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Code Your Website

I've learned web design since my first year in Information Technology. Before, i used Frontpage which pretty cool for me then, i can easily insert tables, images, frames, etc. One time, I tried to upload my site to show to my classmates then that i already have a website at geocities. the problem then was that, some images did not appear. I'm wondering, why? I found out from my friend now Instructor that i need to modify some of the codes especially the path of the files (e.g. images) that i placed on my website. That was it, im using notepad now. No, not really, i still used drag 'n drop programs (Macromedia Dreamweaver) but i worked on the codes. I can't imagine the reactions and remarks of my classmates and other people looking at me as insert those tags in there at the code editor. So, code it, otherwise pay somebody to do it!
I've missed your point... What do you want to say? That the best program for site scripts is a notepad? Laughing
Dreamweaver and other stuff like this program is for noobs, when this nood will grow up a little - he'll start working in notepad but will use dreamwaver untill learn perfectly table and CSS tags.
After that noob, from now he's already user Twisted Evil works only in notepad, because he is too lazy for one more prog - user don't need it at all.
Since our user is advansed user - he starts to work in lil more serious editors than dreamweaver - like dzsoft php and else. I'm always recommend thease editors for users, who create large and difficult scripts - using editors give you neat text and mistakes checker. Also script may be checked for syntax errors...
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