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How Many Language You Can Speak?

How Many Languages You Can Speak?
1 - 2
 36%  [ 100 ]
3 - 4
 53%  [ 146 ]
5 - 6
 8%  [ 23 ]
7 - 8
 0%  [ 1 ]
9 and above
 1%  [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 275

generally, i can speak in english, spanish, mandarin, hakka, cantonese, and malay... so around 6 languages i can speak. how about you??
Talk about an ego-boosting thread... I'll gladly join in to boost my own as well.

I'm trilingual in German, Swedish and English and practically fluent in Spanish and French. I'm currently in China learning Chinese.
I'm not a linguist or something like that.
I speak Polish cuz it's from where i come from, Poland.
I was also studying English for about 10 years or so, i have a lot of experience in talking with foreigners anyway.
And for about 4 years i was and still am studying French, though i'm not so good at it, it's hard...
S3nd K3ys
I know 2. English and Spanglish.

I also know about half a dozen computer languages.

And sign language.
I (rather) fluently speak Dutch (in various accents) and English (in various crappy accents). I can also make myself understood in French (after all, it's *supposed* to be my second language).

Apart from that, I'm also quite good at *reading* German and several Roman languages, though I can't speak any of them.
I speak Igbo (mother tongue), English and French. I studied Latin in secondary school (middle school), but unfortunately, Latin is not a spoken language... lol.
I speak Croatian as my native language, but also speak English, German and not good Spanish.
I only Can speak 4 language.......... :p
I speak about 1.7 languages. 1 for English, and .7 for Japanese which still isn't quite good enough.
I speak German, English, Italian and I'm learning Spanish right now...
i can speak many regional languages of india besides english
well i can speak english,malay,hakka,mandarin,cantonese,abit of franch thou..
English, French and fragments of Russian and German.

As well as a dozen computer languages but I don't think you were counting those.
I can only speak English, and german, and I doubt I'm ever gonna learn any more.
I can speak Romanian (natal language) and English (2nd language) and un peu français (3rd lanuage)
3, english vietnamese and french.
I can speak my native language, Tagalog, fluent english and basic japanese. I want to master Japanese. I hope I could do it since I'm quite lazy memorizing all the grammar essentials. XD
I am technically bilangual. I speak English and Lithuanian (Eastern european language). I am also in 3rd year French and i know that i can't consider myself fluent in that at all. But in emergency situations i think that i could basically communicate with someone in French.
I don't consider myself a linguist, coz i'm not really good in accents. I speak english predominantly and the other's malay coz i'm from malaysia. i do understand tagalog (language of the philippines) coz my parents are filipino, but i can't really speak it.
I'm very good in Indonesian (of course! Thats my national language) and Sundanese (native language). I also can speak English (but not too good), and understand Japanese a bit.
meet in rio
French (A Level/studied for 7 years; I could probably read a book, hold a conversation and survive in general)
Spanish (studied for 6 years; ditto the above, although I'm still studying it at university)
German (I began this at university a few weeks ago. Really basic stuff; I could probably go on holiday in Germany but wouldn't survive for more than a week or so.)
Mandarin (Began evening classes on Monday; I'm truly awful, can only ask very simple questions and still struggle with tone recognition. I don't think this one counts, haha.)

And of course English. Wink
I speak Armenian, English and I also use sign language
English and spanish. Well i'm learning spanish. I can understand a good amount of it. I do know spanglish too. Very Happy
I can speak swedish and german (still learning) Cool
I speak French and I am quite fluent in English, and I have a good basis in Spanish. I'd really like to learn Norwegian but the method costs 110$... it's a bit too much for my actual finances. Crying or Very sad
I can speak several languages.I speak Spanish , english , french and some words in portuguese Smile thats all
I speak English, French, and some Japanese. I also can comprehend some Italian, Spanish, German and Chinese (both main dialects). I love languages >_<
I can speak english, spanish and some words in french.I would like to learn more languages but i do not have much time to try it.
GoodLuck everybody learning languages, forums are good to practise new languages Smile
I speak english, a decent amount of german, random phrases of spanish, and a few words in portuquese(sp)
just english fluently and a bit of conversational chinese.
I am from Holland and I can speak 4 languages quite well: Frysian, Dutch, English, German. French and Spanish I can speak also, but far less then the first ones.
hahah wow. i speak english because i live in california. spanish because i live in california. and a little sign language and various other languages from my amazing elementary school. i want to learn italian or french
Lord Kuat
Spanish, English, and a bit of farsi, but not enough to say I'm actually a "speaker". Just enough the barely get by.
I'm dutch, so I can speak dutch Wink
I can speak quite well English
I speak English, Chinese and currently learning German.
Zero isn't a choice? Sad.

What about languages that no one else speaks? Do they count?
I can speak (of course) English, and I am currently in my third year of (formally learning) Japanese. I did take Spanish for three years in middle school, but I don't consider myself the least bit competant in it anymore.
I can speak English and have been studying Spanish for 2.5 years now. I'm really starting to become fluent in Spanish, I like it a lot.

Puedo hablar en español. ¿Y a ti?
Well I speak English fluently and Chinese a bit (cantonese). I took one year of mandarin and a few years of French. Chinese is really diffiuclt to learn since you can't sound it out at ALL. I really wish I was more fluent in French and Chinese and that I continued taking these languages. French seems to be a really nice language to learn and it s qutie similar to English since its one of those languages that root from latin.
I can speak english,german and irish fluently.
English + Vietnamese.

Conversational spanish. Learning Japanese and Mandarin.
You all make me ashamed when I read this. I'm fluent only in Polish and English, know some Spanish [but rather understand than could produce anything by myself Confused], and the basics of French and German [could survive: in a hotel, restaurant, on a holiday, that's all Very Happy].

I think it's high time to get down to work to improve my language skills.
Cause at the moment I'm not actively learning any language [learning while using web and forums doesn't count Wink] and I this I got to the point of regress. Seems too sad.

