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Do you play drums?

Hi, i've played drums for about four and a half year. My brother always comes and makes me stop when i start drumming at home...

Been to many diffrent scoolplays and courses and i like drumming a lot. My teacher, jussi is quite good :)

Does anyone else play drums here?
I can say that I wish I did. You must be really good after four and a half years of drumming.

I've had a go, and I'm OK when I get into it, but I'd need a lot more practice to get properly good. But I can do something very interesting, I can make the noises of drums with my mouth; so I can do beats and stuff as though I'm playing them, it gets even more funny if I get some drum sticks and pretend to bash some drums and make the noise from my mouth. Laughing Heh heh, good times.

The drums are my favourite instrument and the only reason that I don't play them is that I don't have enough time, or space for a drum kit in my house. Sad
Well...i liked to play drums since i was 6....playing drums r so fun because we can play or make any music or sound as we wan....and it is very cool and exciting too....
I play drums, have done since I was 11. I have to say drum kit is one awesome instrument to play, it's just a lot of fun and a great way to release stress :L
Played the drums for about 4 1/2 years myself, then sort of gave up. I still play occasionaly, but don't take lessons anymore. They are good fun, and worth trying out if your interested. Not sure why I lost interest, I think it was because lack of progress.. Though not 100% sure.

played drums but not permanent basis.. i actually play guitar in my band, but somehow, i love to play the drums but my current drummer is way better than me.. haha..
I play the drums.
I can copy "Don't Stay - Linkin Park"'s opening.

But I quitted. Got better things to do.
Plan to start in a few years Smile
DopeyCriz wrote:
I can copy "Don't Stay - Linkin Park"'s opening.

I love that song! It's so good!
Y'know, technically it's the seconds song in Linkin Parks album Meteora. Razz

deStructuralized wrote:
Plan to start in a few years

A few years?#@! Why so long?
both my ex boyfriend and my current boyfriend plays drums.

My ex boyfriend had also to learn to play the piano, because he had music at school

My current boyfriend plays the guitar more than he plays the drums

And bot hof them sings, only that my first boyfriend liked more growlig and the second likes more country. a big difference between them
i cant play drums at alll...

guitar, bass, keyboard fine butr drums nope... too many things to do at the same time lol
I LOVE PLAYING THE DRUMS! Very Happy It's so much fun! I think I like it so much because it's quite a challendge when you get into more difficult beats.
Yea... my brother plays too... He's like really good!Very Happy
I also sing... ha ha what a funny combination, singing and drumbs... imagine trying to do both at the same time... Laughing I don't think it would work very well... Razz

wow drummers around here Very Happy

I'm playing drums for almost 5 years now. All the 5 years I've been in bands, mostly Hardcore/ metalcore/ punk.

I bought my first kit a few months after I started with my first band, and because of the bands my learning curve is quiet high and I'm learning every day more and like to learn more and more... just addicted Wink

Can anyone who posted in this topic that he/ she is drumming post something about the techinques that they're learning?

I'm currently learning fast blastbeats because I never liked them and now I think I just have to learn 'm. I'm going to 400 bmp and I have to say it's working out Very Happy

The other one is one handed rolls, It's just simple to do in fills but it's another thing to do them playing with wierd rithms and broken lines (I dont know how to say that in english, broken lines Rolling Eyes ).

I dunno what's up next, currently saving money for comleting my drumset mics.

Don't know how to play one.

ANd I find it amazing how cool drummers look when pounding on the drums especially on fast beasts! Boo yah!
I play drums for my church praise ... it's up to the congregation to decide whether I'm any good or not. Very Happy
I play, but not well.

I basically just bought the drums as a thing to do in my spare time, but found that after I actually bought them I started to play guitar even more, and didn't have time for drums Razz

I've played guitar for around 3 or 4 years, and drums for just a few months. I can get by, and somehow am now a drummer in a band. Which is insane, because I can only play a few simple rock beats. But hey - they think I'm the best thing since sliced bread.

It's pretty cool to see there are quite a few drummers on here. They seem so rare around where I live, and it's virtually impossible to find a real drummer for a band. (I'm in two bands - in one I'm a guitarist, so I take that seriously. In another I'm a drummer, so I just do that for kicks)
I have drummed since I was twelve, I started when I was in cadets and loved it ever since , I drummed with large brace bands and even massive pipe bands. My favorite was playing in concerts , a little jazz and blues and throw in some swing, there is nothing like getting behind a set
Pablo Diablo
I used to play alot before I went to college. I just graduated and its been a few years since I've played but I've been getting back into it this summer. I can play most Tool songs now!!!

Twisted Evil
Does table drumming count? Wink

Both me and my brother picked up the nasty habbit of banging our fingers against the table along with whatever song we're listening to.. Quite annoying to listen to, that. Wink

Me and a friend had a little band thing going a bunch of years ago, and I played the guitar; he the drums. Now and then we'd swap though, and I reckon I played pretty good. Beginner's stuff I guess, but still pretty good.
I`am playing with a Yamaha DD-55, using a real drum kit, and other good samples. Not only to drum, but also for creating difficult breakbeats and other sampling stuff.
i play a 5 piece, with dW9002 Double bass pd & crappy cymbals.
but this year, in college, i find myself lacking a set to practice on.
i'm stuck making beats on FruityLoops as consolation.
I don't play it as a good artist. But I can play it.
No i don't play drums
because is to hard
ben leslie
i have been playing drumms n guitar for about 5 years now. my favorit band is guns n roses
Hey All,

I have been playing drums since I was 13, so that makes it....22 years Smile

If I can figure it out I will post some images of it soon.

Mty favorite Bands are Rush, Led Zeppelin and Dave Matthews. Arguably three of teh best ever Smile

Post somedrum pics!!!!

Nope, I play guitar for my band. We need a drummer though.
I would like to ... but I dont have enugh money to pay for a teacher or for a drums.... I like lars olsrich from Metallica.... is the best drumer in the world... Metallica!!!!
Haha I wish I could, drumming is so cool. But you know, I don't have the time for a band or anything, so it's not for me. I do appreciate hearing some good drumming though, haha Cool

I do play drums. I've been playing for about 15 years, mostly rock / indy rock / and now kinda power-pop/punk rock. You can listen to some Mp3 from my band's website :

El Royce
hello everyone.
Good day.

i play drums in our church,
i am just 6 months in playing drums.

i hope i can be better like you guys.
can you provide me some site that teaches drums?

Thank you.
GOD bless Frihost Community

-------------------------------------------------Man + GOD = MAJORITY----------------------------------
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