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Windows XP laptop install question

i have a Toshiba laptop that I want to do a fresh windows XP install on. What I'm wondering is: can i use a regular Win xp disc for my laptop? Or do I need a disc with toshiba drivers on it? I was not provided with any special winodws xp disc when i purchased my laptop, so I would figure that most of the tosihba integrated stuff (touchpad, integrated wireless, etc...) would be "plug and play",but I dont want to try a reinstall and not be able to go through with it and be screwed. Said disc has worked perfectly on my past three fresh installs, but those installs where all on desktops.

Any helpful input is appreciated!
It should work perfectly. If there are some specialised Toshiba drivers, for example for any media keys you may have, then the drivers will be available from the Toshiba website. In most cases, Windows XP will just assign things like the touchpad default drivers which will work fine.

Hope this helps!
You might want to check your users manual, since you didnt receive a restore disk with the pc, there should be a recovery partition on the computer itself. The manual should tell you how to burn a copy of the restore cd in case you need it.

Although, I think I would be more inclined to use the retail copy of XP than an OEM one. Check your model on the Toshiba site before doing the install to make sure that the drivers you need are available there.
Shaula wrote:
i have a Toshiba laptop that I want to do a fresh windows XP install on. What I'm wondering is: can i use a regular Win xp disc for my laptop? Or do I need a disc with toshiba drivers on it?

Any retail copy of Microsoft Windows XP will be fine. You will just have to re-install any drivers that will be replaced.
It will work fine but some things like your display work with Windows XP's default drivers but bigger resolutions can need driver from Toshiba (can be found in Toshiba's web site). I think that your touchpad will work without drivers because it works fine in my 10 years old laptop and there is Debian Linux inside. And everyone says that Windows in better than any linux distribution. I think that your laptop works with normal Windows XP and if you need drivers, go to Toshiba's website and download them there.
I ever look a Acer Product that giving a OS Windows Product that integrated with the laptop drivers already. so we only setup the OS within the cd.

but i don't know about toshiba product. but how ever if u need a driver u can browse & of course WIndowS OS can install on computer that Microsoft specificated already Smile

as long i know win XP cannot install or run at Hardware 286 386 or 486 Razz
What I would do is go to the toshiba website and download all XP drivers applicable to your laptop. Save them to a media (such as burning a cd) that your laptop will read.

The go ahead and do your fresh XP install.

Then load the drivers off of the disk you made. You'll probably find that 90% of the drivers windows will already have loaded, but manufacturer drivers are almost always better and can enable more features (such as more resolutions, etc).

If you have network accessibility from the XP install (before loading more drivers) then go ahead and install all the updates and service packs before loading your drivers... sometimes the updates screw with the previous drivers and it's just extra work.

Then go ahead and install your antivirus (I recommend Avast which is free) and whatever software you need.

Good luck.
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