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Rockman ZX Walkthrough

I know a lot of you need a walkthrough for Rockman ZX , I have posted this on many places and here too , there you go :

Area A-1

Relatively straightforward - head to the right and destroy the enemies. If you prefer to just sneak past, change back into Humanoid form - as the others explain later, Serpan's mechs in the Inner Areas will not attack human beings, so these will just flutter about or walk about aimlessly. They can still harm you if you touch them, however, and since you can't dash in Humanoid form, it may just be easier to blast your way through the enemies. It's probably better to just fight your way through, if only to make sure you're used to the control scheme and to warm-up on your reaction timings. You'll probably notice a series of upward ledges near the end of this area, but you can ignore those for now - they just lead up to a door you can't open just yet. Head through the shutters to A-2.

Area A-2

Pretty much more of the same, with a couple slightly stronger enemies here, like the Cutting Gyros (little guntanks with propellors) and the Beyond 44s (spinning wheels). Just blast or dodge your way past to fight the boss, the big snake Mechaniloid that attacked earlier.

Boss Fight: Giga Aspis (ギガアスピス)
HP: 2 Bars
Element: None
Weak Point: N/A (Head is only part of the body susceptible to attacks)
Acid Ring - Giga Aspis spits a small ring of four green balls at you. This attack is signalled by the lights along his body lighting up sequentially. Aspis spits at the location you were standing when he opens his mouth, so stay on one side until he fires, then dash to the other.
Rock Fling - Giga Aspis turns around and slithers off-screen. A second later, his tail will reappear and smash the ground, causing three boulders, randomly small or larger, to fly out at you. The boulders can be destroyed.
Lunge - Giga Aspis will rear back a bit and lunge forward, covering most of the ground except the area right in front of where he was "standing" before he lunged. Standing here and ducking is the only way to dodge this attack.
Strategy: Generic opening stage boss - if you've played almost any other Rockman game from the SF/SNES generation on, you know what you're up against here. His body is armored, and thus immune to all forms of attack, but the head is not so well-protected. Fire charge shots and dodge his well-telegraphed attacks.

After defeating Giga Aspis, head right and enter the door, and you'll find your first Save Point. A short story scene will follow, and Fluub will ask if you want to save your game. Regardless of your choice, more talking will follow, and you will now be able to access the TransServer. As of right now, this is your only TransServer, and thus you can't teleport to another one. You can, however, save your game and accept Missions, and it will of course refill your Life Energy and restore your extra lives should you have lost any. The following two Missions are available at this time:

1) ジルウェのそうさく
2) ガーディアンのテスト

It's easiest to do the two missions in order, so let's start with the first mission. Accept the Mission and head to the right.

Area A-2

You're in the second section of A-2 now, and you should notice that it's relatively small. You should also notice the large giraffe-like enemies. Near as I can tell these are immortal (even if you destroy the heads, they regenerate), so just ignore them. Head to the left to find the ledge low enough for you to jump up and reach, go up and follow the ascending slope. Eventually you should find a cave door, which you should enter. The cave leads to Area B-1.

Mission 01: ジルウェのそうさく
Objective: Pick up the four Computer Chips, and find Jirue.

Area B-1

Upon entering this area, a short dialogue will ensue, but it's nothing significant. Another straightforward area, just keep heading right, destroying enemies as they appear. Along the way you'll see strange items - these are Computer Chips, and there are four of them along the path in this area. They're story items, so just collect them, as you'll give them to Prairie later. They're all right on the path forward, so you would almost have to actively try to not see them. Just pick them up as you go. Ignore the ledges upward and the doors, as they either cannot be opened, lead to doors that cannot be opened, or are dead-ends. The first door on the path, however, does have a full life-refill tank in it, so if you desperately need health, stop there for it. Otherwise, proceed to the shutters, and Area B-2. You should have two of the four Computer Chips before proceeding.

Area B-2

And now we have ladders. Just keep going, picking up the computer chip near the second Beyond 44. Eventually you'll see a ladder going down at the lowest point between two slopes. At the bottom is a door that leads to another TransServer room - stop here if you need a health/life refill, or want to save your progress. Whether or not you stop here now though, remember this location, since you'll be going through it relatively soon. At any rate, keep heading right, picking up the last Computer Chip and going down one last, enemy-free downward slope. You should find yourself on a flat plane, until you are interrupted by the passing of an airship. This airship is the boss of the Mission.

Boss Fight: War Raia (ウォーライア)
HP: 2 Bars
Element: None
Weak Point: N/A
Crate Drop - War Raia will drop three crates in a stack. Two of the crates will shoot small energy balls at you.
Strategy: You can't directly attack War Raia, as your Buster can't shoot upward. However, this boss's own attack strategy provides his downfall - when he drops the crates, one of them will not attack you. Shoot this one until it explodes, and it will cause the pile of crates to explode and shoot up into the air. The pile of crates being launched into the air, should they connect with the War Raia, deal a significant amount of damage to it. The easiest way to take advantage of this is to fully charge the X-Buster, then waste the first shot. The second, stronger shot can destroy the weak crate in one shot if it connects. Wait for War Raia to drop the crates, then as soon as the third crate is dropped, fire your second shot at the weak crate. It should destroy the pile before it can even fire a shot, and should connect with War Raia, as it doesn't have the time to move out of the way. After 4 hits, your portion of the fight is over.

The War Raia doesn't seem to be ready to go down just yet, but a red flash leaps by, and with a fierce slash cuts down the War Raia. The red character reveals himself to be the one chosen by Model Zet, and is none other than your senpai, Jirue! Dialogue ensues, and your Mission is now complete. The closest TransServer is the one on the bottom of the ladder you passed, so head back that way. Use the top option on the TransServer to report your Mission as complete - you'll get your EC reward of 250 Crystals. Accept the one remaining Mission, and head right into Area C-1.

Mission 02: ガーディアンのテスト
Objective: Locate the four Guardian members hiding in the city, and get the Proof of passing the test.

Area C-1

Head right and down the ladder. Talk to the Guardian member here, who will brief you on your mission. Head to the right, and enter the first door-style entrance you see. The first Guardian member will be right in front of you, so talk to her. She'll teleport out, so leave the room and head right, entering the next door you see. You should see a small passage that will require you to crawl through - switch back to Humanoid form if you weren't already in it, and crawl through. Chat up the kid, who will then teleport out. Jump up on the ledge and crawl through and head back out. You've got a bit of a walk from here to the next Guardian member, so just head right. Head past the van stalled on top of a ladder, and past the building it's situated in front of. The next door-style entrance you can enter should lead to a wide open room with two Metools and a cowardly Guardian member. However, if you enter in a combat form, he'll run away scared from the now active Mets. Enter the room in Humanoid form and jump over the Mets, and talk to him to get him to teleport out safely. Leave and head to the right, crawling under the overpass, and head through the shutters to Area C-2.

