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:What makes you moving?

Let me tell you a story first, Mary had married for several years and she seldom went to see her parents after she married. That day she took her 5-year-old son to see her parents. Having not seen their daughter for a long time, Mary's parent were so excited. It was hot that day, Mary's mother said to Mary's father:" Go and buy a sunbonnet for the child." So Mary's father did, later he came back and wear his daughter a beautiful sunbonnet. Mary's mother saw this and scolded him:"I asked you to buy it for our little grandson, not for our daughter!" Injuredly the father said:" You just asked me to buy it for child, but not tell me for which child." You know Mary was so happy when she heard this that she almost faint to the ground, several years past, she was still a child in her father's eyes and treated as a child by him.

Indeed, in our daily life there is always something that makes us feel happy, feel the real emotion in the world, feel that we have to say thanks to the life, feel how important it is that we live. So share your similar experience with us, but do not tell us the hotting party, or the moving scene of donating, or the grand commencement of your college, most people experienced them, we want to hear your own.
My story is about a girl who wanted to be of service to her community but because she was crippled thought she was good for nothing but to fetch and carry water for her family. She used two buckets to do this task. One of the buckets had a large crack and she always carried this one in her left hand. She would go down to the stream, fill both buckets and carry them back to their house. The damaged bucket would always lose most of the water by the time she reached her destination. One day her father saw that she was feeling upset about something and upon inquiring what the matter was the girl said she felt that she was like the damaged bucket and could not deliver the same service as her siblings that were perfect. Her father took her by the hand and led her down the path to the stream. He pointed out the many and beautiful flowers growing on the one side of the path compared to the sparse vegetation on the other and told her that the flowers only grew because of the water that spills from the broken bucket she carries there every day. Boo hoo!
It's a quite long story...
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