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Email I never sent

Hope someone can help me.
Lately, every time I check my email I get several "Delivery Notification Failure" and "Returned Mail" notices. Lots of crazy adresses to.
I'm sure I've got a virus or something similiar. What can I use to stop it?
My Virus scanner, PC cillian says everything good.
Spammers will be sending mail to hundreds of other people by forging the headers and making the email appear to come from your address. This is quite common and isn't really anything to worry about. The best solution may be to block emails from the Mailer-Daemon addresses that are bouncing the mails back to you. Otherwise, use a spam filter that automatically moves these mails to another folder or even the bin.
If you don't use outlook express I wouldn't worry much if you're talking about Yahoo mail or any webmail the most common hacked accounts is through signing on fake pages if you think you did that before then change your password

Good Luck & give us some updates Smile
Also, try viewing the source of the email (should be something like "Show Source") to check its originating IP Address. The address in the source should be the REAL sender's address.
As the other people have said, it may not be coming from your pc. Although I would try scanning with at least one other piece of anti-virus software for a second opinion. possibly even an online scan like (yes I know, it's from MS and all you haters out there probably have veins popping out already) but really, it actually is a decent scanner.
are you a victim of phishing? or probably your pc is infected with trojan. try not using your outlook and access your email directly from the web email of your email provider. if you are getting the same amount of emails, then probably you email your account needs to be changed or you have to change email. but if you dont get the same amount of email, man, you need to format your PC.. Thanks.
After some looking into, I think my problem is that my email has been "Spoofed". All the return addresses are different varients of my website domain.
I've scanned my computer several times with the latest updates. I'm using AVG and PC-cillian. They both show nothing.
Any ideas what I can do? This morning I had 39 emails. All "Undeliverable."
This could be a trick, they send this subject in order that you openthe email. If no one has your password to your email they cannot send from your Inbox. Still they can send AS you since SMTP is not secure at all.

If you add a digital signature and tell everyone to only trust the email if it has your digital signature you are safe Smile
You may have luck finding out who sent the emails with tools from sites liike You can then advise the offender's ISP that they are violating a their TOS (unless they're hosted by some not so nice hosts who don't have a TOS). You can then try to get that particular one (or two, three, etc) shut down from the web, at least temporarily. This has worked for me a few times with blog spam.

It is work, but you also don't want some heavy-handed ISP, like AOL to block your domain for all their subscribers based on someone else's exploitation. They only need a few reports to do that, so its good to try and get it stopped if possible.

With that being said, as like already said, if you don't open those emails, you're not immediately at harm.
Prabhu Raj
This is typically a work of a spammer or a virus.

Report this activity to your ISP along with the full headers of the messages.

They will be of some help in solving this issue for you.
Prabhu Raj wrote:
This is typically a work of a spammer or a virus.

Report this activity to your ISP along with the full headers of the messages.

They will be of some help in solving this issue for you.

I never thought about contacting them. Do you think they can help?
Prabhu Raj
Surely they can help since they are also the victims of the spam.
Well I did contact them, and they're working on it.
In the meantime I did some research on the whole thing.
Apparently it's called a "Joe Job".
My email address has been used as a return address to send out spam, in this case stock tips (hey, maybe I should be charging for this!).
Here are a couple of links for info
The Spam Huntress [/url]... sounds seductive don't it!
and this article on Sitepoint.
Supposedly it's quite easy to see where it came from. If you view the source of the email, just look at the IP address in the "Received from" headers. In this case, the IP address looks like the same for all emails.
I'm at the point where I figure out what to do with the address. If you guys want, I'll post back later with my results.
Thanks for all the help!
One thing is sure, nothing on your computer is causing this. E-mailaddresses can be spoofed without anyone doing anything to your computer. You just happen to have an address that spammers use... Sad

But the computers actually sending the spam are often compromised machines of "normal" people that didn't secure their computer well. The best solution imho is cutting them off the Net until they fix their mess. Following the IP will rarely bring you to the guy directly responsible for the spam... they're smart enough to cover their tracks.

Considered using another email address? Your Frihost one for example Razz
have u event put your email at public site or other? Spam Bot will check emaill address in web sometimes I make my email link as this is make our email save.
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