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buy and sell online

Do you have buy anything or sell anythings online ? I usually have do it, Usually I go to website www. It really nice ...
i buy some think online.but not opent
Hi there,

I buy and sell things online....

Ebay is a good start, but open to other alternatives... Wink
but its easy Wink
I bought some thing from internet before.Is a good experience Very Happy
ebay ban more than 200 millions citizen of my country through paypal.
they're really stupid.

i'm just buy domains and hosting from indonesian reseller with bank transfer as payment. Laughing
I occasionally buy something, maybe a game? Or something else.. But if i'm going to sell, I will use eBay, because I like it all around. It has a nice interface, its easy and alot more secure than most sites. I've sold probally around 15 things on eBay in my time, no its not much I know. But I only use ebay for a casual sale, not to sell things in mass. (Like a business) When buying I usually only buy from sites I know of well, like If it's a item which can usually only be bough from the company site, I check ebay.

~NMX Smile
i used to buy books from is a very nice website
but i didn't buy anything using this site
Is it hard to sell stuff on ebay? I have some stuff I need to get rid of.
I do buy things online. Usually I buy games and books online.
I buy a lot online. I'm disabled so it's an easy way for me to shop. I can buy things a lot cheeper online and get things I can't buy locally. I've bought and sold on
Is it hard to sell stuff on ebay? I have some stuff I need to get rid of.

I think it's easy. You first need to sign up with ebay, and it's also a good idea to get a paypal account. There's step by step instructions of what you need to do.
ebay ban more than 200 millions citizen of my country through paypal.
they're really stupid.

Ebay must have their reasons for not having paypal available in your country. This doesn't ban you from using ebay, some sellers accept other forms of payment.
i my self prefer im currently wanting to sell my ps2 and 23 very good conditoin games for sale im looking for about 120 for it if any one is intrested please send me a personal message.
I often bye things online.. Not ebay though.. Haven't tryed it yet..

But byeing online is easy, cheap and you don't have to move a finger!!! Very Happy
Thats a good thing about it Wink
Buying online is nice, because you don't have to worry about lugging home the heavy stuff.
I always buy my CDs online, since it's much less expensive if you can find a good website with affordable shipping.

@lilsmash: I've only sold one thing online (a box of Metallica action figures, unopened), and it was a major pain, but I got over $200 for them, so it was well worth the effort. I'll probably sell things through eBay again, since I desperately need the money, but I'll have to be more careful because eBay buyers don't seem to like actually reading about what they're buying. (I wanted US bidders only, but the winning bidder lived in Belgium, and I wanted to be paid by a cashiers/bank check, but the winning bidder was only willing to pay through PayPal). So to answer your question, it was very hard for me, but you should be okay if you don't ship internationally. And I've heard good things from other people, so it's possible that my experience was just my bad luck.
It is hard to buy and sell online for me. Its because our country is not supported by paypal. Sad

Though I want to buy books in for my thesis purposes. Smile

Do you guys have any idea how can I buy books in
I bought something one July still waiting to get it...I've given up hope now!

However I often buy things online, all my text books, phone, PC stuff. Tickets, soooo much easier online and alot cheaper in most cases.
I buy textbooks from ebay, amazon, and barnes and noble online. It's the only cheap way to get textbooks around here since our textbook annex's prices for used books are expensive (still cost ~80% of the retail price).
I seldom buy things online because i always suspect that there are some spyware in my computer. However, I also experienced it b4 by buying something online.
I've bought things online mainly because it was cheaper to do so. I've bought university books from eBay and Amazon Marketplace in the past, and they were like-new condition but I saved a bunch of cash.

If you're going to use an online auctioning system to sell, then I recommend eBay if for nothing else than the sheer size of it. Amazon Marketplace is good, but if you want to use an actioning system, you have to use Amazon Auctions, and they're just not as popular.

