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Networking Issues

Before I Begin I would like to show you a picture:

Yesterday, I decided to format the "lounge" computer. This was once running Windows Me, then got upgraded to XP (with only 256mb of Ram). This time I decided to step back and use Windows 2000. I was (and still am) using it on my laptop.

So the format went ahead ok and I got up to setting up the network. Now as I had said before it was running windows XP and my laptop was running windows 2000. In the past, I was able to network my laptop with the other two computers ok (through the MSHOME workgroup) but when I got to the network on the new computer running Windows 2000 - It wouldn't show the other computer (The one with Windows XP).

I went to school, thinking that afterwards I would try and connect my laptop to it and get it to work. After a bit of fiddling, I managed to get the two computers running windows 200 to operate fine. I went to the Windows XP one - and I cant connect to MSHOME what-so-ever. It gives me a "permission denied" errror.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem for me please. If they can, I will pay them (In FRIH$) and please dont anyone suggest that I upgrade back to windows XP as I dont want to do so
1. Check IP settings for your network card.
Both PC's must be on the same network for example PC_1: IP, PC_2: IP and netmask for both pc's

2 Are you able to ping PC_1 from PC_2 and PC_2 from PC_1 .?
You may ping using comand 'ping' typed in command promt.
Check cables and IP adresses again if ping isnt working.

3. Can you access another pc by entering ipaddres in explorers addres bar: "\\\"? You must see shared folders list and browse them.
IF you can browse them then problem may be with differnt workgroups or with Browse Master... Both PC;s trying to be browse master. Try to turn off both pc's and turn on after
I think the router will be and then other computers should foll that range i.e. for PC1 and for PC2 and so on.
Make sure you also use the same workgroup name. I'm not sure if being case sensitivity is a problem at all. Also make sure you have file sharing enabled.
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