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How big of a web presence do you have?

Just on a whim, I searched google for 'ocalhoun'.
I was shocked to see the first listing that didn't have anything to do with me was #19, and nearly all of the first 40 were about me.

I'm wondering how that compares to some of the others around here...
How big is your internet presence?

I suppose varying names and common names would have a lot less...

It just amazes me that 80% of the results for my name would be mine; but is that usual or unusual? Let's try and find out, eh?
Haha, I just typed my alias "gh0stface" into google and yahoo and my Gotfrag profile came up. Then a few spaces down is my Detroit Gamers profile.

Using my real name in google, I showed up but I wasn't at the top. Which I guess it's kind of a good thing maybe?
Searching for Kaneda or Serge is no fun Wink

Searching for my real, full, name (which is rare - probably 4-5 people at most (I know of one) in the world who have it), I get 323 hits, 8 out of the first 10 are about me. Confused

Searching for a (very low profile) program I once made (several versions of), I get 2020 hits (when abbreviating it) or 2080 (when writing it out in full in quotes). Searching for it along with my name, I get 15. Hence, program has more web presence than me Wink
Searching my full name, I'm #3, and that's all that I am. Apparently there's some famous photographer with the same name as me.

Searching for Hlavco, I kinda split the first five pages with some guy in some language I don't understand. First page is all MINE, however.
Google lists me 8,350 times Very Happy
I purposely try to hide my name from google search engines. I don't want my future employers seeing personal websites, etc -- you'd be surprised how much a background check companies do nowadays.
I googled "Right-Click Scott" and I was the first listing. I apparently have over 1,600,000 listings. So I used quotations, and I have many listings of myself, but I only go up to 609. In google fight, though, "Right-Click Studios" apparently has over 4 million listings. Either I chose a vague name or I'm very popular, yet I know that if someone told me his webcomic reads, he wouldn't mention Right-Click Studios, that is off the top of his head at all.
The first few results on google are me, but many of them are people I know or my little brother's friends, all of which stole my name for one purpose or another. I don't even think it is that cool of a name, I even mispelled it to prevent this from happening, but it did anyways... At least I am first though Very Happy
My presences on the web is a secret even to me - LOL. But as long as my business shows, I don't care.
7 pages and all of them are me ^^ guess how many using name Pikokola.. If it's piko.. you'll find a unlimited entry of that words.. but using pikokola.. that's only me that use it ^^

all of them are.. my blogs... my unofficial site for my high school, my profile in some forum.. etc Razz
I kill you all.

11,100,000 results for "scotty"

I don't have any listing in Google, my site disappeared from it after being number one for the first couple of weeks or so, funny how Google does that.
searching for my full name returned me a bunch of results all that links to me.

Searching for my username returned first linked-to-me result on #3 and some other few results too. May be too common for a username.
I had 114,000 results for "Alienz" and the very first result of the page show "This page was so old and out of date and irrelevant that I've decided I'd take it down. I might work on putting up some basic stuff in the future.."

Well, I've never searched, but since my name is an old Aztec (or mayan, not quite sure which anymore) that means roughly wind, I'm sure there would be more not me stuff than me stuff...

I just wrote my real name, and a couple of websites showed up, most of them were school things...

And then I typed Karysky... and ALL THE PAGES were about me, except those that are in chineese !

4 pages worth of webpages ! The first one being my deviantart profile....

When you search for my first name - the real one - you will get my blog. And when you search for my first and last names, you will get 882 results, mostly from my blog, flog.

When you search for my alias - vicious vanilla, the four first results are about me. I have another alias, chapolinpink. And everything related to chapolinpink is about me! Laughing
Well this isn't the user name I use on any other sites, but search results for my other user brings this result.

Google wrote:
Results 1 - 10 of about 150,000,000 for XXXX

ohhhhh yeah Very Happy
Searching for the username I've used since I was 12 (use this as an alternate in games aswell as that), I get a crapload of results and get most of the first are me from my GamerGod staff days.
When I type-in "izcool" in Google it thinks that I spelled it wrong, but I certainly spelled it right.