Area C-2

Another straightforward run, just head straight right, crawling under trucks as necessary. Alternatively, you could go through in battle form, triggering the Mechaniloids in the background to attack, but it doesn't make that big a difference. Eventually you should reach a building with holes in the walls requiring you to crawl after passing the second truck. Crawl through, as in one of the areas between the walls is the fourth Guardian member. Keep heading right to find the Guardian member who briefed you initially, who will give you the Plush Toy, the proof of passing the test. Behind him, in the room marked "DATA", you will find a red save point - at these save points, you can accept/quit/report Missions, as well as save your game, but cannot teleport you. You can use this one to report your Mission and save your game, but whether or not you do, you'll need to return to the TransServer between B-2 and C-1 to continue the game. Head back that way and access the TransServer, and choose to warp to a different TransServer. A new destination should have opened up - Area X-1, the Guardian Base. Warp there.

Area X-1

A short dialogue scene will occur here, where you hand over the Computer Chips and Plush Toy to Prairie, proving your accomplishment of the two Missions. After the scene, head out the door and head left to the Bridge. Another long cut scene will occur, wherein Prairie formally introduces herself. After the scene, head right into the hallway, entering the first door (the one between the Bridge and the TransServer room). Another short dialogue scene will occur where you hand over Model X to Fluub the mechanic, who analyzes and returns it. However, alarms go off, and you return to the bridge. Basically, Irregulars have made it into the city somehow and are causing havoc in Area D. Your character, having his/her grudge against the Irregulars, storms off to Area D to fight them and to protect the innocents.

Area D-1

Upon your arrival in Area D, there will be another short dialogue. Afterward, press forward, and shoot the control panel at the end of the road - a bridge will lower. Keep going right until you find the wounded Guardian member, then head through the shutter to D-2.

Area D-2

More of the same broken road and new enemies. Keep progressing. Eventually, you'll run into a scene familiar to X series fans - you'll be attacked by a floating bee-like helicopter, the King Flyer, which you must fire on to force to move forward, until it ends up in the middle of the bridge, at which point it will explode and bring the bridge down with its remains. Of course, going past it leads to the second one, which floats a little bit higher up, but is otherwise identical. The only other thing along the path that might throw you off is another X1 homage - some of the ledges, which are easily identified by the myriad cracks, will fall should you stand on them. Just keep moving and eventually you'll hit another story scene with a group of mysterious strangers surrounding Jirue. They'll teleport away, and you'll be forced to fight Jirue in Model Zet form.

Boss Fight: Jirue - Model Zet (ジルウェ - モデルZ)
HP: (2 bars)
Element: None
Weak Point: N/A
Piercing Strike - Jirue will dash forward, stabbing with the Zet-Saber.
Wide Slash - Jirue's eye will flash, and he will leap forward and strike with a rather wide Zet-Saber strike.
Charge Slash - Jirue will slash at the ground with a charged Zet-Saber slash, causing two boulders to crash out of the ground. He seems to only use this attack when his HP dips below half.
Rising Wave - Jirue will draw the Zet-Saber and drive it into the ground and stand still, causing thin waves of energy to rise out from the ground for a second. After the first waves go off, two new waves will appear slightly farther away from him, repeating two more times. The waves are telegraphed by a split-second flash of light where they will strike.
Zet Strike - Jirue will jump up in the air and perform three dashing strikes to make the shape of a letter Z. He can start this attack from either side, and if he starts from the right, it will be a backwards Z.
Strategy: Jirue is a relatively easy fight, as he is not only telegraphs most of his attacks, he has relatively long rest periods. Furthermore, most of his attacks are only effective at melee range, and while the battlefield IS small, it's easy to keep a safe distance and to blast away at him with charged shots. Keep your distance, and the fight is yours.

After your victory, Jirue will get struck down by a purple bolt of lightning, and the mysterious trio shows their presence. A long dialogue scene ensues, with the end result being that Van/Eeru borrows the power of Model Zet and combines the power of the two Live Metals, thus giving birth to Rockman Model Zeks (ZX). Head a bit to the right for more dialogue, and your character pledging to help Guardian in their fight against Serpan Company.

Chapter 2: Recover The Live Metals!

You'll find yourself on the bridge of Guardian Base again, being briefed by Prairie. Basically, this is where you figure out what your main objective is - to destroy the Live Metal Model V, a mysterious Live Metal that not only is controlling the Irregulars, but is being desperately sought after by Serpan. While it's exact location is unknown, it was sealed away behind a door by the six Live Metals and their passcodes. Unfortunately, Serpan's group recovered the passcode data from Models X and Zet after the previous fight, and they already have the other four Live Metals. To break the seal, the other four passcodes will be needed - in other words, the other Live Metals must be recovered. Serpan has split each of the Live Metals in his possession in two, creating two powerful Repliroids, called Forceroids, from each. The Missions from here on out will be to head to Outer Areas to hunt down and terminate the Forceroids, and recover the Live Metals in the process.

Although there are eight Forceroids, you can only access four of the Missions at a time, as you must acquire the first half of a Live Metal before you can challenge the Forceroid with the second half - in other words, you'll need to defeat HighBolt the Raptoroid before you can challenge Hurricane the Wolveroid's Mission. Beyond this restriction, you may take on the Missions in any order. However, be advised that after your fourth Mission is complete, regardless of which Mission it is, you will be temporarily unable to take on new Missions, due to an emergency situation type stage (see Chapter 3 for details), so if there's a Live Metal you definitely must have or one you need at full power before then, make sure to challenge those Missions immediately, giving yourself time to accumulate the Crystals necessary to repair the Live Metals if necessary. Also be advised that Fluub won't do Live Metal repair while you're mid-Mission, so be sure that whatever Live Metal you get from your fourth Mission won't be in immediate need of repair.

Alright, I will list the Missions here in the order you'll see them initially on the Take a Mission screen, and cover each in turn. You most certainly do not have to do the Missions in this order, so make sure to skip around this guide to reach the section you need.

発電所の調査 (はつでんしょのちょうさ - Power Plant Investigation)
ソウナンシャのたんさく (Search for Survivors)
イレギュラーのげきたい (Repel the Irregulars!)
ライブメタルのついせき (Pursue the Live Metal!)

Mission: 発電所の調査
Objective: Investigate the Power Plant's secret.
Reward: 200 EC
Target Area: Area E
How to Reach: Area E connects from Area C-2, the second half of the town. Simply head all the way to the right, past the fountain, and enter the door to E-1.

Area E-1

Prairie will brief you, and you can proceed with the mission. Another simple area, just keep going forward, destroying the enemies as you go. Proceed through the shutter to Area E-2.