Ahhh, there's also one thing that I know: the Russian alphabet Very Happy [which makes me able to communicate on the basic level with: Ukrainians, Russian, White Russian and Bulgarian since those languages are quite similar to Polish, and I really understand the basics, though I've never learned any of them. Very Happy]. Besides, I could communicate with the Tshech and Slovak people, for the same reason. [Well, they at least use the latin letters Wink].
I can only speak English, But, As a school course i'm talking Spanish so i will soon be Bi-Lingual. Smile
3.....English, Irish and French...*sigh*..god bless the Europeans!

btw......ncwdavid..Ca bhfuil tu i do chonai? Wink

Meaning Where do you live..for all you rule obsessed members =)
omg... there's so many linguist here!


... that's about all the languages that I know... unless you wanna count programming languages~ Wink
french and i train my english skills.
I'm from Switzerland, i've learned German at school too, but it's not for me.
i speak chinese, english, taiwanses, kouantonese

would like to learn spanish
my native language is german, because i was born in austria. i speak also english, know russian lanuage and basics of italian and spanish. i would like to prove my spanish. any native speaker here?
cvkien wrote:
generally, i can speak in english, spanish, mandarin, hakka, cantonese, and malay... so around 6 languages i can speak. how about you??

english, mandarin, hakka, cantonese, and malay...
almost the same as you except I don't know spanish~
Spanish, Argentine, Paraguay, Colombian, Venezolan, Mexico........ and English Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing
duddits wrote:
Spanish, Argentine, Paraguay, Colombian, Venezolan, Mexico........ and English Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing
Hahaha, didn't you forget to add Spanglish too? Wink That doesn't count. Simply because Polish has almost no dialects. Razz
i talk norwegian and english:)
I can speak fluently two: English and Vietnamese.
But I'm learning Spanish through friends, not classes.
And I'm learning basic sign language, like the letters of the alphabet, through friends too.
only chinses and english

so admire you

and my english is not very well

this sentence is the most frequency i have said
I speak spanish and I have a good basis in English. I'd like to learn chinese but it seems to be very difficult!!!
English, fluently
Tagalog, conversationally
French, elementary
Japanese - IN YOUR DREAMS!

I'm trying to learn Japanese but I started French first so my parents say I have to finish that. Very Happy I think it would've been easier to start with a non-European language because apparently, it's harder to learn Asian languages if you start with a European language. (cue, English!)
i speak ancient greek, modern greek, some elementary level latin, english and i am currently learning italian..
and that;s enough for mee...
in my opinion, if you can speak English, French, Spanish, German, this can not be called that you can speak 4 languages, because these languages are same essentially,
in the same way that if you can speak Chinese, Janpanese and Korea.

if you can speak English and Chinese, it is real that you can speak TWO languages.
I can speak Dutch, Enlish, German and some French
English, Arabic, French, and a bit of German too.
Portuguese is my common language. Fortunately, this Frihost community helps my english practise. So this is the second language. Third, my neighbours (Spain) have a language quite understandable for portuguese. Specially when I go to Galicia. Portugal was born from there. French is also quite understandable because I've had some school french learning. German language is really hard. I understand some simple phrases. People say I imitate quite well the way germans talk. But unfortunately I can't imitate words that I don't know nor phrases that I can't gramatically build in an adequate manner. It's that 4 forms (accusativ, dativ...) that really blow my mind; that "not" which is just told at the end, and so forth. And with the lack of practise the few things I know tend to get quite rusty. Last but not least Italian. I've had no school help here. But I somehow like this language and can understand a lot of italian. I can talk basic italian with ease and try to guess some unknown italian because of its similarity with other romanic languages.
Depends, speak perfectly or well:

Cantoeese. Mandarine, Englsih, German

Know a bit:

The old village language in of my village, korean, thai, japaneese, shanghui
I can speak three laguages:
C++, BASIC, and html. Laughing

Back to topic....

I can speak Danish (cuz i live in Denmark), English and German.
English, French, and two others

I'm surprised there are so many people who speak 3-4 language. It's a huge deal.

Great Job. Very Happy
As i travel much, i always pick up some language from where i am.
However, languages i can speak and understand quite well are: English. german. Norwegian. Swedish.

I also du understand Arabic. Spanish. Dutch. Danish. And now even some Thai language.

I think it is important that you try to learn at least the standard phrases like, hello, how are you? thank you! Pardon and Sorry, i dont speak your language, english please?

It is also difficult when the typing is not in the letters used in the english alphabeth. Like arabic, and Thai.

Indonesian and Javanese language are the ones that I can use fluently. English starts to get better as I'm working in Australia. If computer language can be included, probably HTML, CSS, Actionscript, PHP and MySQL are following the list Smile
I can do English, some Cantonese, and I know American Sign Language to a small extent (just the basics).
I can speak Hindi, Kannada, telugu, tamil, malayalam,english, marati, konkani
Being an American, I can of course speak English fluently. I studied French all four years in High School and continued studying it in College and then on my own doing translations of foreign band reviews for my husband. Then I had a friend who was from France and Corsica for awhile, though he didn't teach me much.

I haven't used the French language for awhile, so I have forgotten much of it and have no real use for it anymore.

I want to learn Russian. Does anyone here speak Russian? What is the best way to go about learning a new language other than complete immersion which is not possible for most people? I do not want to go back to college. Please let me know. Thank you.
English and Arabic, both fluently, reading and writing.
English and Arabic, both fluently, reading and writing.
in my case I speak romanian since its my native langiuage, english which is the one that I'm best at from all foreign languages and french at medium level. Because my native language has so much in common with italian, spanish, portugese and french I can understand almost everything I hear in Italian and speak a little on the side too and understand a fair part of all those other "latin" languages Wink
Jakob [JaWGames]
I can speak perfect swedish (not very surprising), quite good english and I can speak german, but not good...
Dutch, English and Frisian Laughing
I can speak english, arabic, tamil, sinhala, urdu hee hee hee
I only know English presently, but I'm in Spanish right now and I've tried to learn some Esperanto. <-- That's the only language that has no irregular verbs
Hm... let's see... languages that I know fluently are Chiu-Chow (my native tongue) and English. However, I also know Mandarin, Cantonese, Khmer, Taiwanese, and... with a dash of Spanish and a pinch of Japanese. XD I would love to learn French and Italian though... *dreamy sigh* and oh!! More of British English -- I think that's so much better than American English, really. But that's only my opinion... ^_^0

-- scryoko
i know english,hindi and other related indian sub language
I know Romanian (my native language) , English, and a little bit of French Italian,and Spanish
Well I speak English(almost fluent :p), Spanish and Portuguese.

