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Dvd's or Cinema, which do you prefer??

Which Do you prefer to do??
Go to the cinema - Much better experience / can't wait
 50%  [ 8 ]
Dont watch films
 0%  [ 0 ]
I like to take the Film out on DVD, i like to watch them in my house :)
 50%  [ 8 ]
Total Votes : 16

I was wondering how many people go to a cinema to watch a film, or, like me wait till its on DVD / VHS, then go and buy it / hire.

I think its better to get it on DVD because you can watch whenever / wherever you want to.

And you can watch it at home and pause it whenever you want, say if you need more food Very Happy
I like to try and see movies at the theatre, but with 2 young kids, it's difficukt, so I usually see tham on DVD
I think it's better to go to cinema first. Then I'll buy DVD and watch again, again and again Very Happy
It depends on the movie.

A high thriller, action movie with tons of special effect... well you can't beat the effects and the atmosphere of the theater. A sappy love story chick-flick on the other hand... much better to watch at home.

Plus... those movies tend to get the wife going, if you know what I mean.. and there's only so much you can do in a theater!
darth_revan wrote:
I think it's better to go to cinema first. Then I'll buy DVD and watch again, again and again Very Happy

That's another thing I forgot to mention, with Dvds, you can watch them again and you can also watch the extras, see interviews with the stars and learn how the film was made.

(Watch the matrix extras - very interesting to see the concept, and how they did it)
i actually enjoy both...but the popcorn in the theatre is amazing! a good film at home is always good as well though...just can sit and relax and watch a flick or two.
At cinema is very interesting to see movies with many special effects like Spider-Man, Harry Potter, Bat Man (last part), Last of the Mohicans, Gladiator (the battles only) and other action films.
Home is nice to see a detective film, comedy, drama...
I loved so much movies - so many categories - specialy disney ones (cartoons) comedy and others.

I prefer see them at my home, ´cause I will be more confortable - I can get on my bad.
I prefer watching at home on DVD because you can watch when you want and you can watch with freinds/girlfriend without having to worry about disrupting other people watching in the cinema.
Which Do you prefer to do??
Go to the cinema - Much better experience / can't wait
37% [ 3 ]
Dont watch films
0% [ 0 ]
I like to take the Film out on DVD, i like to watch them in my house Smile
62% [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 8

it seems like more people prefer to take a film out on Dvd.

I must say, i do prefer being in my own house, under my own rules, with volume at the right level.... ahh.

Dvds are gooooooood Very Happy
Well, I personaly prefer Cinema.

Because , when you watch movies with DVD, you watch it alone, or with your close friends or family.
But, When you watch in the Cinema, you watch it with all the crowd.
If the movie funny - all laugh together, If the movie sacare - all scare together.

I think Cinema better because the atmosfire there.
RT Cunningham
I used to prefer cinema, but with the cost of tickets and refreshments always going up, it was hard to justify going, especially with the whole family. Heck, it would cost $40 USD fo tickets alone. For that price I could buy two DVD's.

When you're on a budget like me, cinema is not an option.
I just loved to go to the cinema when i whas younger,
but no days there are a lots of people who dont take this seriously
they talk, screem when they are not exspected to do so.

Sometimes i still go to the cinema, such as Lord of the rings and that kind of movies, but i prefer to watch a DVD in my home, there i can have pease and quiet.
The cinema is much better - because you'll never have that kind of optimised set-up in your living room. I guess it depends on how much you care about the technical stuff.

The fact is that there's no way you could go to see everything at the cinema (because of time and expense), so there'll always be a need for me to watch DVDs at home. But when it's a film I really want to see, than I try and make the effort to see it during the theatrical release.
I prefer cinema, to DVDs or DivX or VHS, because of large screen, great sound and friends who come with me
With the family of more than two, it is much better to have the DVD and a good home theater system. It does not take long at seven dollars per ticket to rack up what it would take to buy yourself a great system. Even one movie a month with popcorn and such would end up costing you close to $80. Whether the matter of one or two years you've made enough to have your home theater system. Not to mention that you get to watch the Super Bowl and other great TV events on a nice home theater system. You can also listen to CDs and a radio as well. Maybe you can hook your computer up to it and play surroundsound games.

I'm having trouble coming up with any reason why I would want to sit in a theater. I suppose to have sticky stuff on the bottom of my shoes and an "experience". Plus, DVDs seem to be coming to the store within a couple of months. Much better to spend $17 and have all of the extra features and bloopers and deleted scenes as well.

I'm not sure if you can tell, but my vote is definitely to have them on DVDs.
hmm, those are all good arguements indeed. Luckily i voted before i read your post, hehe
I voted for 'cinema' because the feeling of being 'swept away' by a movie, by the larger-than-life-ness of it .. to get so caught up in the story that the silver screen infact becomes your world is something i have never experienced at home.

Then again, i don't have a sofisticated home cinema system so maybe that's the problem.
i dont watch many movies but when i do, i prefer to do it at the theatres... when i watch a movie on a DVD it is generally because i couldnt find the time to go out to a theatre...
I go for cinema for watching movies, and buy dvd's if i like it.
currently most of the 14 people who have voted prefer to have Dvd's.
I prefer the cinema, the simple experience and the atmosphere in it worths the while. I dont know why exactly i like it, but i do. Even the popcorn taste better. The screen are hue and of great quality, also the sound is really great.

I do like the cinemas, however I also buy the DVDs
The only real advantage for me watching a movie in the cinema is the wow factor on the large screen. I do like the flexibility of pausing a movie at home, trotting off to the bathroom, grabbing some food and drink etc. Home cinema systems have a pretty impressive sound these days.
I come from a rural area, and the local cinema here gets films several weeks after they're released in Sydney (economic reasons mainly), so basically, for me, it's pretty much DVDs for me. If I'm in Sydney or Newcastle, and a movie I want to see is playing, I'll go and see it at the pictures while i'm there.
Hhmm, I prefer watching it at the theatre first. Then buy the DVD after.
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