Area E-2

The first thing you'll notice upon entering this area is that there are paths along the ground along which electric sparks travel. As you've probably guessed, these hurt quite a bit. Do your best to not step in those areas, or only go through right after the spark passes. The other main obstacles in this area are spinning wheels of four electrified rods that will be rotating. Obviously, these also hurt, and you should time your run through to go in between rods, as if you were trying to go through a set of automatically rotating doors. The first two are fairly self-explanatory, but the third is rotating in the opposite direction you need to proceed. However, this is also pretty simple, as all you need to do is hit the nearby switch to reverse the direction. The fourth and final wheel is already rotating in the direction you need it to go thanks to your prior switch-hitting, but there is another switch you can use here too. Sneak past to reach Area E-4.

Area E-4

Another straightforward run, until you hit the wheels. Basically, the turning wheels lower you until you fall to the ground below. This is not deadly, as there IS ground below. However, if you want to make the rest of the level a LOT easier, you should jump across the wheels to reach the area on the opposite side. If you don't care and/or want to challenge yourself, go ahead and fall down the wheels, and move a little to the right.

After crossing the wheels, destroy the Face Electric monster, and walk through the covered paths to the right. Enter the door to Area E-3.

Area E-3

The main attraction here is conveyor belts, some of which drop enemies. Kill them and get to the end to find a ladder leading to a dead end with a strange, glowing machine. Smash it, and you should hear machines powering down. Head on up to find the conveyors all stopped, and every other moving/electrical obstacle in the level disabled. Head back to the wheel section of E-4 and drop down to continue.

Area E-4

Whether or not you disabled the obstacles, keep moving past the wheel section. Eventually you'll reach a downward sloping staircase of sorts. There is a ledge to the upper-right with another Face Electric enemy and a Sub-Tank, which there's really no reason not to get, but is not necessary. Continue onward, climbing up the ladder to the door to Area E-6 and the mid-boss.

Area E-6

Mid-Boss Fight: Crash Impact
HP: ?
Element: N/A
Charge - The mid-boss will charge forward and attempt to ram you with it's spiked roller.
Energy Beam - The mid-boss will charge up the cannon at it's front and unleash a large, powerful blast of energy. If you hit the boss enough while it charges this attack, it may lose the charge and fail to initialize.
Strategy: This is not at all a hard fight, and is probably just there to make you realize that just because you're now using Zero's body doesn't mean you should only rely on the Saber. The boss spends the battle attempting to ram into you or use it's beam cannon on you. If you're on the wall when it rams into it, you'll get temporarily stunned. Other than that, just keep blasting it with the Buster and it should fall fast.

Continue past the mid-boss to find yourself back in E-4, in that little previously unreachable area between the Sub-Tank and the mid-boss door. Go through the other door here to Area E-5.

Area E-5

Notice the huge amount of Cyber Elves in the background? That's what Prairie is talking to you about (Eeru notes that it's the same thing that Jirue turned into when he died). Basically, you now have discovered the secret of this power plant - using Cyber Elves to generate energy. Now all you gotta do is stop it. Get going.

If you didn't destroy the generator earlier, this area is full of those spark lines, only many are vertical now. Time your runs through if you didn't bother with the generator. You'll also notice some very irritating cannons that fire every so often. These can be "aimed" by hitting them to change the angle, and they can destroy each other, as well as enemies. Keep going until you hit the last obstacle of the area, falling platforms. Each of these platforms has a base, which is the lowest point it will fall to. However, if you missed the generator, they are electrocuted. Cross the platforms and go through the shutter at the end of the bottom passage for Area E-7, and the boss.

Area E-7

A short walk to the right, and a flashy, lens-flare causing entrance from HighBolt the Raptoroid. Get ready for a fight!

Boss: HighBolt the Raptoroid (ハイボルト・ザ・ラプタロイド)
HP: (2 bars)
Element: Wind
Weak Point: Wings
Charge - HighBolt drops, then charges forward.
Laser Rain - HighBolt streaks across the screen diagonally, leaving his claws in the corners. The claws float and fire bolts, slowly changing directions.
Swing Shockwave - HighBolt swings his wings in a three-hit pattern, and on the third swing shoots a small shockwave at you.
Spin Formation - HighBolt descends, detaches his claws, electrifies them, and causes them to circle him. They then fire out bolts of electricity, first high and low, then two middle, then high and low again. He then charges forward. Easiest way to dodge would be to switch to Humanoid and duck in the low part of the battlefield.
Lightning Rain - HighBolt flies across the battlefield, raining a lightning bolt on you. It takes time to recharge, and so it will be off for a split second during the run.
Reflection Laser - HighBolt goes to the top middle of the screen and aims six targetting lasers at the ground. After a second, these lasers are replaced by energy beams that hurt quite a bit. Stand in between.
Strategy: HighBolt's a relatively easy boss, whether or not you're going for a high level finish. Making the fight even easier is the fact that he's weak to Ice, and thus you can take advantage of LX's OIS to finish him even faster. All his attacks are relatively easy to dodge, and by the third or so time you fight him, you should be able to beat him without a scratch. Defeating HighBolt gets you the first half of the Model H Live Metal.

With HighBolt's defeat, you now have the air-dash capable Model H, as well as access to Area I, site of the Mission to get the second half of Model H. Head right and enter the door to access the TransServer as well as Area I.

Mission: ソウナンシャのたんさく
Objective: Locate the source of the distress signal.
Reward: 200 EC
Target Area: Area F
How to Reach: Area F connects from Area B-3, which is reached from B-1. At the cliffside with multiple doors, ascend the ledges and enter the cave at the top. Use an attack that can hit up to hit the red switch, opening up the path, and follow the path up to a shutter that leads to Area F-1.

Area F-1

Upon arrival, Prairie will brief you on the mission. Proceed forward through the level until you find an area with three Face Freezes and three paths above them. Go up the middle one and continue on to Area F-2.

Area F-2

You'll be going for a bit of a swim here, and unfortunately, your responses will be a little lagged in the water. Thankfully, this is a pretty simple area without any tricky jumps, and your path does NOT take you through that scary looking tunnel lined with spikes. Blast your way through the blocks and anemone robots, going right and up to find the shutter. You'll find yourself in Area F-3.

Area F-3

Upon entering the area, a short dialogue will ensue. Afterwards, you'll need to start going upwards, so head right to start the path. Near the beginning of this area, you'll notice a door with red bars across - you cannot enter this room just yet, but remember where it is, as you'll be coming back very soon. At the end of your ascent, you'll see a door blocked off by some blocks. Blast through and enter to fight the mid-boss.