And want learn German, french and Hebraic Languages
I can speak German, English and French ( well kind of ). I've got to work on Spanish now because half the population here in Texas seems to be Hispanic and absolutely doesn't care that I can't understand a word about what they are saying.
I suppose programming languages don't count Wink and of course the language every programmer speaks fluently: cursing
James Yu
English - study for 10 years, used for daily living, worked in a call-center style office.

Chinese - Fluent in Mandarin, undstand Cantonese.

thinking to learn a bit german.
español, english and a little italiano/portuguese
I can speak 2 languages at the moment, but I'm learning French, so hopefully I'll know 3 languages soon. I know English and Spanish. Spanish was my first language, but I learned English all by myself somehow. No, seriously, I did. My parents couldn't speak any English at all, until I learned it. Then they started learning, it, too, little by little.
I can speak 5 languages: Russian (freeky), Ukranian (freely - it's my native), English (you see, how I speak English Smile ), French (not good) and Polish (I studied it some times ago and do know well).
Also I'm planning to learn Deutsch. Rumours say, that it's not difficult.
i m from india and can speak english and hindi... i can understand a bit of Punjabi, Haryanvi, Rajasthani and bengali but cudnt speak it!
Russian - mother language.
Hebrew - speaking/reading/writing fluently.
English - ^ same as above, I think Wink ^
I don't know all of them very good but:

Dutch (Mother Tongue)
Some latin




(I also understand some German, but not much)

Not much, but im just 15 years old... 16 about 17 days Very Happy
Russian is my native language. I also know English quite well (at least for average level in my country), and have studied basics of French, but unfortunately I lacked practicing in it lately, so I forgot most of the lexicon.
I'm taking up Latin in few months, but I already know bits of it thanks to anatomy lessons xD
I also understand Italian and German, but I would need a dictionary to write anything in these languages xD
khmer (trying)
I love languages! That's the main reason I decided to study linguistics. At any rate, I can only speak three languages (so far... If I had more time I would study others, but alas, one can only do so much): English, Russian, and Spanish.
English (proficient and much better than an average speaker)
Chinese (Mandarin; not extremely proficient, but still fluent)
German (one and a half years of education, not so fluent)
Japanese (very limited, pretty much not fluent)
ø speak russian as my first language, english as second and german. all of them i really can speak. now i'm studying french, but i don't really speak it, lol =)
I can speak 3 languages namely english, tagalog(Filipino language) and hiligaynon(its one of the many native language here in the Philippines). Wink
I can speak english, dutch, german, french.
and i really learn other languages easy
i can speak only filipino and english... i am willing and interested to learn other languages like chinese, japanese, french and arabic.
i can speak english, french and german fluently and also french slang and english slang!! Laughing
I speak two Philippine languages (Bisaya and Filipino), and English really well. That's three I am fluent in, and then I know a smattering of Ilonggo and French.
english, bangla, hindi
I can speak English, French, German, Portuguese
But also understand Spanish
Am quite thinking about which language will be next.

Spanish is good if you intend to walk around South America. But I'm not so bad (people think I do speak, when I do but I don't consider it).

Japanese seems to be the best thing, once there are a lot of Animes i got from a friend of mine. All my friends are learning japanese language.

Swedish our Norway seems also a good choice. But Dutch is easier. Russian also was considered. But don't know, can't make up my mind.

Another one would be arabic. What for? Try to get a job in the middle East. Or maybe travelling.

There was a time that I really thougth about learning malay for it would be worth for all Pacific travelling.

Don't know.. If would all be day dreaming if I hadn't already learned French and German. I did it because I wanted to. I'm just making up my mind about which one I wanna do next..
i can speak 4 languages




first u say how many languages u can speak
Chinese, English and a bit of Janpanese.
grew up with english and chinese, then latin and ancient (attic) greek, and I can read and write korean yet have no idea what i'm reading/writing means. I'd also like to learn ukrainian, which I heard is a beautiful language, and French if i'm ever to work for the UN.

If i was outrageously smart and could learn anything, I'd learn sanscrit, ancient hebrew, egyptian hieroglyphics, and mayan/aztec/incan scripts.

arabic is pretty sweet too, but too many people already know it.
I'm living in Beijing at the moment, studying Chinese... it's incredibly hard but so much fun! We'll see how it goes.
How many languages can you speak?

I'm a native English speaker with "intermediate" Japanese. I could probably get by in French and German (with a little brushing up).

Now, how many languages have you studied?

Biblical Hebrew, Latin, Classical Greek, Aramaic, Akkadian, modern Arabic (all products of an undergraduate degree in Near Eastern Archaeology).

I've clocked between 1 and 3 years of study on each of the above but probably couldn't have a conversation in any of them. Some of them I've completely forgotten.

I think Arabic is the most beautiful language I've ever heard/seen written, with Gaelic a close second.

The next language I study will be Old Norse... but that won't be until I get some more free time... sigh.

I speak four languages, I speak my mother laguage Dutch.

And I learned on school German, French and English...

I want to learn more languages, they are very handyful on my work!