I must say that the first page is all from me, with only 4 from the 2nd page being from me. Beyond that, I don't know since I didn't bother to look.

If I typed in my first and last name into Google, apparantly there's a Tattoo Artist who has the same name as me, which is quite strange (since I'm not into tattoos) and it's very unlike me. Another guy with my name is a teacher, with yet another being an actor on TV (although not popular enough to have his photo posted on there). If you type my cousin's name in there, there is a guy who's a musician, and if you type in my dad's name, he has his own park in Florida named after him. Very Happy How much neater is that ?

- Mike.
When you search my real name, you get a couple of race results/news paper things and the others are some chick that lives in Cali and has alot of court dates... lol.
I get a few hits, my blog (one of them) first... sadly the one i update the least. Wink Also my profile, youtube videos, and account profile at among other things. I also get a lot of random links since, 'datter' apparently means 'daughter' in some places... Norway? Sweden? Something like that. Smile

Searching for Loghete:

208 hits. All is me.

Searching for me real name:

51 hits. Most are myself, but not all. I'm at #2.
'Pends on where I am. Most places I'm ignored, other places I'm somewhat well-known. x:
scotty wrote:
I kill you all.

11,100,000 results for "scotty"

I don't have any listing in Google, my site disappeared from it after being number one for the first couple of weeks or so, funny how Google does that.

I killed you. googling with my real name (without quotes) gave me 32 million results. seems like chinese names are pretty popular. searching my full name with quotes gave me some 500 results, with only one listing in the first page is me... sigh most probably doctors and professors with my same name took them

searching for my forum/secondary nick (justnewbie) gave me 1800+ results with average 3 listings in every results page that wasnt me (most probably all my nick is same in all forums)

searching for my much formal nick gave me only 54 results, and most of the results are by me.

and as for my gaming nick gave me 20k results, but most of them wasnt me.

not going to reveal my nicks anyway. agree with liu, most companies run background checks.
I'm always a bit amused when I get somewhere & my username is already in use, because it's quite uncommon. It's only happened a handful of times (probably because I had previously registered there & then forgotten! Razz). It helps when you've been using the same name for several years, like me. Also, searching for my real name brings up a decent number of results. It's not a common name, but definitely not horribly uncommon.
i googeld my screen name but iam a bit scaterd around but im right att the top the rest of the hits on me are a bit here and there
searching "bluecradle" results around 15-20 links to this forum...
while others is a product about nike, kid shoes that has a name of bluecradle sort of haha...while searching my unique surname gives around a few hits to our ancentral relatives in spain oh and i'm from asia. Shocked

not that big Smile
it all depends on how unique your name is.. for instance one of my username i use otherwise is having more than 9000 search results and 90 % of the result is mone. I am very Hyper active in forums and blogs.
If I search "GProject" then I get quite a lot of pages relating to gProject - a Flash application add-on which allows you to manipulate objects & classes within Flash (or something). Quite a few people really seem to like it...

If I search "GeorgeProject" you get some stuff that relates to me - including stuff from the old hosting service I used, and the domain I won there ( Since they closed free hosting, it looks like the domain just points to thier homepage now.
I googled "NewAznAround," HEY LOOK! All of the searches are about me! WOOH, I am so famous and popular!

I googled my first and last name and the city I reside in, HEY LOOK! I am on the newspaper (an algorithm!) and bunch of other stuff about me (that was not due to me)!

I googled my first and last name and the college I attending, HEY LOOK! My college username and password!

(I was kidding about the password...)
1,210 results for "Roseredd", but only one is me...

My real name brings up 3,960,000 results! None isme, though- but I do share a name with a fashoin model!
Hm.... that's so interesting..

I just typed my alias "skygaia" into google, then there were 293 lists as a result. But most of them were not mine..

OMG I am I knew there was a lot of me but wow. Shocked
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