Mid-Boss Fight: Crash Impact
HP: ?
Element: N/A
Spike Smash - If you get dragged too close to the mid-boss's front, it will attempt to crush you with the spiked rollers on the front.
Energy Beam - The mid-boss will charge up the cannon at it's front and unleash a large, powerful blast of energy. If you hit the boss enough while it charges this attack, it may lose the charge and fail to initialize.
Strategy: This is not at all a hard fight, and is probably just there to make you realize that just because you're now using Zero's body doesn't mean you should only rely on the Saber. The boss will be moving in place, which might seem stupid, but it's doing it to make the conveyor-belt like ground pull you forward so it can run you over or smash you. Just cling to the wall or jump to deal with this, all the while charging the Buster and letting loose on the front cannon. About halfway through the cannon will become dented, and the mid-boss will soon start driving even faster in a desperate attempt to pull you in. Continue until the truck explodes.

After destroying the mid-boss, head right and into the door. You'll have found the source of the signal, but there's no one there - just a plot-significant data disk. A long scene will ensue, and you'll try to find the rest of the data disk. The lock on the door on the bottom of Area F-3 is now released, so go down the path until you arrive at the door and enter to Area F-4.

Area F-4

Another water area follows, but it's quite short. Just watch your jumps, as there are quite a few spike traps. You'll soon find the boss shutters, leading into Area F-5.

Area F-5

In the antechamber, charge any weapons you want to charge, and/or switch to an appropriate Live Metal - it's boss time! Head through the shutter to meet the misleadingly small and cute-appearing Luaarl, and get ready for a fight.

Boss: Luaarl the Abyssroid (ルアール・ザ・アビスロイド)
HP: (2 bars)
Element: Ice
Weak Point: Head (smaller body)
Ice Slasher - Luaarl will shoot off small icicles at you as s/he goes up and down. The icicles are fired in sets of two, with one going forward, the other at a 45 degree angle downwards. The easiest way to dodge would be to go close to her position for the first three shots, then jump and stay up until she fires off the bottom and second from the bottom shots before landing underneath in the blindspot again.
Snowflake - Luaarl fires a snowflake along the top of the area, dropping smaller flakes that turn into ice crystals if they hit the ground. Being hit by these will freeze you. The icicle always leaves a single safe spot, so use that and use a charge shot to break the rest.
Torpedo - Luaarl will attempt to suck you in, and draw up it's main body to fire a torpedo at you. It will also continue to fire it's smaller icicles while doing so.
Abyssal Charge - When Luaarl takes too much damage or sometimes when Van/Eeru gets too close, Luaarl's main body charges forward and attempts to bite them.
Chill Beam - Luaarl descends to the ocean floor and charges up to create a large icicle, then propels it by an energy beam. The icicle can be pushed back by your own attacks.
Strategy: OK, schizo much? Luaarl is a total headjob, but that doesn't mean s/he is going to be a pushover. Luaarl's got a variety of attacks, a good number of which are tricky to completely dodge, and all do decent damage, some even freezing you. Also, be advised that there's a reason it's on a line - the Luaarl you attack and see for the most part is only a smaller part of a much larger body. In fact, Luaarl is an anglerfish-like Repliroid, and the personality and such seem stored in the small body located where the light would be on such a fish. Some of Luaarl's attacks invoke the main body, and as such, one should be sure to be aware of it's presence.

One strategy could be to charge in and Saber away at it, taking advantage of it's weak point to do more damage, while at the same time temporarily destroying it and interrupting any attack it might have been performing for the main body's charge. Those going for the high Level finish might find it easier, however, to play a distance game, sniping Luaarl with the Buster to keep from hitting the weak point. At any rate, do your best to dodge Luaarl's attacks, but don't relent on the offensive either - this is a fight you want to end fast, before Luaarl's attacks add up. Keep up a constant barrage on the smaller body, and victory should be yours, along with the Model L Live Metal.

After Luaarl's defeat, it will go through one more schizo speech before exploding, leaving behind Model L, the Live Metal based on Leviathan of the Shitenou. A dialogue will ensue, and you'll gain the use of the Model L. Head right to find a TransServer, from which you can report the Mission and leave the area.

Mission: イレギュラーのげきたい
Objective: Rescue the civilians from the burning building.
Reward: 400 EC
Target Area: Area G
How to Reach: Area G is reached from the far right end of Area D-3.

Area G-1

No opening briefing, as it's pretty obvious what's going on as soon as you arrive. The place is on fire, but the fires can be dispelled by HX's charge shots. Not that they need to be. Keep pressing onward, and you should meet a Guardian member. Press on to G-2.

Area G-2

Here's where the rescue mission really starts. Basically, you'll need to chat up the people here to teleport them to safety. Of course, as you've already seen, the townsfolk don't trust cosplayers, so you'll need to switch to Humanoid form. Luckily, they're all BLIND AS HELL, so you can transform right before their eyes and they'll never realize it. The Guardian members, of course, can be chatted up in any form. After saving enough people, the top door will open up allowing you to proceed, but why not save everyone? Check every door, and don't forget to jump on the windowsills and press Up - you'll enter them like doorways, often finding trapped civilians or Guardians. It's pretty straightforward, so after you're done, just go all the way up and through the door.

Area G-4

Kill stuff, keep moving. Go through the windowsill area to get across the gap. Keep going through the shutter to G-5.

Area G-5

Not much new here. Just keep moving, and when the path is blocked by fire, slide down the building and destroy a Face Flame and you can move through there if you want to conserve HX's OIS energy (which is the boss' weakness). Head through the shutter for a fight.

Boss: Fistleo the Predatoroid (フィストレオ・ザ・プレデトロイド)
HP: (2 bars)
Element: Blaze
Weak Point: Head
Healing Charge - Before Fistleo attacks, he usually charges up, healing himself.
White Flame - Fistleo glows white and creates balls of energy that appear where you're standing.
Fall Ceiling - Fistleo will leap up and strike the two flaming blocks of ceiling, causing them to fall. He then dashes through all of them to attack you.
Flame Dash - Fistleo charges forward, leaving a burning trail, and the wall he strikes will have flames travel up it.
Five Fires - Fistleo turns into a flame and lunges across half the screen, generating four fireballs, two above and two below him. He will come down, and these continue.
Strategy: This guy is a ranker's nightmare - not only is his body horribly hard to hit without hitting his weak point, he heals himself quite often. Beyond that, not terribly remarkable - moves a bit, decently fast, and he'll be all over the place if you let him... but he's elementally weak to HX, so just zap the crap out of him.

After you've extinguished Fistleo, Model F will grant his services to you. Head right to find a TransServer.

Mission: ライブメタルのついせき
Objective: Recover the Live Metal from the Forceroid.
Reward: 200 EC
Target Area: Area H
How to Reach: Area H connects to Area A-3. Head to Area A-1 and ascend the ledges near the shutter to A-2, and go through the yellow door to find A-3. Move right and go up the ledges, then pass through the door to reach H-1.