I want to learn Swedish or Spanisch, which one should I learn? I don't know it jet...
I speak three languages. My mother's Slovenian and two foreign languages (English and Dutch which I learned in school.
I would also like to learn more languages but I know I would forget them after while if I wouldn't use them. Maybe I will learn them when I will be older.
do you mean internet language or international languages??

im confused by your input of this thread..

because i know a lot of internet languages and only 2 international languages

internet - css, javascript, php, html, xhtml
international - spanish, english
English (Born with it and will die with it)
Hindi (Did learn thanks to the amount of Hindi used in India)
Telugu (Happens to be my mother tongue, so got that too)
Tamil (Thanks to college)
Spanish (Just had habit of learning languages)
and Portuguese (I can read and write but my accent is really bad)
i speak english, tagalog, and very little spanish and japanese. Smile

i saw a pinoy post in the first page of this thread. (jasmine, i think) any others? Smile
I speak fluent English, descent German, and a bit of Finnish and Italian.
Well.. I can speak English, Hindi and Tamil fluently and a smattering of German too.. That makes it 4.. and around 53% of the vote casters in this thread fall in my category Smile
fluently: english, french, chinese (mandarin; cantonese is a dialect =P)
and my japanese has deteriorated over time
Well, I can speak perfect Polish (that's my native language) and English as well, a bit German and Esperanto...
I've started learning Dutch recently because I'm going to emigrate to Amsterdam.
Furthermore, I know few words and sentences in Russian, French and Danish Smile.
hello everyone...
good day to all...

i can speak 4 language..
first is english,
second is tagalog or the filipino language,
third is hiligaynon, it is our language in our province..
and the last is cebuano, it is the language in cebu...

i know some of you are not familiar about this language,
it's okay. i understand...

even I, don't understand your several languages...
I can speak english and chinese very fluently but my spanish and swedish need some work. >_>
English, Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russian
Generally I can speak fluent Tagalog, English, Chinese and Mandarin, but i understand a bit of Japanese and Koreans from watching Soaps and Animes. Wish I could learn to speak the two though, its hard to learn another language when you don't have someone to practice with...
I can speak 3 languages.
docter O2
i canspeak 4 languages.hindi,marathi,english,rajasthani hindi.and
yes i am good at sign language one of my buddy was hearing impaired.
see there is always something to learn from everyone.
Arabic, English, and little French
just three languages Malay, English and German..Currently learning Chinese..
I always wonder if ASL (American Sign Language) counts. I'm quite good at that and I do speak a bit of French.
english, german, croatian (and some other slavic languages)

and, if it counts 1377 Laughing
i am studying for maritime officer but we only have english and dutch
English, some German and a little Twi.

I've been thinking about trying one of those Rosetta Stone programs which is utilized by the CIA to teach people languages. Anyone have any experience with them that can say whether or not that's a good idea? I tried a Pensleur method Arabic CD that I bought at Barnes & Noble once but I quickly lost interest.
I speak German (my native tounge, I am from Austria).
I learnd English at school and practice it over internet Smile

At holiday I speak a little Greece, but only Kalimera, Kalispera Smile
(Which means "good morning" and "good evening")
I can speak the following languages (in the order of fluency).
English, Mandarin, Hokien, Hokchew, Cantonese, Malay, French, Japanese, Polish and Hakka.
cvkien wrote:
generally, i can speak in english, spanish, mandarin, hakka, cantonese, and malay... so around 6 languages i can speak. how about you??

What do you mean by speak? Just a couple of sentences in the language or the ability to converse in a easy chat with a native speaker without having to think of what words to use to communicate?

I can order meals in malay and understand how much it cost and etc but ask me to watch a news programs in malay and I am lost. Thus I do not consider that I can speak malay.

That being said, would you like to reconsider whether you speak 6 languages? Rolling Eyes
I speak English, Italian, French, Spanish (jsut few words but i can understand it better), Swedish
I think I will go memorise 20 basic sentences in 20 languages and then come back to boast that I can "speak" 20 languages... hahaha
I can speak both Norwegian and English fairy well, and understand (and speak some if I have to) German and Spanish.
I can speak 3 different languages. Nepali, English, Hindi. Recently i have joined French languages classes. Hope i will be perfect in French too
Except my Greek(primary language) I speak also English, French, Italian and a few Russian and Danish...
I can speak these: (in order of fluency)

English, German, Italian, Signed English, Japanese, & French. Very Happy
English, Chinese, japanese and dutch..

plan to learn either French or German in the coming two years..
I know 2. English and Japanese.
I speak English as my native language. I speak Dutch fluently having spent most of my adult life living in Amsterdam. I speak Spanish and German as well. I studied French at school to A-level, got a B, but can't speak it at all. Not the best place to learn languages, English schools!

I have a basic knowledge of a load of other languages like Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian. I mean, I can read them and make myself understood but would never claim to speak them.

Currently studying Mandarin. Doing okay. Would be doing better if I were more committed...
four languages at the moment...malay, english, mandarin and helps alot here got so many chinese movies...wish i could understand korean and japanese langauge....movies and drama from there are something to rave about!!!!
swedish and english... some deuth but aint much.. some danish and norweian..
Just good at chinese, know a lit english
In Switzerland, almost everybody is able to speak about at least three languages.

The first of course is Swiss German.
The second is the 2nd official language French (some people can talk the 3rd (Italian) and 4th (Romansh) as well)
Then everybody have to learn Enlish and German.

But I hate French and those gay people who speak French.

Finally I can say, I can speak 3 languages:

Swiss German

What do you think? Is it useful to learn French anymore?
I speak fluent in tagalog, english, and spanish. Also with 5 dialects like pangasinense, bicolano, ilocano, visayan and cebuano.
I am from India, So i can Speek Hindi, My MotherToung is Bengali coz am am in Kolkata. and also,

I can't speek English..Sad

hehehe, Just Kidding
I can speak french, english, creol patois.
OK I would say i know all the langauges a need. i'm fluent in English, Russian , Romanian i also know a bit of french. I think i don't need more languages (well ) for now . every country where i'm interested to go . i can speak one of the first three languages and peole will understand me well it was until know don't know what will be in the future Smile
sorry for the mistakes made in the last post but i had no time to check for errors and posted it as i typed it Embarassed
English and Turkish. Turkish's my 1th language and i know english too.
i can speak more than 10 languages.. english, japanese, korean, thailand, bahasa melayu, indonesia, french, italian, mongolian, cantonese, hokkien, ... how many is that?? oh, it's MORE than 10 languages!!! yeah!!! goodness!! okay, going off to learn another language now!!! i think language is a powerful tool to cross to other countries.. i think that languages must be learn when you are young... it is interesting to learn especially mongolian language, the verbs and grammar are all over the place!!! LOL... i'm thinking of learning the language of historian, and signs!!!!! LOL... Wink
Slovakian, Czech, Russian, Polish, German, English, French, Japanese and learning Spanish now and then lately. Wink

BTW a colleague of mine at the Faculty of English Literature is able to speak 52 languages, i mean i can hardly come up with the names of 52 different languages Smile
fluent english, vietnamese and french somewhat, took it in school
Natively, English and Chinese. I did take about 3 years of Spanish in high school, but it's been so long that I've already lost most of that. I am currently learning Japanese and am planning on spending at least one year in Japan to perfect it when I graduate. I am going to start Korean in the fall, but as of now, I only know random conversational phrases, and most of that recognizing and understanding them when I hear them rather than speaking them.

