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Do you play a instrament.

Who plays an instrament. What instrament do you play. How long have you been playing.

I play guitar and have been playing for almost 4 years know. I've been in about 5 bands and theve all quit playing instraments because they don't have the time to practice. I do enjoy playing guitar and making up songs but sadly I never let people heir them because I think they would laugh. Sad .

So who eles plays an instrament.
Hi there my name is Ryan and sadly I don't play an instrument! One of my brothers plays the Piano and the other one plays the Guitar!! Sadly I didn't take after them Razz I guess that I just don't have what it takes. Having said that, I love listening to music. I can't go anywhere without my iPod Nano and I love stocking it with various genres both from commercial artists as well as indie artists. Gotta go so bye for now
Cool. I do not have a favorite band so i just listen to varieos generas also.
well, I don't really play an instrument in the sence of being in a club or something. but I do can play piano and I love it ^^ I just check a midi file with the piano steps and then I study them in order to be able to play it Smile
Conjacked wrote:
Who plays an instrament. What instrament do you play. How long have you been playing.

I play guitar and have been playing for almost 4 years know. I've been in about 5 bands and theve all quit playing instraments because they don't have the time to practice. I do enjoy playing guitar and making up songs but sadly I never let people heir them because I think they would laugh. Sad .

So who eles plays an instrament.

Well, I play Audio System Razz
I play an istrument: I play the piano. also a little guitar, but mainly I stick to my piano (a stage-piano: Yamaha p120s). I enjoy playing on it every day. With a roommate (a live in a house with 8 students) I arrange songs and that is also what my website is about. I never practised what i had to for my pianolessons, instead I played my own tunes.

Now about the guitar: that is an instrument to break your fingers on. I can't reach one fret per finger.. (i hope this is correct english?). with a piano all the notes are a lot more closer to one another. well, I always have chosen to do things the easy way. piano: not to use your lungs, sitting, playing multiple notes, by just pressing one, one that is always in tune.. well, that my thing! Very Happy
I started flute in fourth grade, then oboe in sixth. I dropped oboe to play the string bass, which I played all through high school, college, and beyond. Now I'd like to take either piano or guitar.
I play the piano, even graduated from music conservatory after 10 years of mind-melting piano work. Well.... maybe not mind melting... Maybe more like really boring, but still, I graduated and actually got a pretty high score.

Of course, they didn't actually teach me anything about writing songs or improvising or anything of the sort. Which sucks.

Now I'm away at uni, so I don't have access to the piano that much, which is annoying, since that means I also don't the option to improve myself in the improvising bit.

Apart from piano, I also play a bit of the guitar, but I'm not that good yet. I'm pretty sure I could survive in a punk band though Wink

That's about it I guess.
I've been playing the guitar for 8 years, and I'm trying to teach myself to touch tap. You touch tap by muting all the strings at the nut with some object (a hair band, duct tape, etc.) so that open notes won't ring, then using both hands to do hammer-ons and pull-offs on the neck. You can get a lot of range out of a guitar like this... a guitarist named Adam Fulara touch taps on a double-necked guitar and is able to play pieces by Bach written for the piano. I can only hope to someday be that good!
I used to play guitar, but now not so much.
i've been learning to play the guitar for a little more than 2 years now... but i am not very good at it i have to say... mostly because nowadays i rarely have the time to practise.. Sad
I use to play fortepiano or something, i wasn't good at it, but i could play some christmas carol.
I've been playing guitar for the past four years. I don't practice nearly as much as I should, but I'm good enough to play in a more than decent band, so it doesn't matter too much. Once in a while, I also fool around with the keyboard a bit, but not so much anymore.
Hi, Ive been playing for about a year, guitar. I have an acoustic but am getting an electric soon! Boo hoo! [/quote]
i used to play clarinet..i remember when they came out with flavord somtimes during band practice ide forget to play and just lick the reeds for the banana now i cant even make a sound with the clarinet
I play flute and guitar, and sometimes keyboard.
I used to play the keyboard/piano a long time ago, unfortunately I can remember very little of it now. I do play guitar though, even if I seem to only be able to keep one song in my head at a time. I do it to relax mostly, I find it a very effective way of de-stressing - which is exactly what I need in my final year at university!
Pablo Diablo
I used to play drums between the ages of 10 and 18. Then I went off to college and stopped playing. I moved back home after college and have been playing agai for a few months but I'm getting bored. I need people to play with!

I've also been trying to learn to play guiytar and piano in the last few months.
I played bass for about 3 years... Then I went to guitar for roughly the past 10 years... On and off... In the recent of those 10 years i started screaming...

i was in a band called.. the only one ive been in....

It's a hobby of mine for long. When I was a kid I was amazed with the new 80s sounds of sinthesizers. Nowadays I play a Korg sintesizer which has lots of things to explore. I really haven't the patience nor time to discover all of them.
I rather try to make some music with more or less technology involved. Perhaps I'll put my music in my website in a near future, but first the site must be built........ sound range from various styles: jazz, pop, rock, blues, classical, latin, world.
Ive been playing many instruments since elementary school. Ive been playing drums for 9 years now (im 17) and i picked up guitar 3 years ago as well. Ive also played bass and tuba. Pretty musically inclined. Lol. Me and my friend recorded some stuff like 2 years ago. Old and outdated but.
Check it out.
I can play piano, but i am slow reading the notes. I can also play piano in widow, just a little bit. I also play guitar. But what i want to learn is violin.
i play guitar and i have been playing it for around 5 months
Guitar, bass, flute, some keyboards, but mostly synth, harp, used to have a marimba, but that is history now.

I'm not that good at any of them anymore, but I still dig them out on occasion. Really, I d like to work most on my dijeridoo, but I have a real tough time with the circular breathing thing.

Used to be in a band...but we sucked Laughing Mostly an excuse to get together and drink, but we had a few songs that didn't blow completely. Wink
Erridan the enchanter

I've been playing guitar a little over two years, I've been playing the bass for a band for half a year. I also play keyboard, violin (that thing has PMS!), flute, and mandolin.

I'm the guitarist in a starting band that does techno, emo, goth, and death metal.
I'm the bassist for my church, and soon i'll be playing the keyboard for them too (yes at the same time).
I play the piano, keyboard (pretty similar), and sax. Tried my hands on the violin too. But i'm pretty much rusty on all these instruments since i haven't been playing for more than a year. Having to go through the exams is too stressful. lol
I have some DJ decks, not quite an instrument but the closest thing I have that I can play.

I have had them for about 3 years now and the good thing is that it only took me about a month to learn how to use them which compared to learning a piano or guitar, 1 month is nothing:)
I even learnt myself how to use them from looking on the internet.

I occasionaly play at clubs but I prefer to use them just for a bit of fun at home when I have friends round. Very Happy
Guitar and bass. I can play drums, but hey, you know the drums aren't a real instrument!! Laughing
Smile i play the guitar too
Played a guitar for about 5 years. Completely rubbish at it so now have tried learning the piano... So far I've reached the same level as my guitaring.
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