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USA stops internet gambling

whoa those tricky right wing congress elite have managed to shift control of the gambling industry to back inside America's borders. It seems that the Senate Majority Leader and Presidential hopeful Bill Frist managed to manuever the highly controversial bill through congress. This bill effectivly outlaws credit-card and money-transfer companies from accepting payments to gambling Web sites--effectively halving the value of some large-cap online gambling stocks.

I wonder what the motivation behind this manuever was? Was it really a move by the right wing christian movement to stop the sin of gambling by the good christian citizens of America? Or was it a move to shift the profits of the gambling industry back to American comanies?
Well..america needs the money to throw bombs at everyone elses heads, so I cant act like im surprized Eh?
O come on....... This bill was not all this right wing bull you are proclaiming. I am a right wing person who bet a few times online, but I think its bad.

Every time I did bet online I had problems getting the money back and its breaking the law.

Its's smart to at least control this while we can....

Do you know who owns these sites????? Could terrorists ever be the possibility...... unlikely sure... but it could happen..
really quite surprised news ... i'm really confused why they took this decision ?
It is all the about the regulation and profiting of it.

Too many people complain about kids stealing parents credit cards and using them to gamble. Too many people are sending their money overseas to these places.

If it could be more secure, and the government could tax and regulate as they saw fit, then this wouldn't be an issue and we'd see a lot more of these gambling sites.
It's none of the government's business if individuals choose to gamble. This is just another example of the nanny governemnt trying to protect us from ourselves. Government only grows.
It's amazing. The US tries to prize open everyone else's markets: For example I'm Australian, and they try to get us to remove subsidies for pensioners on medicine. They try to get us to remove "Australian content" laws on TV and on the radio. But then...

When they discover that people like successful businesses like Betfair (a responsible company in my view), they try to ban them. Because they have some moral objection? No. Las Vegas one of the world's centres for gambling (along with perhaps Hong Kong, Macao and Monaco), and they would never do anything to harm the money they make from it. They're banning it because the companies making the profits aren't American.

So much for free markets.
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