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Free Domain Name by ezyrewards

Few days ago I stumbled upon ezyrewards, which gives free domain names! This is a real TLD (top level domain) like,, etc, not just a redirection or subdomain. It also gives away free PSPs, iPods, etc, if you are in certain countries (America and Canada IIRC).

The trick is that you must earn points which you can spend later (”claim reward”). One of the reward is, of course, free domain name by Optinom registrar (it is actually a voucher with the value of a domain name).

You earn points in two ways: completing offers and getting referrals. Completing an offer is something you must do as a start, the offers are not so bad anyway. Offers does not give a lot of points, especially if you’re lazy Razz , so you must also do the second way to earn points: referral.

When you refer others about ezyrewards, and they complete an offer, you also get points. So the more “leaves” and “branches” you have, the faster your points fill up. In my opinion it’s not that hard, just post the referral link you got in your favorite forum, post about free domain name in your blog, and/or email them to all your friends and contacts who you think will care.

Note also that being a “leaf” or not has no difference in gaining points, so do me a favor by signing up using the link above, don’t you? Who doesn’t want a free domain name?

Register link:
Animal wrote:
Referral Link Removed. Please read the Rules - referral links are not allowed on Frihost.
Also, please search before posting - this has been raised several times before:
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