Even though I know some Spanish and Japanese, and am planning to become fluent in both Japanese and Korean, being the perfectionist I am, I won't be calling myself anything but a bilingual until I've gained near-native fluency in Japanese or Korean. (Basically, until I can fluently use the language on top of being able to notice and explain/translate subtle differences in sentences that usually only the natives can tell the way I can with Chinese and English. A bit too ambitious maybe, but who knows.)
Well for the moment I am speaking English. But my aunt is currently teaching me Spanish because she is fluent in the language. So im getting there lol
I know 4 languages

and a bit of Gujrati
I can speak 3 languages - English, French and Mandarin.. And I plan to pick up some Japanese when I find time.
so far 2, Spanish (I'm chilean and stuff...) and English, tho my english could improve a bit...

I'm taking a japanese class next year, just for the fun of it... and because there are a lot of games in my stach waiting for me to be capable to understand them instead of just playing them mechanically >.>;;;;;;;

I've always wanted to learn german... I study Philosophy so you may understand why, great philoisophical literature in german... but that's another issue XD
I can speak Swedish, English and probably some Esperanto (haven't used it)

I have studyed a bit or musch

Italian (I can read it a bit) , Latin, Spanish (I lived one summer with people how used Spanish as their first language so I can understand a bit), Quenya, French (Well I written poetry in it, and can intrept some phrases at least)

I also can read german texts although I haven't studyed them.

Oh and I just found out I can read old-norse texts and probably Icelandic ones too.
i can speak Frisian (yes it's a official language), Dutch, basics German, English, French and right now i am studying Mandarin in Shanghai..
- Ducth (my main language, haha)
- English (I've always been pretty good at it)
- Polish (my mother is Polish and I've visited Poland every year for the first 14 years of my life... eventually you get the hang of the language, though I can't read or write Polish)
- German (basics, but I would never start a conversaton in German)
- French (pretty damn broken though!)

That would be: 5 Very Happy
-Polish (my mom is polish Smile
-some spanish (just grammer, my vocab sucks)
I speak Slovenian, English and German and I'm also going to learn French in near future.
I can speak in English and Chinese.

Chinese is my mother tongue so I can speak and listen, read and write very well.
I learnt English in my college. But I only can read English well write, listen and speak poor.
English. I can understand some French and Spanish. I’m planning to learn German when I find some free time.
I speak Telugu, English and Hindi..
Dutch is my native language. I also speak French and English very fluent. I can understand and read most of German (I can also express myself quite good), Spanish idem and I studied Latin and acient Greek, but these are languages which aren't spoken anymore...
So basically I speak 5 languages...
I speak English, Chinese (both mandarin and cantonese) and French.

I can also speak many computer languages!

But I chose 3 for the poll.
I may not speak more than two languages, but I speak them fluently. I've been speaking english for over 7 years and spanish for about 18.
I can speak English (fluent) and French (quite), I also have "talent" to understand when I read Italian and Spanish. That's because I am Romanian by mother tongue and this three languages are "Latin". Some words are quite the same! Smile

My girlfriend is smarter, she can fluently speak English, French, Spanish, Catalan, besides Romanian (mother tongue). She also can speak Italian (but not fluent) and understand Portugese... Smile
Another Romanian here, so I have to say I'm quite skilled when it comes to my mother tongue; what can I say, I love it. I'm also fluent in English, I've got a fair amount of skill when it comes to French (I'm currently studying these two in school). Apart from that, I'm a Capoeira fan, so I know some conversational Portuguese, the Brazilian dialect, mostly. I can understand (and express myself somewhat in) Italian and Spanish, because I've got some friends in those areas, and, as ciureanuc says, they're Romanshe languages, so they're related to my mother tongue. I'm also trying to nail a bit of Finnish, at the moment, and a dialect spoken in the Balkans called Aromanian, which fascinates me to no end.
Hi Buddy,

Urdu, English, Hindi and Marathi

tried my hands on Spanish also

but if you want to learn new languages you always visit google language tools.
I know how to speak English. I also know how to speak French. I am still learning a few more extra details to French though.
well i can speak english, hindi, marathi, kannada, tulu
well, I was chatting with my Romanian friend about the languages and my friend said that he know only English... and I said "I think that you know more than English, I think that you are capable to understand some Italian and Spanish also". How come? Let's check some words. Smile
I will write some words in four forms:
Romanian - Italian - Spanish - English
iarba - erba - hierba - grass
caine - cane - ? - dog
apa - aqua - agua - water
om - uomo - humano - human
casa - casa - casa - house Smile
a manca - mangiare - comer - to eat

Well, these are few word... Spanish is not quite similar but what do you think about Romanian - Italian? Yes, of course, I've choose some "fine" words...
I speak spanish(natural), english and german... 3 lenguages...
I'm just studiyng English so don't mind if my posts seem so odd Embarassed I speak French & Russian!
i can speak dutch, english, german, french lawl Laughing
I am fluent in english, and can speak, read and some write in french and can understadn and little spead in Italian. Going to work on Spanish soon.
I speak English, Chinese (mandarine and many dialects), German and some pieces of other languages.
My native language is Polish so I'm fully advanced in it Smile. I can speak English and a little bit German. I'm going to take up French and Dutch in the future. French is an official language in many countries so knowledge of it is very useful. And Dutch is, in my opinion, very beautiful (some people call it "a throat illness" though Razz). But I won't have started learning them until I pass CAE exam.

