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Polyphasic Sleep: Effective or not?

Polyphasic Sleep: Good or not?
Smart thing to try!
 12%  [ 1 ]
Good for health..
 0%  [ 0 ]
Same as Monophasic Sleep..
 0%  [ 0 ]
Bad for health..
 50%  [ 4 ]
I don't know..
 37%  [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 8

Yesterday I read about polyphasic sleep. Polyphasic sleep is a way of sleep that some people believe could change their effectiveness of their lives.

Polyphasic sleep involves taking multiple short sleep periods throughout the day instead of getting all your sleep in one long chunk.

Some of them suggest to sleep 20 - 30 minutes 6 times per day, with equally spaced naps every 4 hours around the clock. This means they sleep 2 - 3 hours per day. They also got 21 - 22 hours to stay alive, doing whatever they want to do.

The question is, does it effective or not, in terms of health?

For me, when you are doing this, you'll get much much more extra time. You got so many things that can be done. But if you think again, what are you going to do for such a long time, day and night? Don't you feel bored? Watching TV, surfing the net, go jogging, swimming, eat a lot, and maybe go shopping often. What else?

In polyphasic sleep, we have to be aware of time, no late or missed naps, which will lead to tiredness or sleep deprivation. In this case, sometimes we have arranged multiple tasks to be done, sorted in priority. During our nap time, let say we haven't finish up the task, how to take the nap when we keep thinking of our schedule? This will lead to mental depression!

Yet, after some times, it will be hard for you to define what day is it, is it today, or tomorrow, or still yesterday, because day or night is same to you.

Sometimes, it's hard to maintain, as we have to go out with friends, have classes, and so on which doesn't allow us to sleep on time.

Let say you've missed one nap, how are you going to rearrange your nap schedule?

For me, we are human beings. So please do the right thing in the right time and place. Changing them will effect our lives. Monophasic sleep is the best after all. I enjoy my sleep a lot! Smile
I was actually reading something about this a while back. When you sleep, you go through REM (rapid eye movements), and various phases thereof. This is what causes dreams, for example. When you wake up before you can undergo a certain phase of the REM, even if the sleep was spread out over 8 hours, then it was found that you're not only more irritable, but unable to focus properly. Maybe the study was wrong, but I'm going to go with that.
@Drawingguy: You're correct in saying that a person who is not able to undergo REM sleep will be irritable (since REM sleep is the most restful stage of the sleep cycle), but polyphasic sleep supposedly "trains" an individual to enter REM sleep as soon as they fall asleep. Therefore it isn't a problem. Personally, I'd like to try polyphasic sleep, but my schedule just doesn't allow for it.
Our bodies are naturally set to a roughly 24-hour clock called a circadian rhythm that is strongly influenced by daylight. This includes a significant amount of normal hormone regulation. Babies start out in a polyphasic pattern and as they develop matured hormone and brain activity they naturally enter into a biphasic lifestyle. It is very normal and healthy to get 7-8 hours of sleep with varying depths and specific REM sleep periods. We need both REM sleep and non-REM sleep.

This polyphasic pattern for adults completely goes astride of normal physiology. Maybe someone could study it and produce results in favor of polyphasic sleep, but I would think that grossly altering normal physiology would generally be a bad thing. I think even as a hypothesis one should be highly skeptical of polyphasic sleep.

The argument that many animals sleep polyphasically is bogus. Many animals walk and run naturally on four limbs. Try it for a whole day. Exactly. Our sleep is different than the sleep of many of these polyphasic animals.

If you're getting 7-8 good hours of sleep a night, eating well, drinking lots of water, and keeping active, you should feel very refreshed and alert each day. And that IS healthy. I don't see much reason to vary that. Unless you are obsessed with overachievement, in which case you need a psychiatrist/psychologist, not a sleep doctor.
I think this sounds way too stupid to be good for you.. My way of thinking is that if nature har taught us to do one thing (ie sleeping the whole night) it's probably whats best for us, dont screw with nature man! (sorry hade to have the man there..)
Theory states that so long as you can make up for the chemicals lost through the absence of the other sleep stages you're missing by passing straight into REM, it should be just fine.

Hell, RPG strategy (the only strategy I ever use) even agrees with this: it's better to let your MP drop low and refill it to 75% with potions than it is to top off the tank as soon as you hit mid-level and potentially lose restorative power.

Of course, RPG strategy does not the laws of physics make, so aside from the many hoax-ish "I'm gonna research Uberman sleep" blogs where the poster disappears after three weeks of posting, this could have merit. Someone would just need to be dumb enough to volunteer for guinea-pigging.
SGbilder wrote:
I think this sounds way too stupid to be good for you.. My way of thinking is that if nature har taught us to do one thing (ie sleeping the whole night) it's probably whats best for us, dont screw with nature man! (sorry hade to have the man there..)

I gotta agree with you there.
I for one would not try this out, i need my 8 hours solids sleep if I want to be functional at all. (and a crafty nap if i can!! blissss)
And who has the time to follow such a routine anyway?
Not someone who is raising kids or has a 9 til 5 job...
Even if it does work in theory, it almost never works in practice. It's hard to be at work and then say: oh wait, it's time for my nap!
Captain Fertile
Well this is a new one on me but very interesting. I can see MLM gurus everywhere pushing this one to get people working on the millions for a few more hours a day.

While it sounds pheasable I don't know who you would function in the real world while the rest of the world runs on normal sleep patterns.

I think I am one of the few peple with a life flexible enough to be able to try this out but even I don't think the wife and kids will except my 'nap time' as a valid reason to miss out on my chores.
I have 8 hours of school during the day, like most Americans, so I just can't make time for it.
Plus, when I get home I'm usually unwilling to do anything but go on the computer.

I might try biphasic sleep though, if the benefits outweigh the cons.
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