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vash the stamped

Do you know about vash the stamped?
I watched all the first season and ... It's great !
I just want to know if another season exists.
Someone know the answer ?
Trigun you mean? There's a whole series. It's not being aired, to the best of my knowledge, but you can probably find some dvd's somewhere.
Yeah, I know Vash the Stampede.

It's not currently being aired anywhere, but I dunno if it's been aired in the US before, so your best bet is to get it from your local DVD retailer.

It's only got 1 season (26 episodes), although it was supposed to end between 20 and 22 but it was revived (hence why some people refer to it as it was named after those episodes, Trigun MAXIMUM!).
Hi there,

This serie was one of my first series to watch in the TV. It started to air in a new channel in my country (when the channel started..) and i saw all the eps and just loved it. Since its a popular anime i think you can find it almost anywhere (at least on the internet).

Stay Cool
Is this a sequel of Trigun, or is that what you're talking about in the first place? I loved Trigun, and if there was a continuing anime for it, I would definitely watch it.
ddukki wrote:
Is this a sequel of Trigun, or is that what you're talking about in the first place? I loved Trigun, and if there was a continuing anime for it, I would definitely watch it.

As far as I know, there aren't going to be anymore Trigun shows. But if you want more Trigun, then read the Manga. There is sooo much more there than in the show.
Hello Everyone
GOOD day,

I'm Sorry i don't know where to find the next season,
But Trigun is a
very good anime movie.

It's full of action and comedy as well.

Well, it's a nice movie thou.

Thank you
GOD bless

I didn't know there was a second part to the mangas. Does anyone have the link to a site with the manga scans (all the volumes included)? I'm desperately seeking them.
I know Vash the Stampede. There is currently only one season out, as stated above; however, there are confirmed rumors of an upcoming Trigun movie. There's no set date on it, though, so we may be looking for something coming out "soon." XD

I think I caught myself up on Trigun Maximum; the current events in it are rather whacky. A certain death a couple of volumes ago was rather shocking, though. As for the anime, I think I've seen at least 3/4 of the television series? I might've missed a volume (or perhaps two) since I checked them out from my library to watch.
I've watched anime only since in my country (Poland) no one had released Trigun yet. Well, this is amazing anime, I would say! It was released in 1998, and the drawings may look like an old style, but come on - the drawings are very very good!

I was amazed with the first episode. Especially the fighting scenes. Everything seems so lively. All characters are interesting and has very sharp characteristic. You will definitely remember them all after watching the show. Also it's dead funny western comedy. Especially the Vash fighting scenes, and scene when he had stolen the donuts from girls!

Well, as for the rest of show - I found some episodes of Trigun very sad, and I must say in the overall rating, the sad scenes were so sad that I found Trigun pretty hard anime in watching - it's quite psychological and complicated when you look at it. Apparently it's not a funny show about a guy who destroys everything, since he hasn't kill any person (wow, like a Superman xD), he eventually beat the guy to a pulp, but do not kill them. The whole plot is very thick and sometimes difficult to understand when you watching this for the first time.

What's more - the anime is original. There aren't many westerns like this. Also the place when the whole actions goes on is quite unusual - a planet with two moons. Just amazing.

Maybe the animation sucks a bit sometimes... because the art sucks a bit sometimes, but for god's sake - this is definitely a masterpiece!
Trigun (that's its name, not Vash The Stampede) was one of the first animes I ever watched as a middle school student back in the day. Amazing and still one of my favorites to this day.

My only gripe with it (like most animes) is that the voice acting in the dub sucks, so I've been searching for the subtitled version for quite some time.
Yea i Like Trigun i never seen it again on Adult Swim no more i wish they would bring it back its very good and interesting to watch
I like Trigun! it's one of my very first anime too. it's been so long. i enjoyed watching it so much.
Trigun's Anime is just right, but the manga somehow a bit too hard for me to read, maybe because I can't read the flow of the battle like on the anime...

and yes.. I've read until Trigun Maximum. and I love the storyline (but I still can't read the battle - I just know that he is winning, he is losing, etc etc.)
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