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Making a password protect page in dreamweaver

Moderators; please do not lock this post for ''crossposting'' please lock my thread in frihost support.

Well, I'm using dreamweaver to build my website but what I actualy want to know is, how do I make a page that requires a password?

My site is and I have made a page called ''Video's'' I would like to put MY OWN made video's on it, uploading them with rapidshare and then putting the link on that page. The problem is that I don't want everyone to be able to c MY video's.

So it would be like this... Homepage --> Video's ---> clicking on the link ''video's'' will bring you to an empty page with 1 square where you have to fill in a password that I give to friends who I give the ability to download my video's. password I change every month.

So if there is anyone who can help me!? I might have some frih$ left
tom69 wrote:
how do I make a page that requires a password?

I think your best option would be to use an .htaccess file.

I used Webmaster Tools: .htaccess password protection to generate the examples below.
The password I used for "friend" is "password" (without the quotes, of course).

.htaccess wrote:
AuthUserFile /home/somewhere/outside/the/web/directory/.htpasswd
AuthGroupFile /dev/null
AuthName "Restricted Area"
AuthType Basic

<limit GET>
require valid-user

.htpasswd wrote:
What do they mean with insert it in your htaccxesfile what file do they mean?
I only have my root folder with a page i made called ''Login'' and there are allready 2 boxes ''username'' ''password'' and a button login. but it's not in use yet I needed to set up a server etc. all kinds of stuff I didn't get.

I used this site.
Having never worked with Dreamweaver I can't help you with it.
To change the PHP Dreamweaver produced (I don't know if you need to change it) you will have to look at the generated code (I have no idea how to do that).
The tutorial you linked to, asks that you install MySQL. Have you done that?

Maybe you should start at the "Hello, World!" like most everybody else did.
I'm guessing this takes you to a page to log in not have a pop up appear?

I need to make a customer link from a main page pop up a small window where you enter a user name and password. On submit, it will take you to a particular customer page. Is the above code the best for something like this? I obviously don't know php but I do know it's better than javascript for protecting the password and user name.
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