Area H-1

Prairie briefs you, while your character spaces out. Head forward. Jump on the train if you want it to get going, though it doesn't really matter. Just go forward until you find the shutter.

Area H-2


Mid-Boss Fight: Metool Powered
HP: ?
Element: N/A
Met Defense - Metool Powered will retract into it's helmet. Like any good Met, it's immune to most any form of attack while in this state, and certainly to any you can muster.
Hover Tackle - While in Met Defense, Metool Powered may start to hover, then move to your current position before setting down. Switch to Humanoid form and crawl under it.
Mini Mets - Metool Powered will release small, mini-Mets, which take a single hit to fell. It tends to jump from side to side while doing so.
Strategy: Holy deja vu, Batman! It's a giant Metool!

....Just blast it. Dodge the Hover Tackle, shoot the little Mets. This guy's not hard at all.

Van/Eeru will freak out when they fail to find the Live Metal on the Metool Powered. Prairie asks what's wrong, and s/he freaks out on her. Prairie tells him/her to calm down, and wonders what's up. Van/Eeru straightens up and spills the beans - this very amusement park is where their mother was killed in that Irregular attack ten years ago. Some platonic WAFF cheering up later, you resume the mission. Head right, past the purple door (this leads to L-1, the next PX Mission area), and to H-3.

Area H-3

This place is formatted like one of those crane games, only whoever's operating it is actually good at it, as they almost always manage to get a prize into the hole. Unfortunately, that prize COULD be you - the cranes will pick you up if they can, damaging you and possibly killing you if they drop you in the hole. Doesn't help that the dolls slow down your movement. Proceed quickly, killing bugs as you go. If you see a shiny candy get grabbed by a crane, pick it up - it's an Item A, a minor healing item. Keep moving forward, jumping carefully when you get to the blimp area (Model HX really helps out here). Head through the shutter to H-4 and the boss.

Area H-4

You're almost done with the Mission - just time to deal with an irritating little monkey.

Boss: Purpril the Mandoroid (パープリル・ザ・マンドロイド)
HP: (2 bars)
Element: N/A
Weak Point: Arms
Iron Balls - Purpril hurls two metal balls, which bounce around a bit before exploding.
Mine Toss - Purpril drops some mines, which explode shortly after landing.
Sand Shield - Purpril tosses up some sand to block attacks and harm you.
Disc Strike - Purpril spins into a disc and hurls himself at the wall, bouncing off and hitting the other side. He ascends in this way until he reaches the top, at which point he repeats the process downwards.
Stone Barrage - During his Disc Strike, Purpril may lodge himself 3/4 the way up the wall. If he does, he's about to send a horde of stones your way. They can be destroyed.
Strategy: Probably the most irritating Forceroid - not only are his attacks irritatingly placed, so is his weak point, which is a bit too easy to hit. This guy can end up anywhere on the field, and depending on his placement, his attacks can just get WAY too irritating. Add on top of that that he has no elemental weakness, and you've got probably the most irritating fight in the game. Just blast the hell out of him fast.

Destroying this irritating little monkey nets you Model P, the ninja master of the Shitenou's Live Metal. Head right to find a red TransServer from which you can report your Mission, but cannot warp. For convenience's sake, I would recommend accepting the follow-up Mission, けんきゅうじょうのボウエイ, immediately and backtracking to H-2 to take on the Mission, but you also have the option of moving forward through the short area and emerging on the lower half of A-3, behind that growth of thorns.

Chapter 3: Enemy Attack!

After making your fourth report, you'll get horrible news - Guardian Base is under attack! You can't accept any new Missions, but you can still transport - travel about and pick up extra lives, fill up Overdrive gauges and Sub Tanks, or anything else you think you need to do, then head over to Guardian Base.

Area X-1

Head over to the bridge, where Prairie tells you what's going on. Head up to the roof and watch the enemy's attack commence. They will launch two pods on to your ship, which open up and unleash Galeon Wings. Attack the pods until they explode, and then two more will come up. Destroy these, and then the last two, and it'll look like it's over... until one more lands back where you were earlier. In a cut scene, not only do the Galeon Wings attack, but two unfortunately familiar faces show up as well - namely, those two mysterious robots who were with Serpan at D-2! They've headed into the base, and that can't be good - chase after them!

As you re-enter the Base, you'll notice Galeon robots everywhere - you can destroy them for any last minute health, energy, or lives you think you might need, since you don't have access to the TransServer. When you're ready, head for the bottom floor and move right to the energy core room. Be careful, some parts of the floor will explode, which could make you fall to your death. Head over to X-3 ASAP.

Area X-3

A short scene ensues where the two robots, Promete and Pandora, seemingly taunt Prairie and Makurou's valiant attempts to stop them. Van/Eeru rushes in and (if not already in such form) switches to ZX form. A short dialogue ensues, Pandora warps out, and Prairie and Makurou flee the room, leaving you to take on Promete in a one-on-one fight.

Boss: Promete (プロメテ)
HP: (2 bars)
Element: Flame/Blaze
Weak Point: None
Dash Wave - Promete drops down from the side of the room, dashes halfway across, slashes creating a large shockwave, then dashes in a half-parabola before warping out.
Grave Fire - Promete appears in the center of the room and sends out four purple flames to each corner. Each flame will shoot out a flame aimed at you. They can be destroyed, though they take quite a few hits.
Sword Wave - Promete appears in the center of the floor, plants his arms into the ground, and causes a line of swords to come out of the wall and travel along the floor and up the other wall.
Strategy: Promete is fast, and quite powerful - add in the fact that he can appear at almost any part of the room at any given time, and his attacks can be hard to dodge, and you've got one tough customer. Luckily, he has a major fault - as a Blaze element, he takes massive damage from HX's Overdrive, and since HX's air-dashes make dodging his dash attack that much easier... you know what to do here.

After the fight, Promete will make some cryptic remarks, the exact nature of which depends on which character does battle with him. If Van is the player's character, Prairie will show up during the conversation, otherwise, she will come in after Promete takes his leave. Either way, Prairie and Van/Eeru will return to the bridge for a bit more plot talk, and will decide to resume the Missions. There are still four more Forceroids out there, and you'll need the Live Metals they carry to succeed in crushing Serpan's ambitions!

Chapter 4: Crush the Enemy!

With the enemy's attack on Guardian Base repelled and four of the eight Live Metal halves recovered, we're finally on the offensive! Head on out and take on the four remaining missions, and stop Serpan's mad plans!

