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The best video card out there?

ATI or Nvidia
 0%  [ 0 ]
 83%  [ 5 ]
Psh, whatever. Both
 16%  [ 1 ]
Other (please mention!)
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Total Votes : 6

What is, in your opinion, the best video card out there? The best also meaning affordable of course. It's crazy how expensive some of the new video cards are. There is no way I'm going to buy a $600 card. No way.

Also, what are your opinions about ATI vs. Nvidia?

I have had both cards. I think that I really prefer Nvidia, the drivers running ATI seem sluggish. I currently have an ATI X800 Pro 256MB DDR3 8x AGP currently running at 473 MHz with the memory at 452 MHz.
There's different winners at different price points, but with the current set of graphics cards Nvidia edges out more often than not. It's close, but I think ATI has the best top-end right now. It depends on what your priorities are. I find the best cards have little to do with ATI vs Nvidia and more about each individual card performance for your buck. There are some horrible ATI cards. There are horrible Nvidias cards. As you might imagine, there are great cards on both sides as well.

One of my favorite cards to recommend right now with people on a budget is the 7600 GTs. Just great performance for your buck. At the same time, ATI's x850 XT is dirt cheap right now and is a great performer for that price point even if it is a last generation card. Seems all they have left is sapphires though.
7600gt is a VERY nice budget card.
7900gt is probably the sweest bang for the buck.

So in terms of pricing, I think nvidia is winning.

Oh btw, I;m not a running a x850pro here.
nVidia all the way
they don't have the performance crown, but they have nice drivers, good for overclocking, and bang for buck

ati cant match nvidia 7600gt for value - its not gonna run the latest and greatest gamnes at 90FPS but itll handle them suficiently, while providing a HUGE step up from intels integrated crap. and neway, if 7600gt's r good clockers o that brings them close in performance to a stock 7900gs
Lord Klorel
rencently i bought a new PC and i wanted that there was a nVidia Geforce in it.
Now i can see already difference with my old video card. (ATI Radeon 9200)

The grafics of pictures and the colors of my screen are lot more clearder then before.

The nVidia Geforce that i have is 7500

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