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A Walk To Remember

I am not that big movie freak. I am just a normal movie goer. There are actually a number of movies I could name as my favourites. But if I have to be particular, I would call this movie i.e. 'A Walk To Remember' my favourite movie.

Its been almost a year that I watched this movie and still every scene is fresh in my mind. This movie was actually based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks titled as the same. I have also read the novel and I must say that both the movie and the novel are too good.

The theme of the movie is love but unlike other movies it deals with the issue very delicately and truly. I am a believer of true love and I always believe that love isn't love until its true. True love happens once and only once in life and that i believe should be the love of the life. God has made everyone in pairs and you have to search for your right one. All of them don't succeed in this. But, I always have this strong faith in God.

This movie depicts the kind of love I am talking about which is absolutely pure, true and sacred. This movie tells you how two people connect and how the connection turns out to be life long. Love never dies though lovers do. This is what the movie tells and indeed it is true.

The movie has a tragic ending but a very beautiful note. This is a sweet tale of young but everlasting love. It is a tragic yet spiritual love story which is sure to touch your heart.
actually, the novel was written by Nicholas Sparks.. it, as most of his stories, is based on his real life experiences

if you read the book "Three Weeks With My Brother" you get an insight into his life, and how many of his stories came to be.. he's had a pretty rough life, but he sees the good in all things, in spite of the hardships he has dealt with

I find his stories to be written very simply, in a straight forward manner.. his books can be read in a single weekend by the typical reader.. but they have a spiritual or emotional impact that stays with you

he also wrote "The Notebook" and "Message in a Bottle" which were made into movies
His books are very simple - perhaps too much if you ask me. They are decent, but there always seems to be something lacking from them.

Hollywood loves him though, another adaptation from his work is Message in a Bottle, starring Kevin Costner and Robin Wright Penn. They all seem to feel the same after a while, although I must say that some are made better than others.
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