! Very Happy well converting well-known pop songs to polkas! Very Happy
Do I Creep You Out is also a very funny song, but i just LOVE the lyrics of I'll Sue Ya and Don't Download This Song. great way to mock some of the stupid things going on in the world today Wink Laughing
So Al has a new album (finally), coming out on June 21, 2011, call Alpocalypse. I have heard most of the original songs since they were put online as "Internet Leaks". I am glad that "Whatever You Like" (parody of ""Whatever You Like" by T.I.), is getting a proper album release since all that was available before was a crappy mp3. That was a great song. The original songs were okay, and the Lady Gaga parody is good.

It sucks that it's taken 5 years for this album to come out and that half the songs have already been released. I wish he would release them more frequently. The 80s and 90s were better for album releases as artists would release a new album every year or every other year. I guess that is yet another thing the stupid Internet destroyed.
I recently started listening to his new album and it's awesome. Most of the songs are funny.
eday2010 wrote:

It sucks that it's taken 5 years for this album to come out and that half the songs have already been released. I wish he would release them more frequently. The 80s and 90s were better for album releases as artists would release a new album every year or every other year. I guess that is yet another thing the stupid Internet destroyed.

I think it might just be his new personal responsibilities (family and such). But I agree, I do miss the frequency and quality from the 80s and 90s.
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