I have roots in Russia so I understand Russian yet I cannot speak it.
I can speak, dutch, english and french and some dialects...
I can speak and write in English, French and creole (I've been learning them since I was 6yrs old). I can understand bits of Hakka and Mandarin. I think that it's truly enriching to know more than 1 language. For example, French compared to English is tougher to learn because of the grammar complexities but then, the French language is really beautiful once you understand it. I want to learn German - I need to find some free time to do it.. best of luck to anybody learning another language! Wink
I speak : Dutch , German , French , English All study on school.
Well, as of right now I can only fluently speak English, but I'm starting to pick up on Swedish.

So if anyone knows any Swedish and/or could help me feel free to send me a message or anything.

Elefant Smile
dalawa (two)

filipino, english
The subject of this post reminds me of a joke.....

- What do you call somebody who speaks 4 or more languages: Multilingual
- What do you call somebody who speaks 3 languages: Trilingual
- What do you call somebody who speaks 2 languages: Bilingial
- What do you call somebody who speaks 1 language....

An American.

Please note, I am not bashing America in general, but you must admit that thier education system is seriously flawed in terms of teaching foreign languages. Smile
I can speak Polish, English, German, Russian. My native language is Polish.
I can speak english, quite a bit of french, some japanese and Uruba (nigerian).
Karumem to speak na cinco langues.

(Armenian, English, Russian, Spanish, French), in the order that I learned them.

I am Armenian, so that would be the first language I learned. English, because I started attending preschool. Russian because most Armenians are from the Fomer Soviet Union, whose main language was Russian, always speak it and I become forced to learn it so that I may understand when they are speaking terrible things about me Very Happy. Spanish and French because I took them as classes at school so that I maybe understand what's going on south and north of the border, just in case I need to flee when the looking-out-for-everyone's-well-being, so-called, government starts drafting puppets to fight pointless wars.
I can speak well Finnish and English, a little of Spanish and Swedish and also a bit of Latin! Very Happy

After I started studying Spanish I forgot most of the Latin I knew... Mad
I was listen to English for 2 years after I was studied in university. Now, I can listen well in English but still cannot speak well in English. Maybe I am thinking only in Chinese, its so difficult to speak in English. I only can speak Chinese influently especially my native dielect language, Hakka.

I know in Chinese there have many others dielects are speaking widely here but I really cannot listen and speak in Hokkien (Fujian - pronounce in Mandarin). I really don't know what are them talking about(Hokkien is similar to the dielect language for Taiwanese people).

Of course, Mandarin is my main languange which used widely to communicate with my friends. I am South China people, so my Mandarin sure cannot speak as well as the North China people especially like people from Beijing. Sometimes, I have to speak Cantonese because some of them are Cantonese (I not sure why they speak Cantonese, maybe their ancestors are come from GuangZhou - Canton and sure my ancestors are come from China as well). Maybe they escape to Borneo during World War II when the Japanese invade to China or just came here to do business at that time.

I also can listen and speak Malays well during I study in Secondary school. However, now I only can listen well in Malays because long time I no speaking in Malays. You can guess I am a Chinese in Malaysia.
cvkien wrote:
generally, i can speak in english, spanish, mandarin, hakka, cantonese, and malay... so around 6 languages i can speak. how about you??

Same here, I also can speak in English, Mandarin, Hakka, Cantonese, Malay and Kadazan ( one of the Sabah's ethic language)

I'm learning Japanese now, huhu T.T it's been almost 3 years, but still can't speak fluently, how dumb
Suomee, Savvoo, Kovvoo, Lujjoo (Finnish and English)
I speak english, french, italian once i've learned german to but it was long time ago and don't remember much. I though like to begin learning again german cause it was a nice language.

Also I speak romanian as it's my native language
Shamefully, I speak 1 language only - English. I think we English have had a very arrogant attitude toward language over the centuries, leaving the catalyst of communication down to others learning English rather than taking the initiative and ensuring our children, their children (ad-infinitum) learn to speak fluently in other tongues.

Which reminds me of an old joke...

What do you call someone who can speak 3 languages?
What do you call someone who can speak 2 languages?
What do you call someone who can speak 1 language?
-American (This can easily be replaced with English)

my native tounge is Icelandic, then I speak English, German, Danish and a little French. I also understand some Norwegan and Swedish
I 'm from Greece but my mother is from italy.
Icluding english, i guess that makes me speak 3 languages.
I learned chinese by speaking with my family at home.
I learned hakka by speaking with my local neighbors.
I learned hokkian by speaking with my chinese friend at school.
I learned Indonesian and English from my teachers.
So i learned 5 languages at the same time in my childhood, LOL. It's amazing how easily we learned anything when we're young. In comparison, I took Japanese course last year, and now i've forgotten everything except some basic words. Very Happy
i can speak only english hebrow and littel harbik
I learned Swedish and Spanish as a baby simultaneously. I then learned English, and forgot some of my Swedish and Spanish, but I can still speak all three at a decent speed (although English is my better language). I'm learning French in school and can understand a good part of it.
I can speak

how do people know so many languages??
I speak english and Im learning spanish..
Ghost Rider103
I can only speak two languages.

English, which would be my main language, and just a little bit of Spanish, but im not that great at it, but I do still know a little.
I know
and a little bit Newari
Wow I only speak english and hebrew.
Only two fluently, English and Espñol. I am working on binary...and if we count made up languages then I speak 3 fluently, Gibberish Very Happy
I speak English --- and Drunkanese
I can speak swedish, german, english and a little spanish.
I can speak Chinese and English but not very well.
I can speak Romanian, English and French. Romanian cause im from Romania Razz . English and French I learned in school I can talk fluently in English and a little bit in French which was not my preferred language.
4. English, Hindi, Sindhi, and very little of Chinese.
I can speak

Sinhalese (sinhala)

Tamil and Malayalam a bit
I can only speak English Sad

I speak guten Englissh.

Its the only language I know more than ten words in.

When I was in Romania I asked a local boy to teach me a few words and now I can say good morning and good evening.

