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What is PR and what we can do?

Hi all.
Can you letb me know what is PR?
Hi there! My name is Ryan and I am a marketing undergrad so I would be more than happy to help ya out!! PR is an abbreviation for Public Relations and it plays a crucial part in any organization. Most people think of corporations when they hear the word organization but in fact the corporation is just one type of an organization.! Others include Churches, The Red Cross, Universities, Green Peace.... the list goes on and on. My point is that PR is crucial to any organization's sucess. PR is a critical Marketing function that basically deals with projecting a unified message to your customers. Basically its the continuous communication between the organization. and its customers whether they be shareholders, students, or volunteers. You tell them what your organization. is about, why its important to them, and why your organization should matter to them. PR is usually talked about in way greater detail in Marketing books but this is a kinda rough idea of what it is and why its important to any organization.. I hope that this helped! Take care, bye Very Happy
Just to add ot the above comment.

Defined by the Public Relations Society of America.

Public relations are activities that help an organization and its public adapt mutually to each other.

But really the best way to describe it is doing the right thing then telling people about it - by using publicity and other forms of non paid communication opportunities to inform those whose positive opinions favorably impact your organization.

It can be broken further into the following fields

Media Relations
Employee or member relations
Community Relations
Industry Relations
Government Relations
Issues and crisis management

Hope that this helps, I am a marketing consultant and help businesses get the most out of the field of marketing.
PR in most visible forms exist in newspapers when you see article in which is the name of company or brand. You could be sure that they pay this newspaper for this article or they have advertisement on the next page.
PR should have two different answers
PR=Public Relations
PR should be "narrow sense Marketing", namely refers to the brand
2.PR The full title is PageRank. It is Google uses in to use for to mark the
homepage the rank/important one method. After kneaded together such as
the Title marking and the Keywords marking and so on possesses other
factors, Google through PageRank adjusts the result, causes these has
"the rank/importance" the homepage in the search result another
website place to obtain the promotion, thus enhancement search result
relevance and quality.
I realize that the poster is actually asking about page rankings, but I thought I'd jump in on the public relations discussion. My girlfriend is in a post-grad PR program and so I've taken an interest in it. I've always hated the idea of PR because of the negative connotations, but I'm trying to keep an open mind now. Anyways, I was listening to a fantastic program called "Spin cycles" that run on the CBC in Canada for 6 weeks. In the final episode they talked with a self-professed former spin doctor who has now written a book called The death of spin. His definition of spin was bang-on. He says that spin involves recognizing important current issues and positioning yourself relative to those issues, but never doing anything about the actual issues.
Find some good website which has good pr and rank
and send email to them,let them make links to you
if you do it,and complete it
your website's pr and rank should increase sooner

hope you have a nice resulte
Hi there...!

PR stands for Public Relation.. But it is more than what it means.

In todays marketing senirio, when customer is considered as king, companies do all sort of activities to keep them happy. There are promotions, advertising, CRM activities.

But, a company cannot do its business with clients only...

It has to coordinate forward and backward equally. The suppliers, the vendors, the partners, the share holders... all have to be kept happy in order to sustain and grow business...

I think this is where PR is very important. PR is mean to be in touch with all the above mentioned ppl and to see that the companies relation with all of them is fine.

It also means to convince them all goood for you.

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