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I dont see any threads about baseball here.. I guess no one likes it.. well season just ended today and my team sucked for the 3rd straight season (giants).. got swept by dodgers to end it which sucked the most.. at least we moved from like a 16th to a 10th draft pick next year with the last few losses. Fortunately the twins made it and even beat out the tigers for the divsion so im rooting for them all the way!
I reside in St. Louis, MO and as a result am a big Cardinals fan. Yes they've sucked this 2nd half of the season. Yes I'm a tad bit disappointed. A lof of people argue that they don't deserve to be in the post-season but the way I see it.. well numbers don't lie.

Houston and Cincinnati have had every chance to take advantage of our losing streaks, and have failed to do so. Seemed like when we would start losing.. so would they. As a result, I can simply say that although we haven't been up to par, we've been better than the rest of the NL Central division!

AND hopefully we won't be so cocky in the post season, as we've tended to be in the past (yes losing all 4 games to Boston in the World series... that was sheer cockiness.. not that Boston didn't deserve those wins, but it seemed like we underestimated them so badly we didn't even try). My prediction is that since we've had a 'reality check' this season, we're just going to do that much better in the post season.
I'm a big Mariner fan. Our season was very frustrating. If you rank all the AL West teams by their records outside the AL West division, the Mariners were tied with the A's for first place. But, alas, we played so horribly against our own division that a losing streak in August knocked us completely out of contention and into the cellar.

Being reasonable about it, though, our season was actually a big step in the right direction, this being our second year of rebuilding following our complete collapse in 2004. I feel that our farm system is underrated by a lot of people because most of our minor league clubs play in pitcher's ball parks, hurting the stats of our hitters. Quite a few young players came up this year and established themselves. Yuniesky Betancourt, Jose Lopez, and Felix Hernandez, especially. Kenji Johjima also had a great first MLB season after starring in Japan for years. Those four solidify C, SS, 2B, and one starting pitcher slot, building us up the middle, which is huge for us. And there are still quality players 1-2 years away from the bigs in our farm system. Chris Snelling, Jeff Clement, Adam Jones, Bryan LaHair, Brandon Morrow, and Ryan Feierabend could all possibly contribute next year, and if any three of them broke through and played solidly at the MLB level it would be huge.

Our bullpen was great this year too. J.J. Putz added a splitter to his 97-100mph fastball and became practically unhittable as our closer. Soriano, Sherrill, Woods, and Lowe all pitched great as well, and even Huber and Fruto were solid in their limited time.

Ichiro kept being Ichiro, hitting .322 to go along with his amazing 45 steals and 2 caught stealing. The guy's a first ballot hall of famer as far as I'm concerned, though I think Jose Reyes was a more valuable leadoff hitter this year. Raul Ibanez had a career year, with 71 extra base hits and 123 RBI (3rd in the AL). Beltre and Sexson, however, our big free agent signgings from 2005, were totally baffling. Both of them looked totally lost at the plate in the first half, and we were getting our wins in spite of them, not because of them. However, both of them went nuts in the second half. Look at these crazy splits:

(Batting average, On-base percentage, Slugging percentage, HR, Walks, Strikeouts)

Beltre 1st half: .254 / .318 / .392, 7 HR, 26 Walks, 66 Strikeouts.
Beltre 2nd half: .285 / .340 / .552, 18 HR, 21 Walks, 52 Strikeouts.

Sexson 1st half: .218 / .288 / .418, 16 HR, 31 Walks, 92 Strikeouts.
Sexson 2nd half: .322 / .399 / .613, 18 HR, 33 Walks, 62 Strikeouts.

They both worked extensively with our new hitting coach, Richie Sexson even stating in the press that he was completely re-inventing his swing, so I'd really like to think that he genuinely improved their games, and they'll be able to carry their hot hitting into 2007. Who knows if they really will. Like I said, they're baffling, and they're a huge part of our club.

Basically, the huge glaring problem with our team is the starting rotation. Only two spots are set as I type, those of Felix Hernandez and Jarrod Washburn, and neither had an ERA under 4 this year. We need to sign starting pitching, or we're going nowhere next year. Rumor has it that Jason Schmidt wants to sign with us so that he can live in the northwest, where he grew up. We've also been connected a lot with Daisuke Matsuzaka, the best starting pitcher in Japan, who's expected to come to the major leagues next year. Either pitcher would help us a ton, and if we signed both, I think we would win the AL West.

Yeah, there are people here who like baseball. I get a little carried away sometimes Very Happy It's like Dave Niehaus said to sign off the final broadcast of the 2006 season, "Wait 'til next year" ...
I like baseball. The redsox are the best! come on!
Im a huge cubs fan. Hopefully the new manager will get us out of our slump. Of course it would help if we spent our money on healthy players.
Detroit looks tough but If the Mets can get by St Louis they just might have the bats to beat the Tigers. I love October!
I'm an Indians fan! My thoughts on the postseason:
If St. Louis beats the Mets today in game 7 in the NLCS, Detroit will beat St. Louis in the World Series in 5 games. If the Mets win the NLCS, then the Mets will beat Detroit in 7 games. Cool
i cant wait for the offseason this year. their are so many free agents. i hope the red sox pick up zito. he will be a great pitcher in boston. we also need a new ss because gonzalez isnt that great
I think baseball is a really cool sport, but it can be very slow moving! I rather a more fast paced sport like NHL or NBA. I also think footbal is too slow. It stopst every 10 seconds. till though i think there is something cool about the sport.
oh yes!
This is a best game.
Hello good day

Baseball is a nice game.
It is very famous in the
United States of America,

It is the game of almost all
the americans.

The team that i like in
baseball is the Seattle Mariners.

I like Ichiro Suzuki,
He's a skillful athlete,
I really admire the way he hit
the ball

Thank you

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