Lucky for me that English is taught in many countries as a second language. Phew!


I am fluent in English, Afrikaans and I speak and understand Flemmish, Dutch, French, Zulu and some Greek and German.

Another interesting set of Languages I "speak" are computer Languages, I am fluent in Visual Basic, Basic, GW-Basic, Pascal, Turbo Pascal, PL1, Rexx, Cobol, Assembler, JCL and a few others I cannot remember.
English/Tagalog (Filipino) and enough Spanish to get me in trouble.
I can speak several languages, none of them very well. Except English, of course.
I am multi-lingual. I speak a language used in many countries around the world. English. It gets me by.

But seriously, I would like to learn another language but I am getting too old at 39.
cvkien wrote:
generally, i can speak in english, spanish, mandarin, hakka, cantonese, and malay... so around 6 languages i can speak. how about you??

I can speak,
English, Slang, French, Japanese, Retard, Wolf, Dog, Pig, cat and sheep

Skills like these take time and lots of practice
I'm from a traditional Vietnamese family and my parents sent me to Sunday school so I'm quite fluent in my native language. Other than that, I'm obviously fluent in English. In addtion, I took Japanese for 4 years, so I can speak a little bit. So 3 languages~
perhaps 5, if count dialect in, haha....
Well, I like to think of myself fluent in English (though it's far from perfect!), and I'm studying Japanese and Italian at uni, so they should be fluent in around about 4 years from now... then there's my French from A Level, which I hope to bring up to a fluent level one day (but only after my Italian and Japanese are sorted!)

Then maybe some Mandarin after that?
I am a traditional filipina by birth. I do speak english, tagalog, bisaya thats our own dialect. I have been studying spanish. I love to listen when they are talking. It is nice to hear them talking spanish.
Hey i know 4 languages..!! And they are English [ofcourse the universal language],then three Indian languages and they are Tamil,Hindi and Malayalam,which is my mother tongue..!!

I was astonished to see that someone has casted the vote stating that he/she knows 9 and above languages...!! That is really great and sure he/she is a genius...!!

I am interested in learning new languages and currently i am trying my hand in learning Telugu,yet another Indian language..!!
Spanish and English Wink
I can speak and write fluently in french, english and creole. and a little of Hakka too.
I know 2. English and Spanglish.

I also know about half a dozen computer languages.

And sign language.
em0o wrote:
just english fluently and a bit of conversational chinese.


I'm getting no further than English, Dutch, German and a little French
I speak Hungarian and English. I'm learning german now (I don't really like it...). Maybe I pick Russian. It must be an interesting language. Smile

I think Russian will be good in the future. Only some people speaks Russian nowadays, so it will be "profitable". (I hope) Smile
Just 3 for now Cool
Yeah, first few messages in this thread spooked me but I was glad to see I Am a part of the huge majority with my 2 languages.

Might have been more interesting to break that category into 1 Language or 2 Languages.

I speak Hebrew, English, and Pyth- o wait, Python is simplified English.. N/m =P
I can speak 2 languages properly, urdu and english. I can speak more but they're a bit loose.
I can speak English, Malay, Javanese and a lil bit German, just a lil bit. Wink I want to learn to speak Japanese because I like to read manga and watch anime. Who's with me?
Jaggo wrote:
I speak Hebrew, English, and Pyth- o wait, Python is simplified English.. N/m =P

import linguistic_abilities Cool

No? It didn't work.. crap. >___>

I speak only English (well, basically anyway). Sad Well, at least it's the international business language. Oh! And I have a girlfriend who speaks Dutch. That wouldn't count for anything, right? Very Happy

Americans tend to be uni-lingual, while other nations seem to just value language more. Oh well. Kind of depressing, actually. X.x
I can speak Portuguese, English, Spanish, Esperanto, and I'm studying French and Finnish.
I can speak French and English and kind of mandarin too.
i only can speak Vietnamese anh english Sad
I can say no language, for I am a mute...

lol...just joking..

I know Chinese and English...

I would like to teach somebody who wants to know Chinese. Smile
DinoBob wrote:
Jaggo wrote:
I speak Hebrew, English, and Pyth- o wait, Python is simplified English.. N/m =P

import linguistic_abilities Cool

No? It didn't work.. crap. >___>

I can speak 5 languages : English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Japanese. I can also use sign language, and does knowing how to read braille count?
Interesting question. Is braille a language? I don't know but I would suspect it is a metalanguage, or a medium, rather than a language. The question is easily Braille language specific or do you get English braille, Chinese braille, Spanish braille etc etc...?
i can speak english and german!
Mrs Lycos
I speak spanish,english and a bit of japanese.
I can speak 4 languages .
Fluently, only English. But I've taken classes in French and Japanese.
Only one (English) and a small amount of Spanish.
can speak Arabic ( mother toung), Hindi and Urdu (frankly speaking i don't think ther is much difference except for a certian amount of words), Malayali (as majority of the people here are from the state of India called Karala), a little bit of Tamil (as i was in the state of Tamil Nadu(India again) for 8 months), and ENGLISH as i studied in an English medium school.
- English (i use it to talk with you, all of my cyber dudes)
- Bahasa Indonesia (National Language)
- Suroboyoan (Regional Language)
- A bit of mandarin (very little)
- Russian (just read the Cyrillci font)
Mr. Green
I can speak German, English, Latin and I'm now learning French.
I only can speak Chinese and a little English
English, American, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand (or perhaps those are all the same !!)

I know a little French, German, Czech, Polish, Russian, Finnish, Swedish - but not enough to be fluent. When I visit a new country, I try to learn the words for please, thank you, hello, goodbye, beer, coffee and ice cream - as well as the numbers 1-10 if possible.

