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Buffy The Vampire Slayer Trivia!

Hi! I saw a topic for buffy trivia, but it was in spanish, so i figured i'd make one in english. I just hope no one allready has. Anyways...I guess I should make rules of some sort. Although I dont want to play for for fun. Okay well here are some reasonable rules.
    1. No using search engines to find the answer. You should answer it truly or let someone else answer if you don't know the answer without cheating.
    2. No watching the dvd's you own just to find the answer. Let it be a challenge to remember these things!
    3. Anyone is aloud to ask trivia questions, but try not to re-post the same ones. Also try not to re-post an answer that has allready been given. If it has been given then start a new question.

Im pretty sure thats all i can think off. If you dont like them then tell me and we can try to make them more likable. Okay time for the very first question! Have Fun!

TRIVIA QUESTION: What was Jenny Calendars gypsy name?
Hi there and thanks for starting such a great thread!! I used to love Buffy, but I didn't get into it until Season 4! Its been ages since I watched them but I still can remmeber the huge moments that occured in season 6 and 7. In my opinion 6 and 7 were awesome. I love how Buffy was taken into a deeper and darker world. Anyways, sadly I don't know the answer to the question but I just wanted to say hi! Bye
Great thread and great question. i am stumped.
Hi! I totally agree about the 6th and 7th seasons. They are awsome. But I'm sort of a Buffy/Angel fan myself. So I loved the first three seasons. I wasnt too into the whole Buffy/Spike fiasco. But Willow/Tara are soooo cute! I loved it when Willow got all witchy and evil.
I guess no one is going to answer the gave a hard one for the first try. How bout I give a new one?

I think this one will be easy.
In the episode "The Gift", what did Buffy finally find out was her gift?
(*Two answers will work. One would be the answer she got from the first slayer, and another would be one she found on her own*)
Heh, been a long time since I watched Buffy, even though I have all the DVDs (except season 7, which I never got to buying - waiting for the price to drop here Wink), and generally love Whedon's stuff.

Miss Calendar... Something along the lines of Janna of the Calderash tribe - can't spell it without looking up Wink

As for the other, "Death is your gift", what she finds out herself is a matter of interpretation. I'd say, love/giving life - through her death - is her gift. Says a lot about the two slayers that the First focused on the death part Wink

OK, another one, one of my favorites... Which episode completely lacks one of the "core" Scoobies (Buffy, Xander, Willow)?
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