The four Missions unlocked for beating the first four Forceroids are listed below:

みんかんじんのキュウシュツ (Rescue the civilians)
データディスクのだっかん (Data Disk recovery)
ハックツ部隊のしゅうげき (Repel the Excavation Force)
けんきゅうじょうのボウエイ (Defense of Laboratory)

These Missions are each unlocked by clearing the respective earlier Mission - in other words, clearing HighBolt's Mission unlocks the next Model H Mission, Hurricane's Mission. If Missions are done out of order and you have a hard time reading/recognizing kana, just remember that the Missions, if they were all accessible at once, would go like this:


Start with the top four, then knock off ones you've done and add the appropriate secondary Mission to the list in the order stated above - you should easily be able to figure out which Mission is which.

Mission: みんかんじんのキュウシュツ
Objective: Rescue the civilians (self-explanatory ).
Reward: 200 EC
Target Area: Area I
How to Reach: Area I is reached simply by going out the right exit of the E-7 TransServer, the one you probably entered to report your Mission after beating HighBolt. In other words, it's really easy to dive into this Mission right after beating HighBolt, but as it's near a TransServer, it's just as easy to come back any time.

Area I-1

Prairie informs you of the nature of your mission. Head right, past the throwaway enemies, and destroy the platform-based gunners. Ascend to find a hole-in-the-wall style doorway, and enter to Area I-2.

Area I-2

A split path here, you can either take the upper road or the lower road. Be warned ahead of time, the lower road is pitch black, and is best navigated with the help of PX's Radar Scope, or at least LX's Item Searching.

Upper Road

Keep heading right, destroying the enemies as you go, until you find a large room with spikes lining the ceiling, walls, and floor. Ick. Use HX's Hoverjets to safely navigate this maze. Going to the left after the curve leads you to the rest of the level, while the right leads to a wall without spikes and a Database CD. Continue onwards through the door to Area I-5.

Area I-5

Head to the right for a mid-boss.

Mid-Boss Fight: Dasmanks
HP: ?
Element: N/A
Dash - the enemy hovers off-screen before dashing across the screen at high speed. It veers up near the end, so hiding at the edge of the screen works.
Divebomb - it ascends before diagonally diving.
Tail Missile - the enemy's tail hides a missile launcher, which can fire two, and when it drops to lower health, three missiles in a row. These are easily destroyed.
Snake Tail - it detaches it's tail, which writhes along the ground like a snake. The tail regenerates on the mid-boss after it is destroyed.
Reflect Wave - the enemy shoots three shockwaves which bounce off the opposite side and break into two waves, one going backwards and up, the other backwards and down. These reflect one more time to go the opposite up/down direction to converge back on the mid-boss, but by this point they are fading out and deal no damage.
Strategy: Just hit it in the head until it dies. Really, as long as you pay attention, there's no reason you shouldn't beat him.

Go forward to find a long area of ledges with random enemies. Continue onwards to a shutter that leads to Area I-3.

Lower Road

Enter the lower door after the Beyond 44s to find yourself in a pitch-black passage. Thankfully, you're not wholly blind - if you have Models LX or PX, that is. PX's Radar Scope is easily the more useful here, as it provides a zoomed-in map and locations of enemies, but LX's Item Searching still provides the map and the "you are here" mark, making it still a far improvement over running through blind. Plus, if you're like me and play with the sound up and headphones in public, you'll be able to hear the enemies coming or the Beyonds whirring. Just move carefully, killing enemies as they come, and make sure you don't fall into any pits. Eventually you'll find yourself at the shutter to I-4.

Area I-4

The lights are back on! Yay! But then it's a mid-boss.

Mid-Boss Fight: Adomaleid
HP: ?
Element: N/A
Dash - the enemy hovers off-screen before dashing across the screen at high speed. It veers up near the end, so hiding at the edge of the screen works.
Divebomb - it ascends before diagonally diving.
Split Laser - the enemy shoots a laser forward. This laser travels half the screen before breaking into three lasers going up forward and down. The enemy repeats this twice while ascending/descending.
Reflect Wave - the enemy shoots three shockwaves which bounce off the opposite side and break into two waves, one going backwards and up, the other backwards and down. These reflect one more time to go the opposite up/down direction to converge back on the mid-boss, but by this point they are fading out and deal no damage.
Strategy: Just hit it in the head until it dies. Really, as long as you pay attention, there's no reason you shouldn't beat him.

Moving forward, you'll find a lot of spikes on the ceiling and platforms that look like they ought to be moving. In the two ledges above are some Database CDs, so just keep moving. Go up a ladder and a little to the right to find the shutter to Area I-3.

Area I-3

However, you got here, just go down and to the right and through the shutter to face off against the boss.

Boss Fight: Hurricane the Wolveroid (ハリケンヌ・ザ・ウルバロイド)
HP: 2 bars
Element: Lightning/Wind
Weak Point: Neck
Drill Dive - Hurricane leaps into the air and spins while falling, in an attempt to crush you. She will follow your movements until she drops, and when she lands, she will release two waves of small lightning balls, which will travel to either wall before dissipating.
Split Wave - Hurricane sticks her neck out and releases a shockwave of energy forwards. When it hits the wall, it splits in two and goes up and down.
Tornado Break - Hurricane charges up two fierce tornadoes and lets them loose at you. An Overdrive strike from LX dissipates them.
Tornado Wave - Hurricane leaps into the center of the arena and starts up a tornado, attempting to suck you in towards her. At the same time, shockwaves are launched from the top of the screen, then three more waves, each successively lower. After the lowest, it starts going back up, then back down again before Hurricane ends the tornado and leaps into the air again. She only seems to use this attack when at half health or lower.
Strategy: Another relatively simple boss, though she can certainly do some damage if you let her. Luckily, most of her attacks are easy to dodge with a little practice, and those going for a high rank victory can usually just use the Buster and not have to worry about hitting her neck. To make things even better, LX's Overdrive attacks do elemental damage, making the fight even shorter. Just make sure you know how to dash and wall-jump and you should have no problem beating Hurricane.

Hurricane explodes, and you recover the second half of the Model H. Continue onward to accomplish your Mission, and save the civilians trapped here. Even the basic Buster shot is enough to shatter the barrier, and you'll then teleport the civilians to safety. Head right for the TransServer, and report your Mission.

Mission: データディスクのだっかん
Objective: Find the missing half of the Data Disk from Area F
Reward: 200 EC
Target Area: Area J
How to Reach: Area J is reached from Area A-4 - head left from where you started the game and keep going left until you find a cave. Enter it and head all the way to the right, crawling through the crawlspace. Keep going until you find a Blue shutter. Enter to Area J.

Area J-1

First thing you'll notice as you enter is that this place immediately gives you water to pass. Luckily, you have to have LX to even enter this area, and you'll definitely need it to finish. Head right, and you'll find a fork going up or down. Up leads to a Red TransServer, so if you haven't already, accept the Mission here and/or save. Go down and right to J-2.

