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URGENT! Problem with chmod files.

I need some URGENT help I have found a login system script that does not use mysql databases and this is the perfect login system I can find for my needs but in the process of setting it up I reached a simple step it says but I can't figure it out. It has something to do with chmod and changing file permissions could someone please download the file and then test it in direct admin and then either post a video tutorial showing the steps from downloading it from the site to the end result having it setup and everything. Or right a realy user friendly manuel to how to how to do this in direct admin and I took a look at the read me but it stills doesnt work when i did that stuff.

Thankyou any help is greatly needed I am willing to give someone $10 frih for this because I despiratly need this answered in 7 hours tops.

Here is the site for the code and all.

Thank you VERY MUCH!
To change file permissions (CHMOD):

Log into direct admin and open the File Manager. Find the file that you need to change permissions on and mark the check-box next to it (on the right hand side of your screen). Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter the correct CHMOD value in the box next to "Set Permission" then click "Set Permission".

Hope this helps Very Happy
I am afraid this didn't help I already knew this thanks anyways. Please someone its URGENT!
What are you trying to do then? This will change the file permissions - are you not able to do so? What are you installing that needs to be CHMODded (as in the name of the thing, such as Wordpress etc)?
I can change the permissions I made them them the default for php and when I try to install the members system it still tells me I need to chmod bla bla bla files. I am using the system that has the link at the top see^^ could you pleasej ust try and download it on your account and tell me exactly step by step in easy reading how you did it.
cr3ativ3 wrote:
could you pleasej ust try and download it on your account and tell me exactly step by step in easy reading how you did it.

Erm... no. I don't have time, I'm afraid.

Are you sure you're trying to set the CHMOD correctly (ie. to the correct number)? Are you altering permissions on the correct file? Do you need to set the CHMOD on a directory as well?

Try reading this for a guide on what CHMOD numbers do.
The default chmod is 755 but this script requires 777 for all folders, subfolders and files. Read the readme.html from the download zip.
Oh thank you thank you thank you thank you!! thats what i needed to know that i needed to change it to 777 i couldn't find which one I will send you both 10 frih because i am feeling realy happy!!!!!!!!
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