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I'm too vein!

Ever since I became a model, I've been extremely vein- I'm always in the mirror and I just can't help it.
I'm really self-concious also, anyone else?
Well modelling is a really shallow career and because of the image created by models in ads and stuff, young girls have serious eating disorders and self-image problems. Maybe you should just stop modelling.

I like to stare at myself too.... Laughing

PS: It's spelled "vain"
That's a little harsh, jharsika. Modeling, as us American folk spell it (silly Brits and their double "l's"...), is not an easy career and requires networking, dedication to fitness, and extensive knowledge of the multi-billion dollar fashion industry to succeed.

That being said, are you concerned about the way you feel, DiageoLiam? Are you concerned about yourself from a professional/career standpoint or a deeper self-image standpoint? It sounds like you're waiting for something to go wrong with your appearance. If you work hard at fitness and healthy eating, you'll probably be just fine - there's always someone thinner or bustier or more muscular - people vary a lot, and that doesn't mean you aren't looking damn good too.

As for being vain, you just have to ask yourself if you want to be that way? I would recommend considering "no" as an answer, but that's for you to decide. It's good to develop both one's body and one's mind. Replace some of that vanity with some other efforts - like volunteerism or reading or learning a new language.
Also, eating disorders and self-image problems are pretty complex.

A lot of eating disorders stem from anxiety and problems in other areas of one's life, leading a person to seize their eating behaviors as something they can control with an iron fist. Some have eating disorders related to body image problems, but often the issue is the ability to accept imperfection or to form an actual self image. Often these people can't even accurately describe themselves.

As for self-image problems in general, people have always felt pressure to conform to standards. It's not just the magazine girls, but it's also the boy you like that keeps talking about the girl with bigger breasts or the girl some guy likes talking about how much she likes 6-packs. Teenagers struggle to recognize their own positive features as they learn how to accept their imperfections while maintaining a strong self confidence. Models are just one facet of the whole big picture.

Frequently, parental attention is the biggest factor in all of this. Having adult guidance to approach the emerging self awareness a teen develops is pretty crucial to their emotional development and avoiding eating disorders and image problems.
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