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Watch TV Online????

A Friend of mine sent me to this website: ...
He is like download the player and you can watch espn-espn2-aljazeera-nbc-abc-cbs-fox...etc..

I was like you must be kidding... but I wanted to see. So I download this thing and was immediately astonished. It really works. A ton of channel options which stream beautifully on a hi speed connection. It's so simple to use to, just click and watch!

I would not come on here and tell you about this had it not worked for me. I told you guys about 1-800-555-TELL and that works.. now try this out folks.. its amazing!!!


TVU networks enables anyone to broadcast TV programs to global audiences cost-effectively. Its service is based on a number of patent-pending technologies, covering high-quality video coding, efficient real-time P2P distribution, and effective digital rights management. TVU networks is founded and led by the veterans of digital TV, Internet, software and TV programming.

So download this and post in this thread what you think. I think this will be great for those out on vacation who don't have a tv to watch sports, or just get the headlines!!!
Downloading in now! I live in Australia so I wonder if it will work as well as you describe?
It doesn't work for me.
Except for the ability to receive broadcasts that aren't able to be seen on your local television programming, it has always made me wonder why the heck people would want the ability to watch tv on their computer.

My ex-father-in-law always liked to get the newest and up to date techno-toys and when the ability to turn your computer into a tv came up, you bet he was sitting his fat rearend on his bed watching his computer. He called me on the phone........from his bed...........just to tell me he was watching tv on his computer. Ummm.......yay?

There's like a percentage of my brain that records all the technological advances that really just make us lazier. And watching tv on your computer is just one of them.

Like I said, the one exception being able to watch programming that you couldnt ordinarily get wherever you are. In that fact, it's cool...... like Internet Radio. But, living in the US, and not being of a foreign nation...I would have no need of watching tv on my computer.

It makes me laugh, ex father in law had actually set up a tv guide thing on his computer to and set it to change stations or whatever......depending on what was on and what time it was.

Laziness.... Dont people spend enough time on the computer? lol
Doesn't work for me Wink
I've tried this program before. Its pretty good. You get alot of cable channels like HBO, Cartoon Network, Comedy Centeral and a bunch of other channels. It actually uses a P2PTV network, something like bittorent to feed you the broadcasts.
For those of you who it does not work for. Try this link:
You may not have to download the thing and just point and click and watch.

I am watching ESPN2 right now and had CNN on while I was at work..... The HBO is also nice since I do not get it!
The obvious question now is why you would WANT to watch TV on your computer (using up a not-insignificant amount of bandwidth) even assuming you had the high-speed internet connection when you could just watch it much more easier and comfortably with a (probably?) better resolution on your TV. Confused
T.Vs are for watching computers are for so much more. Computers are more advanced then the telly box so why bother trying to watch tv on a pc.

This would be differnt if you could do computer stuff on a t.v(t.v programming...) I think watching tv on a pc is a bit pointless
internet bandwidth is still something expensive in my country. i dont think this is a good option to watch paid tv for free right now.

we'd prefer to use satellite dish to receive satellite tv from the air since we live in the middle of earth (equator).
I never tried this but i heard about something called TVAnts, that also broadcasts channels from all over the world. Personally i don't bother as i have a nice TV sat right in this room with me now. I agree with a few people here it's pointless watching TV on your computer when you have a perfectly good working TV.
Sounds intresting, will give it a go once i get out of college in a few hours.
Doubt it will work for me as most stuff doesnt!
i live in portugal and internet is expensive in here, we have traffic control. this mean that i can only download 1Gb/month on international sites, and 10GB/month in national sites. Crying or Very sad

i hope that in a near future this situation changes. this program is point less for us in here.

i couldn't watch it either.

maybe it was my bandwidth or the ports it was using.

has any1 heard bout these new copyright laws where if ur in Britain, people outside the UK can't listen to online media there??

its supposed to be somat like that anyway......
i am trying it
thank u
sorry , don't work
I will try, even though there are tons of them in my PC already. I even have one that is made by a program call Game Maker.
it's pretty cool, id use it if i didnt already have cable, but its missing ALOT of channels...and which one is HBO?
wow this sounds amazing, i might have to give it a shot. It looks like some people say it works while others arent have that great of a time with it. I guess it just comes down to your location or your internet speed. Sounds like a great idea, but i dont see how major companys would have a live broadcast? Oh well, how knows.

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