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Windows freezes with 100% CPU usage.

The other day, my Windows XP machine popped up an error message about some memory error and then restarted by itself. From then on, everytime it restarts, my Zone Alarm and Symantech Anti Virus programs use up 100% of my CPU process. After I killed these programs, the CPU usage went down. But every now and then, Windows Explorer will stop responding for about 5 mins and then comes back on. It's very annoying and I would like to know what happened and how to fix it.
I forgot to mention that the memory error occurred while I was running DScalar watching TV from my TV Tuner card. When the reception was a bit bad, I tried to wiggle the aerial cable at the TV tuner to make sure it wasn't loose. Then the memory error occurred and the computer restarted.
Hi there,
First of all I would suggest you to browse the internet with a safer browser than Internet Explorer.
Use Mozilla's FireFox which is faster, smaller and safer. Believe me. Me too I didn't believe untill I started using it.

Second of all, conserning your problems.
I think you have some malware on your system that is eating up all your memory resources.
But before starting a scan, could you please post a list of all the services that are running on your system ?
You can do this by clicking on CTRL + ALT + DEL and go to the tab "Processes"

I will have a look at these before going further with scanning and eliminating
I am in fact using mozilla firefox as my browser.
rafifaisal wrote:
Hi there,
But before starting a scan, could you please post a list of all the services that are running on your system ?

Here are what's in my processes list now:

System Idle Process

I hope this is enough information.
How you consulting the web site support of the TV Card?
The list of services or programs running in back of the O.S. is not standard, depends what software do you have installed. Its not a good idea kill them or stoped with out know what really those do.

Your case sound like a malware Im agree with rafifaisal
Try anti-adware (Ad-Aware) software (look for google pack in google site)

Re-install your antivirus software scan your PC

Are you sure about to have all the services pack or updates patch of the O.S. and office?

How much RAm do you have? In the list of program running in your PC seems to be many applications programs if you can find what is wrong
maybe you have to unisntall each program or back to the last good installation. I think you can do this use the option to restore system
and get back until all is ok. (maybe is agood idea make a restore point before)
Hi Again,
Thanks for posting your running processes.
Luckily this list is clean as a whistle.
But that doesn't solve your freezing problem Confused
I sugest you go to a site where logs such as Hijackthis logs are being analized by people who know how to do it.
I can do it also but I am afraid this is not the place to do so.
If your where dutch speaking I would have helped you on our forum but then again this is in dutch.
So i refer you to
Here you can follow the steps these people suggest to defeat the malware you may have on your system.

Let us know Wink
Try removing your Tuner card and see what happens. Being the problem occured while using it you just have to wonder.

If you're still having problems with the card removed, I would suspect you dumped some ram. Remove one stick and try again. If still like that swap the stick you removed with the other... just use trial and error to determine which stick is bad.

If this proves inconclusive then run full antivirus and spyware scans.. maybe you got attacked somehow. I recommend AVAST antivirus.. it's free and doesn't eat up a whole lot of resources.. and Ad-aware... run these scans in safe mode and see if anything comes up.

Let us know what happens.
Get the KAV or KIS 6.0 trial pack for and scan the system or make a online scan from Symantec ( of KAV
its a mere resource conflict. you dont need to open alot of programs if you're not using them. its expected that the computer will slow down or freez if the computer reached its 100% CPU usage. its also possible that its cause by a worm that its eating up your system resources.

Prabhu Raj
This problem also happened to me. the problem is not with the symantec or zone alarm. itfact it is with the tvtuner card software.
try windvr or try to update your existing tv tuner software.
Prabhu Raj wrote:
This problem also happened to me. the problem is not with the symantec or zone alarm. itfact it is with the tvtuner card software.
try windvr or try to update your existing tv tuner software.

I was just gonna say the same, refresh ur drivers and software, u might have done an autoupdate with MS and it could have affected it. But to be on the safe side, pull the tv card out and try to run ur pc that way... If it runs fine then we know atleast what the sorce of the problem is, then u can figure out if it software or hardware. also, check ur fans on the pc. I know that systems infact get a little crazy when they're not getting enough cool air or some air for that matter Smile keep us updated pweees.. happy posting!!
I've used dscaler before myself as a tv tuner card and I can reccomend trying one thing (if you find the cpu usage is high when that particular program is running) and that is to look for a menu concerning cpu setup for dscaler (I am sorry if I may sound a bit vague but I don't have the program running on this particular machine at the moment but if you'd like send me a pm and I can be a bit more specific) there should be a setting that allows you to throttle the cpu for either dscaller itself or background programs.

I'd also reccomend getting a good adware scanner like Lavasoft Adaware which is free and picks up a great deal of that background stuff. Another thing is to get a more detailed process viewer a nice and lean is called ProcViewer and is available from a company called Sysinternals, I find it usefull because it tells you a more descriptive name of each and every process so you can more easily filter out which processes should or should not be there.

Finally i'd reccomend cleaning up the startup process for windows by clicking on start -> run -> then typing in msconfig there should be a tab where you can temporarily disable some programs from starting up with windows.

Hope that helps !
By the way, running ZoneAlarm Security Suite (With Antivirus, Antispyware and Firewall) at the same time with Norton Antivirus could cause conflicts and therefore cause the high CPU usage.
well last time i was having the same proble... but no a software conflict.. I think so.
cause it started when i finish playing maple... all the time...

what my frend tell me is to change the "virtual ram" form the "perfomance "
set the standard 300 mb to 1 gig!

but it really work for me!!
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