Area J-2

More water, with an area looking strangely reminiscent of the second section of Acid Seaforce's level from Rockman X3... but that might just be me. At any rate, just keep swimming right (down leads to a dead end, save a crawlspace you can't enter from this side), killing enemies and dodging spikes. Climb out of the water for items every so often (LX's Item Searching will let you know if there's something of interest nearby). Eventually you'll find the shutter to J-3.

Area J-3

Another mid-boss shows up to irritate you mildly.

Mid-Boss Fight: Tentaculamia
HP: ?
Element: N/A
Fish Four - Four fish poke their heads out of the skull, then swim about wildly. They can be destroyed.
Electric Tentacle - Tentaculamia comes out and runs a sensor to try and find you. When it lines up with you, the tentacle starts to crackle before firing three shots that stick to the first surface they hit, sit for a second, and then split into two small shots.
Hentai Tentacle - Tentaculamia will attempt to latch on to you and suck life from you. Presumably, this heals it.
Strategy: Just hit the tentacles and dodge the attacks. Nothing out of the ordinary at all here.

Head right for more of the same type of area as J-2. Very linear area. At the end is the shutter to J-5 and the boss.

Area J-5

Boss Fight: LegAnchor the Gelroid (レグアンカー・ザ・ゲルロイド)
HP: 64 (2 bars)
Element: Ice/Water
Weak Point: Side Engines
Seeking Strike - LegAnchor uses his searching lights to get a fix on your position. If he gets such a fix, he'll strike you with two hidden chains.
Whirlpool Suction - LegAnchor uses his side engines to create whirlpools, attempting to suck you in to cause damage.
Freeze Chain - LegAnchor fires off his four needle-chains that can freeze the parts of terrain they hit.
Summon Jellyfish - LegAnchor can bring out two jellyfish on the surface of the water that aim shots at you. They fire twice before disappearing.
Summon Dragon - LegAnchor releases two ice dragons that chase you around. If they touch the surface of the water, they instantly disappear. Two slashes of LX's Halberd also kill them.
Dive Shockwave - LegAnchor will raise himself up slowly before forcefully diving, causing two large waves to cover the surface of the water. He mainly uses this attack if you spend a lot of time on the top of the battlefield.
Strategy: This boss can get annoying if you're not careful, as touching his needles at any time can freeze you. Other than that, relatively easy boss, as you quite clearly have the easy choice of not attacking his weak points should you want a high rank, or going after them if you just want to finish him fast. Most of his attacks are relatively easy to dodge or get around too, as long as you know when they're coming and where they'll hit. Ranged fighters going for the rank have the advantage of not needing to go near LegAnchor, and thus being less prone to being frozen, but without LX's water mobility, they might get hit anyway. Like Luaarl before him, LegAnchor is best fought with LX, simply for mobility reasons in the water.

After LegAnchor's defeat, you'll recover the second half of LX, as well as the Data Disk you came looking for, which has more plot info. Head right to leave... or so you thought. There's no TransServer here, so you'll need to go back to Area A by foot. To make this a little easier though, there's a path to the right that goes under all the water area you crossed earlier. Head right and up through the door, then through the room full of trash cans to a door to J-4.

Area J-4

This area's VERY short, and is just a tunnel to the lower half of J-2.

Area J-2

You might've caught a glimpse of this area while traversing J-2 the first time. Anyway, it's a very short walk to the left with no surprises. You'll eventually find a small hoverboard. If you stand on it, it rockets to the left, right through a small group of Galeons. You can either walk it and face them in combat, or stand on the right side of the board and let it slice them up. Either way, you'll soon find yourself at the crawlspace you couldn't enter at the beginning of Area J-2. Climb through and out, and just go back through J-1 the way you came.

Mission: ハックツ部隊のしゅうげき
Objective: Defeat the enemy platoon's leader.
Reward: 200 EC
Target Area: Area K
How to Reach: Behind a yellow door in Area C-1 is Area C-3. At the far right end of C-3 is the red door leading to Area K.

Area K-1

Another typical Prairie briefing and you're off! First thing to notice is the rising mud that propels the platforms. The mud hurts, probably burning hot because of the volcano, so be careful. Also, you can be crushed between the platforms and the ground, and it's a pretty embarassing way to go Move forward and you'll start to see discolored muddy water. You can, for some reason, stand in it just fine for about five seconds and then take a little damage, but still get instantly hurt by the mud geysers. Ah well. Keep moving, and you'll eventually go through a shutter that leads to a huge rising wall of mud. For some reason, upon your arrival if you accepted the Mission, it falls. Weird. Anyway, you'll drop down into K-2 for the mid-boss.

Mid-Boss Fight: Lava Devil
HP: ?
Element: Flame/Blaze

Strategy: This has got to be the easiest fight in the game. Go in with HX, and wait for the body to drop off, leaving the vulnerable head. Immediately activate OIS, then do HX's three-hit combo so that all the hits hit the head. You should kill it instantly.

After this "fight", you'll drop into K-3

Area K-3

Makurou's here. He warns you about the lava, I think, and tells you there's a switch for it in the area. Anyway, we have a split path here, with a path going forward and one going up. Right leads to the boss, but if you want to survive long enough to reach him, going up is probably a good idea - the following areas are a "run for your life from a wall of instant death" type stage, but if you go up here you can outrun a lava stream going upward (honestly, it IS easier), then go through a short area and search out a control panel that'll slow down the lava. Then you can do some more walking to reach a cable car which takes you back to the big pit you jumped in to fight Lava Devil, and FINALLY go to the right to find the boss. If you want to just tough it and take on the boss, go all the way right and go through the shutter to K-4, and go ahead and skip to "The Lava Run". Otherwise, read on:

==Slowing the Lava==

Use PX's Hanging Ledge or HX's Air Dash to get up the passage (Hanging Ledge is probably safer). Head through the shutters to K-5.

Area K-5

Head to the right and get ready for a bit of a rush - you've got insta-death lava rushing at you from the bottom of the screen, and enemies there just to piss you off. Move quickly and learn to dodge, and you should be fine, though it may take a few tries. Near the end you'll have a split path between going along insta-death spikes or past a bunch of enemies to get to the top. Make a choice fast, and head for the door. You'll find yourself back in K-1.

Area K-1

Head left and jump down the first pit you see.

No, really, jump down. I promise you won't have to redo that lava climb At the bottom is a door leading to a room with a control panel, the one Makurou mentioned. Chat it up and it'll ask what speed you want the lava to flow, the top option being "slow", and the bottom being "normal". Slow is always good for instant-death lava flows, and it's the only reason we came up here, so pick it and head out. Now just fight your way through the small army to the cable car as mentioned above, and get back to K-3.

Area K-3

Go right this time instead of up. Go through the shutter to K-4.

