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About 5 posts

Im searching for a free webhosting and i found FRIHOST.

I dont know where to start, i dont know also if this posting will be consider to get a free web hosting account.


Another question is... how will i know that i already completed the requirements?

Thanks for your support... i really need to have a free account.
When I did it you needed to attain at least 10 points, and that is about 3-5 posts depending on how many words you have in your post, don't spam...

2nd... once you do that, you must go to the main forum once again and look for the board which says Request an account. Follow the instructions as they are written and just wait until they get back to you.

It will take a few days, but they will PM / Email you all the account info.

I've used Frihost for sometime now and only 1 time I had some trouble's, and it was when their server went down.

Any questions, just ask away in the SUPPORT Forum.
yeh im just about to get mine in a minute, finished my 5 posts with enough points so just gonna head back to the account page and request an account. 2-3 days you say? thats a shame i quite fancied uploading my site here later today:(
i doubt you'll get in first go
The best idea is just to post about stuff you are intrested. Also dont apply for hosting when you have 5 posts. Wait until you have 15 or so to look like you are more determined to support the community by posting more.
applying for a free account is not that easy, you must reaply, your posts must have quality, the more lines your posts have the better, they must have paragraphs...

if you are thinking on just posting without making any efort to do it the good ways, you can be sure that you will not have an account. I already applied 2 times and both rejeted. So now, maybe next week i apply again. Start reading the rules and good luck.
Stop cross-posting for a start.

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