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Dual Processors

Intel has come out with the Core 2 Duo range of processors and that has me thinking is it possible to custom make more than two processors? What kind of modifications would we have to do in the motherboard? Would those motherboard modifications be possible outside the factory, I mean could those modifications be made by someone other than Intel? What about cooling?

If you have any idea about my queries please do share.
most probably cannot be done at home with normal everyday tools due to the microscopic size of each component. beside XP Pro support only 1 dual core HT (2x2 cpus).
Could you clarify what you have in mind?

    [i]The dual core is to have two CPU cores on one die (needlless to say, this has to be done by the CPU manfacturer, unless you can afford to buy the tool from Applied Appliances and engineering expertise from Intel or AMD)
    [i]the HT is to logically slice the cpu cycles of one CPU to effect two virtual CPU.
    [i]multiple CPUs on a motherboard has long been done.

What OS and application you have in mind to take advantage of the monster you envisions?
TheGeek not even quite sure what you mean by what you said...but if i try to interpret it i think i understand it as either:

1. can i make my dual core chip have more cores.
A: the answer is no, the chip was physically designed like this, therefore you cannot change it without making a new chip, however if you wait a little while, Intel has announced that they have made quad core chips to be released soon.

2. Can i modify a single chip motherboard to hold two chips.
A: well no and yes. You could theoretically ad another socket to the motherboard, but you would have to essentially redesign the entire motherboard to do so. The other option would be do connect two motherboards together VIA ethernet and you could make them sort of work in pretty sure you can do this.

The only problem you run into with this is like someone else said before, i dont think XP can use more than 2 cores as it is right now...though i think i have seen it use more...

In linux however, if you used more than 1 processor you would see a HUGE boost in performance depending on what you were doing. Twisted Evil
Heh, with linux you can connect many machiens together, so you can make them work together as a supercomputer. Insane stuff. I read about it, but never tried this myself.
Prabhu Raj
You cannot make a custom make processor at home. You need micro logic circuit technology and the equipment to do it. I am pretty sure you cannot afford it.
Not to mention you would have to completely restructure the NB...

Trust me, if the average dude, or even a hardcore computer dude could do something like this, companies would do it all the time to get much better performance on servers that can utilize the extra cores.
Yeah if you want more CPUs on one mobo, you have to go with a server mobo. And those cost big bucks. We will get the multiCPUs just wait. Or you can go the mac side. My Father just got his mac duel cpu duel cores running at 2.6Ghz or so. Conbined power of 10 Ghz or so!

My brother got the 805 Pentene D 2.4 over clocked to Duel Core 3.5Ghz!! so 7Ghz power.
a quick question on the topic:
Are Core 2 Duos substantially faster then Core Duos?
Core 2 Duo is a better architechure. Therefore, they are much faster...
Yes the new Core 2 Duos are just sweet on speed. Check out tomshardware for actual benchmarks for all the CPUS
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