If nobody sees your item, then nobody is going to bid for it!
i do buy from ebay and online stores occasionally.
recently i've started selling on ebay -
i look around for online sales (mostly electronics / pc-related items);
most of the time they have mail-in rebates offered;
so i buy them, sell them on ebay for a discounted price (i try to make $5-$10 profit), and when i get my rebate, i get my money back plus a little profit.

it's not easy work, though, because i spend 2-3 hours a day bargain-hunting, and i wait 5-7 days before my auction ends (a couple of times, i didn't sell my item Crying or Very sad ). then i have to wait 4 - 6 weeks for the rebate to come through. and the profit isn't great.

but it gives me experience, positive feedbacks (free because it didn't cost me anything), and once i learn the in's and out's, maybe it will become a supplementary source of income.
recently i've started selling on ebay -
i look around for online sales (mostly electronics / pc-related items);

Just be very very careful selling electronics on ebay, especially if you have low feedback (under 200). The Nigerian scam is very common, as well as other nasty scams, and they all target electronics sellers. Read the seller central boards at ebay and learn to protect yourself if you haven't already. Just a friendly warning.... Wink
I Buy and Sell on ebay and have done so for about 2 years. More recently, since November 2005 I sell my buy to let calculator tool and have sold over 200 to date. I also use a clever (well, I think it is) route that allows me to drive ebay protential buyers to my website here on FriHost they can get other information on Property Investment and see a demo of the calculator tool. I also display Google ads which earn me dosh. If you have never thought of using ebay to drive visitors to your website give it some thought it really works. ebay has 1,000's of potential buyers and interested people that you can easily target to your website. To see my auctions my ebay id is "bmdive" and my website is't forget to click on some Google ads for me, it would be much appreciated)

Anyone who would like to know more how I do this or would like tips on buying and selling on ebay that ebay doesnt and wont tell you drop me a line.
Ebay is one place for a good start for newbies. I usually also try a few local players like and
Sometimes I buy stuff online, but usually i dont, but when i do its because it's much less expensive and they sent it to you by mail, so you dont have to go all the way to the store to get it Razz .
I buy and sell online. I sell books, new and used on (owned by ebay but much better IMO) and on It's not necessarily important how much feedback a seller has but what kind of feedback a seller has. Many buyers make the mistake of not reading the information carefully enough and don't check out the quality of sales the buyer has done in the past. ALWAYS look at a sellers feedback and see what their buyers have said about them. A seller that has had 30000 sales can still be a scammer. READ THE FEEDBACK!

As for other online purchasing I don't think I would buy from anyone that wasn't a large, well known company. There are a lot of people who may be selling merchandise and will give you a good deal but may also use your information as well!
how much it cost to buy a DVD(used ut good condition)
new movies?
old movies?
how long it takes to get delivaried.
how do i delivery a product which i sold? how do i get paid?
the-geek wrote:
how much it cost to buy a DVD(used ut good condition)
new movies?
old movies?
how long it takes to get delivaried.
how do i delivery a product which i sold? how do i get paid?

Well, the answer is so variable it would be impossible to answer. I recommend that you go to or and search for what you want. It is, of course, going to depend on what it is you are looking for, where you live and where the seller lives.

As for delivering what you sell, media mail from US postal service if you live in the US. You get paid from or amazon by giving them your checking account number and they direct deposit it every 2 weeks.
I've previously used eBay for two items...
The first item I bought was a second-hand Pentium III 650MHz computer. It only cost me AU$45 in total, including postage. This was to replace an old Celeron 300Mhz PC which stopped working. Since the seller was in Victoria, Australia (like me), it only took 2 days from auction end for the computer to arrive.

The other item I bought was a KVM switch. However, seeing as the Pentium III is no longer in my room (it's elsewhere in my house), I don't use the KVM switch anymore.
I buy and sell many things on eBay with PayPal. Only low-cost things though, (AV cables, headphones etc.) because you can't trust people on eBay anymore.
I use (portuguese site) for things 200 euros+ , because it is a small community and I trust everyone.
Temple Of Wisdom
I have used Ebay for a few years now. Si far its the best online buy/sell website that i've used. I would be open to trying something else though. Paypal is a really nice way to sent money back and forth. You can actaully make alot of money on ebay if you know what to sell and how to list it. The same goes for trying to buy stuff as well.
Yeah, Ebay, I buy music instructment usually. Trombone, violin...
Agent ME
I once bought an xbox debug kit from ebay. Great fun to screw around with Razz It's not something you'd find at a store.
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