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Pls Help. Inter-office Memorandum system...

gud day everyone.

i realy need your help, suggestions, comments, and whatever could you offer about my propose project..

my project goes like this, i want to creat a web based program about Inter-office memo using php and mysql.

Whereever the bosses are, they can send and read memos using internet.
Whereever the office personnel can read memos using internet.

Inter-office memo
Secure Login page
users (level)-- user, admin, mod (php pages)
user - the user can only read memos, and notify the sender.
admin - can compose and read memos and notify the sender.
mod - can add,edit,delete users and compose, read memos (me)

I Need a very simple and elegant scripts to be use this project. i hope someone can give their advice, comment and suggetions in how to make and implement this pages.

im not realy good in php but i will try my best to finish this thing thru your help. thanks in advance.
Sounds cool, but I used to be a security officer for a company, and they used emails,, thats it,, internet is there, and email systems are there...
what you want to do sounds cool, but just hope it wont be a waist of time for you... course, as long as you find the right people can companies, may work out great...
sounds mostly like forms, to a mysql database, and you insert, and open the mysql for the info,, that all, and have a login system for each person... not hard,, just time consuming... hope it works out...
(no offense, never offer my services because im always afraid to mess something up, so make my scripts for myself...) .. php and mysql would probably be the way to go, which is like
one question though,,, why cant the users send memos back to the bosses? such like,, if they have a problem and need inform the boss of the delay,,, or such...
thanks buddy for ur great comment.

this project iniitially plannd for intranet only but i rather think that this will be consider for the future by using internet to catter more users to use the system outsite the compus.

by now, its almost done, and thanks for your question about sending memo to the bosses. its sound cool but im putting only REPLY for a such memos recieve by users. but the users cannot compose itself to send whereever they want to send the msg.

my only concern right now are, how to create a good normalize tables and fields to minimize the size of table store to the database.. to prevent redudancy of fields save to database.. likes; Sent, Inbox, Save draft Tables...
im only using a simple tables and fields. but if anybody can give their best solution this problem...
thanks in advance...
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