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My Comic's Website


Go there. Or something.
Nice comics but you should make the layout of the site a little more fancier too.
oh, man, i think my sides are gonna split. i laughed sooooo hard on those comics. you and RetardedMagic should get together. wit his stories, and your comics, you would draw a huge number of fans. Laughing
Fun comics! Laughing And the site isn't too complicated either! It was easy to find the way to go.

I have read much less good comics in my life! you have talent Exclamation
haha, very funny. Worth the read.
Good comics but I think the layout is too dark. You can make it a little brighter and something more than just text links Wink .
I like the dark layout. It's simple and not distracting. Though I might try to add more visuals someday.
I figure five months is long enough to wait for me to bump this topic and advertise again.

In the time that has passed, I've added a background to the site to break up the solid blackness. I've organized things a bit, especially in the art section, and I've added a characters page and forum link. I'm at the 40-comic mark right now, and the one-year anniversary is two days from now, though I don't have anything planned.
good site. love te comics.
it amazes me how few people advertise their frih site, most of them are actual sites. Nonetheless i've never been very fond of web comics, and this one doesnt seem to strike my fancy ither. Nonetheless the site feels very clean with the exception of the 3 images below the forum option. Ascide from that its a pretty well designed site.
DandDer wrote:
Nonetheless the site feels very clean with the exception of the 3 images below the forum option. Ascide from that its a pretty well designed site.

Yeah, everybody complains about those two little ads. Razz I mostly use them to gauge how many are visiting the site, along with a separate thing called StatCounter, which shows a lot of useful information.

But don't worry, I was nice and only put the ads up on two of the pages, the main page and the comic archive page.
You should use Google Analytics to track your stats. Then you don't have those little graphics.
Nice site with funny comics. How ever the background is a bit big, but it would load just once, that's why not so big problem. You could have own light weight forum too.
Once again, a six-month repost.

Yeah, the background is really big, but that's just so it doesn't loop fifty times on the longer pages, because that kind of annoys me. It's also wide, because it doesn't loop on the sides, so I wanted to make sure it was larger than the average monitor.
Very nice comics. They're funny and cute. Smile
Great comics Smile Layout can stay as simple and as dark, but I'd do a little more work to it. make the header flow with the nav and body, maybe make some simple buttons for the navigation as well.
I went there or something .... I liked it or something Very Happy The website was good, I didn't run into any problems that needed to be fixed. I like your artistic style, I have always had trouble drawing cartoon characters like this, so I give you props. You have already built a large catalogue of finished pices, I am surprised it has only been a year. Keep up the good work, and I wish you luck with your future projects. Very Happy
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