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Can we all safely agree it's one of the top 5 sitcoms of all time?
One of the top 5 sitcoms ? Nah!! Honestly, I mean I just found Jerry and George's back and forward conversations irritating but on the other hand, Kramer is da bomb! Its like every onscreen minute of his was awesome. The way that he talks, dresses, opens the door and just acts! Elaine was great and her said quest to be laid! So I dunno if I would collectively call it one of the best but it sure as hell helped to shape TV and its status as a pop icon can not be denied!! Catch ya later. Smile
When "The Seinfeld Chronicles" (the original title) first aired as a limited series no one suspected it would be the next big thing. Seinfeld and his collaborator/co-creator/co-producer and frequent co-writer Larry David pushed TV comedy to its boundaries and then demolished them. They'd then establish new boundaries and demolish those. That's groundbreaking, important television. It's also what made "Seinfeld" unique. Sure, "Who's The Boss?" could be funny but it had to be about something where someone learned something in every episode. Seinfeld's and David's mantra "learn nothing and be about nothing" proved that TV touching on the absurdity of real life could be funnier than TV where the characters learned valuable lessons and became better people. In truth, that rarely happens in the real world and the fact that Seinfeld made fun of and played with that convention made it important. It helped that it was damn funny as well.
Cosmo Kramer is the best. I dont know how he can act that good but he is one of i kind. Even if he just gets in a room its funny.
I love that show every else around me seems to hate it though

I love seinfeld. THe concept of the show, the dialogue, the characters are alll too good. I think seinfeld is one of the best surely. It is unique and it suites me, it is so ironic on human nature and the way we live. Its way of telling small things in beautiful comic stories is just incredible. For me, i could watch seinfeld time and time again.
I'll agree that it is one of the top 5 sit-coms of all-time!!

But since everybody is different, don't expect EVERYBODY to agree!
yeah, i really don't like that show either! i think that Jerry is just some guy whos completely in love with himself, thinks he's witty and original but is not. i agree with ryanh2006 who said that conversations between Jerry and George are irritating. not just between them tho, it's just as bad of not even worse when Elaine joins. or any of the parents. terrible! it's the same crap each time. everybody is talking about their own problems, nobody is listening to what other people have to say, nobody is saying anything else, but talking about their own problems.

Kramer is a funny character yeah! at least for a while. but come on, let's be honest, how many times can a guy fall down that it's still funny? Rolling Eyes but he always comes up with those ideas of his, and makes faces so that makes him funny. but still, it just curves your mouth, not gives you sore stomach Razz Very Happy
it definitely is in my top 5; in fact, it's number 1!
when they finished the show, i stopped watching tv -
except, of course, for sports.

i like how you have to watch an episode from the beginning to get the joke in the end.
i like how jerry, who's a comedian, is the sanest and supposedly least funny of the group.
i like how george is a lovable loser, elaine as a neurotic ex-gf, and the indescribable kramer - they're all hilarious!
i would say it is one of the best sitcoms doubt in my mind. i can watch that show over and over again...seeing countless episodes a number of times and never not is a great show and i would watch it everyday if i sat in front of the tv that often...

too active to do that though... of the best shows ever...YES!!!!!!!!
Best Comedy sitcome made till date ... most of the dialogue imply dual meaning and the plot is superb !!
Easily in the top 5 for sure. It's very smart with the linking plotlines, and of course the characters are hilarious.

My top 5 would have to include Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Arrested Development too.
Definetely... I love it. No matter how many times I watch the same episode I don't feel bored and I laugh at the same things over and over. The run the show had was also pretty good definetely making it in the top 5.
yeah sure i think its one of the best shows ever... and kramer is the best ! man he is so lost in life! Razz i also like the way the stories of each of the main characters get intertangled in every episode... extremely cool !
this show is just great i love the reruns they show on tv i even went out and bought the "puffy shirt" lol Jerry really isnt doing anything anymore thats too bad cause he is a great actor.
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