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Family Guy or American Dad?

Which of Seth McFarlane's shows is better to you?
Family Guy
 93%  [ 28 ]
American Dad
 6%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 30

Two comedic masterpieces created by comic genious and man of 1000 voices, Seth McFarlane. Both of them are consistantly funny, but it seems like Seth is losing his interest in Family Guy and putting more effort into American Dad. Sure, Family Guy is good, but I here so many worn out jokes about it, in fact, I'm wearing a Family Guy hoodie right now. It seems to me the American Dad has just been better, in fact, it probably one of those rare shows that has made me burst into tears with laughter. So American Dad gets my vote, however, you say what you think...
Family Guy

But only because I've never seen American Dad. Plus I heard that it wasn't as good from several people.

I don't watch much TV anymore though. =/
Family Guy is so much better then American Dad, there are both funny but Family Guy is just better and been around longer.
American Dad isn't that great to me. It has its funny moments, but I dunno. I don't like the fish or the alien.
Family guy is much better.Ok american dad is a good serie but can't compare with family guy
no doubt about it, family guy. the characters are just so adorable and witty (brian and stewie) unlike their counterparts, that fish and the alien guy (i have watched the show before i just can't recal their names) The alien is annoying at times and so is most of the other characters. i dunno.. Peter is also annoying but the cast of characters that surround him are just too funny that it makes him bareable
i agree...there is no contest here at all. it is defintely family guy all the way.
Family guy is by far the better show. Seth really succeeded there, and largely because of the random nature of the show.

American dad tries to be too much like a South Park clone, being offensive and making comments about american life. Where it fails is when it attempts to be offensive and random at the same time, it just falls flat on its face.

Family guy is the original, and the best.
Family Guy is OBVIOUSLY the better show. The characters in Family Guy are just so well put together. Stewie Griffin is one of my favorite ever comedy characters.

American Dad is a good show, the storyline is good but the characters just don't stand up next to Family Guy.
Family Guy's better. American Dad's funny, but I haven't really gotten into it as much as I have gotten into Family Guy.
I'll have to stand up for American Dad, when i first watched it me and all of my friends loved it instantly. Even now i cant believe they get away with some of the stuff they do.
Family guy is still classic though, and way better than the simpsons.
nothing can beat the humor of family guy Smile
Yea I'd also have to stick with Family Guy, from the good ol days.
family guy all the way, i dont even watch american dad. got disk 1-4 of family guy watched them waaay to much. now only if my damn sattalite would come back up i could get the new episodes. Sat has been down for almost a month now Sad
I'll follow the crowd and say Family Guy is the better of the two. The randomness of the comedy and the speed at which the jokes are fired out there is what does it for me. American Dad is good also, just not as original as Family Guy. I kinda think McFarlane created American Dad as a way of "milking" the success of Family Guy.
Although Family Guy has kinda gone downhill this season (a few episodes just weren't as funny as usual) American Dad just won't fill the void when family Guy is gone. I suppose I've only seen a few episodes, and they were funny but I still prefer FG.
I've got all the Family Guy and American Dad DVDs released in Australia so far, and I've gotta go with Family Guy. While both are hilarious, you cannot go past Family Guy for simple laugh out loud humour. Very Happy
Well, Family Guy is better of course. Stewie is my favourite character Very Happy
Definately Family Guy.
i've seen both, and i still love family guy more, it has to be the show without a point or a good story, however it's hilarious.
yup,Family Guy
Family Guy for the win.

All I ever see in American Dad is that it piggy backs on Family Guy's already parody success. Then it tries to be more controversial and patriotic, but imo fails in comparison to make up its flaws.
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