Most people seem to appreciate that an effort has been made.... and then we communicate in English!!
Bahasa Indonesia as mother tongue, English , Chinese, Korean a little, Japanese a little
I can speak Polish (my national language), English and a bit of German and Rusian.
I can only speak english
OMG! What an amusing blog!
Okay i can speak 3/4 languages: Haitian Creole (my 1st language), French (2nd), English (i learned from Barney!!!...nd a few ESL classes in 1st grade), and Spanish (but dnt tell anyone).
Im nt a linguist either, ive just been around. Many people dont consider Haitian Creole as a language, they call it a dialect. But it has its own set of grammar rules and conjugation, and is very differnent from French despite their similarities.
I can speak 4 languages. I'm fluent or advanced in 3 of them but only basic on the other one.

The three languages I speak are English (second language), Filipino/Tagalog (first language), and Kapampangan (regional language spoken in our province).

I can read some Japanese words/phrases/sentences and speak some basics but I still need a lot of studying. Very Happy
I can speak English and basic mandarin
I'm not sure why but I've struggled with learning another language. I was supposed to learn French but I only managed to learn enough to get by and once I was out of that class with a pass I never touched it. I guess it wasn't a good time for me since later on in high school I found I was picking things up quicker. I always wanted to learn Spanish or something else... something more unique that isn't usually taught in simple high school and college programs.
Wow, I'm surprised by the number of Multilinguals on Frihost! Smile
Anyway, I can speak many languages (but I'm not going to count most of them since really, all I know is a few phrases and sentences at most; no grammar and no vocabulary!) I'm a native bilingual so I speak:
- English and Hindi since "birth"
And otherwise, I've learned enough grammar and vocabulary to have at least a 5-minute meaningful conversation in:
- French and Spanish
i can speak english, a little or the basic spanish, filipino and my own dialect visayan language.
I can speak a few languages to varying degrees. I speak isiNdebele, a language of the Matabele from Zimbabwe and Southern Africa. Since isiNdebele (or Northern Ndebele is so similar to isiZulu and isiXhosa, I can understand these two languages well too. I speak some chiShona, the other language from Zimbabwe and Southern Africa, because I have some Shona friends. I also understand some kiSwahili from my time in Kenya. I recently did a conversational course in Mandarin and have found it very interesting- it is easy to construct sentences once you learn the right way to pronounce the different sounds. I can understand/ speak some Afrikaans (similar to Dutch) because I have studied in South Africa. I can understand some Hindi and Arabic because of friends who speak them, as well as some German from friends too. I also speak French as my second language to English. If you were to ask me how many languages I speak properly, I could only say one (English), but I can speak 2 others ok- Ndebele and French, and about nine others I can use the basics of. Once you learn a few languages, it seems to be easier to learn more. I'd like to improve on the ones I know and maybe learn some more such as Spanish, Italian and Russian. Wow, this is long. Enjoy your own language adventures guys
I looove learning languages, or well just languages themselves, and all the little bits of culture that go along with them. It's just really interesting to me...

Well, I definitely started out leaning English and Cantonese because of my family as a toddler. That branched out to Mandarin (since it is the dominant Chinese dialect) in elementary, and well as Spanish when I was ambitious and wanted to know EVERYTHING and be the best (I wanted a head start before everyone else started in middle school). Then came Japanese in high school after I got really into Jpanese culture (still am really into that).

Well guess that's where it ends. Sorta interested in Korean as well... maaan too many languages.
I can speak English, German and Dutch.
I know Turkish and some English.I'm learn German
cvkien wrote:
generally, i can speak in english, spanish, mandarin, hakka, cantonese, and malay... so around 6 languages i can speak. how about you??

English, Arabic, Cebuano, Tagalog, Ilonggo --- Oh, thats all i got. 5 languages.

But, I wanted to learn more although i know some language but only a little such as, i know a little Chinese, Little Korean, Little Spanish and little Taiwanese.
I can fluently speak English and Filipino. I can also understand and speak a little Japanese. Smile
I speak Portuguese natively ... understand English and Spanish but averagely .. question of reading is more advanced ... writing and reading is more complicated ... at least are international languages​​, considered anywhere in the world.
My Bad I can only speak 2 Languages :/
I speak English Spanish Italian and French.
I can speak English fluently and I'm fairly competent in Mandarin. Now, technically, I can speak some Spanish, but I wouldn't count that in the language I can speak section, since I really can't carry a conversation.

And a tiny bit of Taiwanese, but that's more a dialect, although I imagine some very nationalistic Taiwanese would have a different opinion.
cvkien wrote:
generally, i can speak in english, spanish, mandarin, hakka, cantonese, and malay... so around 6 languages i can speak. how about you??

Can you speak in english?
I think the title of this thread should be "How Many Language Can You Speak?".
It is better than "How Many Language You Can Speak?", seriously.
Do you agree with me?
Crazy how many languages people speak on here... maybe because there's such an international presence and how the site is defaulted to English. I also speak about two languages
I only speak English, though if I did learn another language, I am unsure which I would want to learn. I use to think French in case maybe I went to Canada(which kinda seems funny, you would think a person wanting to learn French would go to France, but of course there are people in Canada that speaks French). Around here, it seems it would become useful to learn Spanish.
I can only speak french and a bit of english but to be honest, im really not the best lol.
I can speak English and Swedish. I can also say a few things on Spanish but I'm not fluent.

I guess I can speak a little Norwegian too but I don't think it counts. Swedish and Norwegian is very similar, almost like dialects of the same language.
only one, native croatian, everything else is so poor :-/
I speak Turkish and Russian.
i can speak English but understand little french.
I can speak English, Nepali, Hindi, and a little bit of Spanish. Hola!
I am Vietnamese and besides our language I can speak Chinese, Japanese and English. The later 3 I could speak and understand but never "feel" the language. If someone came up with a new word I wouldn't have any idea about what it could possibly mean, or if it'd be funny or not.
I'm quite curious about how European people usually could speak two or three languages with ease.
In my country speaking two languages fluently is kind of supernatural.
Well, I happen to be finishing Language and Literature for English this year, so that's one. I also speak my native language Dutch and have studied Latin and Ancient Greek. However, I'm not really sure if those two count because I can't speak them. I'd go for four in the long run.
Less than I used to be able to.

But that's largely because I just wasn't even remotely fluent in my knowledge of other languages, so it becomes hard to find motivation to maintain it. Also, the lack of travel doesn't help.
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