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What do u think as soon as u see a beautiful girl?

What is your first impressin?What is important for you about that girl?
Smile Smile

and lady can reply with considering vice versa situation.
The first thing I think when I see a really beautiful girl is thank God, because I see her every morning when I wake up. Saturday week Im marrying the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
I fall down on my knees and thank god i'm a man

by the way, congratulations rico
I look at her, her age, and where she is. If she is from my area, etc.. I live in a small country, and I am only 15, so, to be honest, I can't think about asking anyone out for a drink yet Wink
i think 'GOD DAMN' ... Laughing
S3nd K3ys
"I'd hit it"
S3nd K3ys wrote:
"I'd hit it"

ye... this was the 2nd thought that goes through my mind after the GOD DAMN
Well, I find beauty in most girls/women I see. And not cheap "everyone looks pretty" kind of beauty. And no, I dont have low standards, I just really see beauty almost all girls. Anyways, the first thing I do is look at her eyes. I have a thing for gray eyes or really pale blue eyes when they wear dark eyeliner. Of course, my feelings towards those kinds of girls is that they're dolls, or works of art that you can't touch or you'd taint it.

Yeup ^^
S3nd K3ys
OutlawSpirit wrote:
S3nd K3ys wrote:
"I'd hit it"

ye... this was the 2nd thought that goes through my mind after the GOD DAMN

Lets compromise; I'd Gawd Dayum Hit it! Wink
insolent1 wrote:
What is your first impressin?What is important for you about that girl?
Smile Smile

and lady can reply with considering vice versa situation.

The first thing I would think is: 'Oooh I would like to get to know her better Cool'
S3nd K3ys i'm telling your wife

I'd be like i want that shit then spank it...
If I see a hot guy I think "Hey, he's hot." That's about it.....most good looking men I know are very shallow jerks. I wouldn't give them a second thought (I might still look though Very Happy)
I wonder what her morals are.
First, I examine her to make sure she's of a proper age to be observed. Cause one time, I saw this one girl, and looking at her body she looked well over 18, and then I saw her face, and I'm like, "How old is she?" Cause I feel bad checking out girls that are younger than 15 at least. Cause that's just wrong.

But my first impression, to be honest, when I see any beautiful woman, is the same as any other guys: "I'd do her." Probably not the best thing I should be thinking, but hey, what're you gonna do.

But nowadays, I'm in a serious relationship with someone whom I consider the most beautiful woman in the world, and every time I see her, I think of how lucky I am to have her. Then I think, "I'd do her."

Very Happy
I typically ask myself "did I already spend that 20 bucks on gas this morning?"
Heh. Usually I just think "Damn!" I'm married, but I still appreciate beautiful women. My wife is very pretty, so I usually don't think much further into it. Usually thinking: "Thank god my lady isn't as expensive as her, and still hotter." A chick's morals are very important to me, so I usually kind of predetermine them as currency anyhow. But I'm a guy, so if my lady happened to bring her home one day, all bets are off. Wink
S3nd K3ys wrote:
OutlawSpirit wrote:
S3nd K3ys wrote:
"I'd hit it"

ye... this was the 2nd thought that goes through my mind after the GOD DAMN

Lets compromise; I'd Gawd Dayum Hit it! Wink

fa sho Laughing
I dunno, when I see a hottie I kind of feel guilty for looking....because I'm usually hangin' out in town with my girlfriend.
S3nd K3ys wrote:
"I'd hit it"

lol Same thing I'm thinking
well ususally i see hot girls @ school and i look at them when they arent looking @ me Wink
There's this one really beautiful looking girl at my school that's in one of my classes, I'd do anything to be in a group with her. It looks like what I'm doing has been working, because right now I'm in a group of three with her (her, me, and another guy in my class who's very similar to me). We work quite well together, and I think that we will continue to pair up as partners, as there's no reason on why to change.

I normally think on first glance (especially for her) is "Let's check her out". I go through it in this sort of order - her face, then down to her eyes (really beautiful blue ones she has), the shape of her nose (I know it sounds weird but her's is just perfect on her face), her fingers, and her figure (nicely shaped indeed) - then down to how her posture is like.

I normally have a good eye for good looking girls my age (which I'm 17 just so everyone knows), although I haven't really tried hitting on her since I don't really know her all that well yet.

A few of the things I know about her include this - she gets seizures unless she takes her medicine. It happened one time this year and it was very scary since she's in my lunch hour and she was whisked out on a stretcher. Very, very scary. I never mentioned that I seen her when it happened - I don't want her to feel bad about that. The other thing I know about her is that she doesn't know how to spell very good, and when I review her paper, I make sidenote corrections so that she gets a better grade in our class (which I forgot to mention, it's Creative Writing). Sometimes I think I should give her a cheat sheet on the most commonly misspelled words of hers, such as "through" with "threw". She uses "I walked threw the dark room" instead of using the other "through". I don't know, but I find that attractive. It's not about the stupidity, but it's about how each person has a different complication or difficulty in life - like where I have glasses to see and I appear to have Photic Sneeze Reflex (which is where I walk out into the sun and sneeze immediately), that sort of stuff.

Maybe I'm just too weak inside to try to hit on her. Sad But I do have an eye on her whenever I get the chance to. When I do, I feel like Jello inside.

Maybe I told more than what I was supposed to in this thread Embarassed but oh well. *listening to the song "Last Beautiful Girl" by Matchbox Twenty, and thinks about the girl described above*.

- Mike.
You people are all perverts... *shakes head sadly*
Nameless wrote:
You people are all perverts... *shakes head sadly*

How is seeing a hot chick perverted? Or if you are referring to the responses, how are they perverted? It's definitely "normal" to be attracted to a beautiful girl, duh.

What do the gays think about this one, that would be interesting.
hoh.. hot
When I see a nice lady, I just think about love.
Is she nice for me ?
Are we gonna be able to love us for a long time ?
What else can you think... I think with my other head ofcourse
Look, a useless topic.
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