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Document Typesetting - LaTex

How many Frihost users out there use Latex for typesetting documents in preference to MS Word and other bloatware out there in the market?

It has a bit of a learning curve, but the end results are very good, much better than using other commercial word processors. And best of all, it is freeware.

Frihosters can pen in their experience using LaTex for document typesetting in this thread.
i had a small tutorial a few years ago. latex sounds very good but it is a bit to complicated to set up the right page layout.
the advantage of word: you can start writing without any knowlegde and the menus make everything very easy.

i know the formulae can created much better in latex. if there would be software with more assistents i would use it. but if i need more than the twice of time to create a small document it is not effective.

and if you like freeware you can use open office.

I don't know if this is the right place for this query, but can anyone tell me about:

1. How to Install LaTeX on my (Windows) PC & get it up and running.
2. A decent tutorial on how to get up to speed using LaTeX

Studio Madcrow
Installation is easy: just install this:

As for tutorials, there's a bunch of them online. The wikipedia article on LaTeX links to some good ones, for starters.
I like to use LaTeX but almost everybody else would not know what LaTeX is or how to use it so I cannot use it for collaborative writings (sadly, those collaborative writings are usually the ones in need of proper layout).

Try - it is a front end to LaTeX so you can author LaTeX documents very easily with interface similar to other word processors. At least it reduces the learning curve somewhat.
Infinisa: you shall have a look to this thread, too:

My experience with latex was beatiful. When I'm gonna write something important or professional (letter, documents) I always choose \latex. If I am in a hurry or not with my PC/laptop I will use MS word.
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