==The Lava Run==

Area K-4

Welcome to the run for your life. There will be enemies along the path to slow you down. Ignore them and run at breakneck speed. Head through the shutter, and start running again. Airdash over the soot if you can. Go through the shutter to face the boss.

Boss Fight: Flanmarl the Moleroid (フランマール・ザ・モルロイド)
HP: 2 bars
Element: Flame/Blaze
Weak Point: Arms
Dig Out - Flanmarl spends much of the battle digging through the floor and ceiling, and will shoot out from one to the other in an attempt to hit you. Each time he enters, rocks are sent flying.
Hot Balls - Flanmarl fires off four balls at different angles. These explode upon impact.
Travel Blaze - Flanmarl fires off a long stream of fire, which will travel up the wall.
Lava Geyser - Flanmarl causes a small stream of lava to rise from the ground, then another, then after a pause, causes two bigger ones to come out.
Strategy: Another hard to highly rank boss, as those arms are a bit too easy to hit. Hint - I find that attacks don't strike his weak spot in his normal pose.

Blowing this guy up merits you FX's second half. Take it and head to the TransServer to get out of the volcano.

Mission: けんきゅうじょうのボウエイ
Objective: Defeat the enemy's leader.
Reward: 200 EC
Target Area: Area L
How to Reach: Area L is accessible from Area H-2, where you fought Metool Powered. Enter the purple door in the penguin to reach Area L-1.

Area L-1

Prairie briefs you, and you rush in. Not much in the way of frills here, just a constant barrage of enemy Irregulars. Just ignore the big pods that come crashing down and move forward.

Area L-2

Here's where things start getting wacky - for the rest of the level, you'll see small satellite dishes broadcasting radio waves. The blue ones temporarily reverse your controls and disable your dash, while the red ones temporarily disable your weapons. You can blast the satelli

Area L-3

More of the same - it's just outdoors now. Also, you'll start having bombs dropped on you. They can be destroyed. Again, simply keep moving.

Area L-4

More bombs, less enemies. Not at all hard. Keep moving to the shutter for the boss.

Boss Fight: Protectus the Goaroid (プロテクタス・ザ・ゴアロイド)
HP: 2 bars
Element: N/A
Weak Point: Belly
Missile Rain - During the battle, a pair of missiles will periodically fall, striking the topmost ledge.
Missile Shot - Protectus will fire off two missiles from each hand. These slow-moving missiles follow you, and can be destroyed.
Multi Bomber - Protectus will fire off six bombs, three on either side, two on each ledge. Protectus can use three types of bombs - the blue ones explode in a horizontal fashion, the pink ones in a vertical fashion, and the green ones fade away, exploding shortly after being struck. Staying on a ledge with a pink one allows you to dodge the attack wholly.
The Bomb - Protectus will fire off a large missile towards the top of the screen, then retract into his body. The direction he faces will be the side the missile lands, so hide behind his large body on the opposite side - his body will cover you from the explosion.
Electro-Barrier - Protectus creates an electromagnetic force field around himself. Hit it a few times to dispel it.
Strategy: The major thing to note about Protectus is that, as would be expected from his name, he is heavily armored. There are two points he can actually be hurt - his belly, and his head. His belly is his weak point, so if you don't care about ranking, this fight is practically given to you - his weak point is very easy to hit, as it's very large, but there's also a decent portion of him that can be hit without hitting that point, and he's slow and doesn't cover it constantly, so rankers shouldn't be too worried either.

Defeating Protectus will get you PX's second half, as well as a Data Disk. It's corrupted though, so Prairie will get to work on fixing it when you hand it over with your Mission Report. There's a yellow TransServer to the right, so go ahead and leave.

Chapter 5: The Final Battle!

After you've defeated the 8 Forceroids, it's time to head back to Guardian Base for more plot development. Return to the Bridge of Guardian Base, where Prairie has finished decoding the Data Disk you got for beating Protectus, which is a message for you. Although it's not outright said, it's pretty obviously from Shieru of the Zero series (especially in Eeru's story, where the CG plainly shows her with the six Live Metals). The message differs depending on who you're playing as (more info in the plot section). At any rate, you'll be told that it's time to go to the excavation site, now that the 6 Passcodes are ready. Stock up on extra lives and fill up your tanks if you feel the need, though we're not quite at the finale yet - just building up to it. When you're ready, accept the Mission from the TransServer.

Mission: モデルV本体のハックツそし
Objective: Stop Serpan from excavating Model V's main body.
Reward: 200 EC
Target Area: Area M
How to Reach: Area M connects to the same place Area J does - Area A-4. Go through A-4 as if you were heading for J, but instead of going through the crawlspace, head up. You should find the door to Area M.

Area M-1

Kill the single Galeon Hunter and head right to the fancy door. The Live Metals will all enter their Passcodes, opening the path. Enter.

And already a mid-boss?

Mid-Boss Fight: Orifalcon
HP: ?
Element: N/A
Dash - the enemy hovers off-screen before dashing across the screen at high speed. It veers up near the end, so hiding at the edge of the screen works.
Divebomb - it ascends before diagonally diving. (Note: I assume he can do this, though I've never seen him do it)
Reflect Wave - the enemy shoots three shockwaves which bounce off the opposite side and break into two waves, one going backwards and up, the other backwards and down. These reflect one more time to go the opposite up/down direction to converge back on the mid-boss, but by this point they are fading out and deal no damage.
Feather Knife - flies up and drops four feathers on your area, which become big sharp blades, then three more to cover the ground. Shoot 'em.
Strategy: This guy's just a feathery version of Dasmanks and Adomaleid. Trash him.

Moving forward, it becomes clear that Serpan's already way ahead of you, as Galeons cover the place. Keep proceeding.

Area M-2

Not much here - there's a split path with one requiring FX to get through, but it doesn't make a huge difference. Then there's an area with rising and falling water levels, and LOTS of spikes. Move carefully with LX to get to M-3.

Area M-3

Short run to the boss room. Scene involving Serpan showing you just how big Model V really is. He calls Pandora and tells him to take care of "our important guest" - meaning to take you out. He warps out after talking more about Project Heaven and ushering in a new era.

ha, i finished Rockman ZX without a Walkthrough, i took almost 1-2 days playing it without stop XDD... I am a Rockman fan...
I bought PS1/PS2 just to play it.
Same as me , I really love MegaMan games , that 's why I am going to buy a Nintendo DS for Ryuusei no Rockman and MegaMan ZX - English version Smile

I hope that the Walkthrough I posted may help you if you are in trouble with the game.
The walktrough is very complete. I've seen it on other sites too.
That reminds me I really need to finish this game. I'm at the part right before you get Model O I think. Hopefully I'll have some free time soon to sit down and complete it.
bad game
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