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First Job?

How old were you when you got your first job (aside newspaper boy, please Very Happy ) and what was it?

Personally I got my first "true" job at 16, working at a KFC about 15 hours a week during my secondary 5. Minimum salary, hard for the nerves and the muscles Wink Typical student job. And you?
Pablo Diablo
My first job was being the lifegaurd at a Pool in a hotel. Fro there I moved up to Bus Boy, and then on to porter. Then I left for school, and can't find a job in computers ebcause everyone and their mom is into that stuff now. What a waste!
My first job was as a corporate finance assistent at the age of 23 when i finished studying at the Erasmus University Rotterdam (Netherlands). Now i have a master degree in Financial Economics and Financial Law.
First job.. I'm not sure I recall. When I was really young (7-10 years old), I used to follow my mom to work and the secretary would let me make some of the copies and fold some of the letters (how exciting!). I remember going around the neighborhood with my friend, passing out fliers advertising our cheap raking services ($5-7/yard), and then having only one person take us up on the offer. I was 12 or 13 at the time. And I remember babysitting for someone at the high, high rate of $2/hr; I was 14 then. Hm. No, I think my first "real" job, was bookkeeping. I was 16 when I started and a couple months from 18 when I moved away.
Well I guess my first job was actually picking fruit. It was a summer job and since there isn't a whole lot else to do I decided fruit picking might be a way to go.

I started off with picking watermelons but that was a lot of hard work. They start to get heavy after you have lifted a few hundred of them so it makes a very long and tiring day out of it.

After that I went on and picked everything from nectarines to tomatoes, pumpkins (also not much fun) and grapes. Grapes were probably the easiest, you could sit while you were doing it and listen to music, and you were able to get in the shade most of the day which made things a little easier.

It was pretty much slave wages though and I'm glad I left it behind long ago.
I got my first job at 15, working at Wendy's. I only worked the fry station and it was horrible. I only worked there for three months though, 'cause then I was 16 and could take my final lifeguarding course. I've worked only as a lifeguard, actor and mime since then.
I'm currently looking for a job in Japanese restaurants because I hope in doing so I can improve on my Japanese conversational skills. But I haven't really gotten around to do that yet..

My friend's first job was teaching swimming to little kids. She gets paid ok since it also counts as community service. [doesnt know how that works]
My first job I got when I was 16, which was only a few weeks ago.
I work at Mcdonalds, and its alright, although they make you do things fast in the kitchen.
I got my first job working at a human resource company at 14. At $6.00/Hour
S3nd K3ys
I was in high school. Got a job fabricating plastic (plex) into displays and tooling etc.
hehe, my first job was for KFC when I was 16. I was working 40 hour weeks though. I hated cooking at that job, downright horendous.
I reckognize that's quite hot oil Smile and greasy. (For KFC)

Wow there are many jobs you people have done. It's quite interesting to see the average age and the kind of jobs one can hope to get at that age. I hope people in search of something will look at this topic, it could give them ideas Razz
Well, I've also worked at: Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, Pizza Inn, Pizza Hut, Long John Silvers, KFC(again), Accountant, and Telemarkter. Those are all easy to get. Some pay decent enough also. But I'm now 19, and I run my own business, and I hope to never work in fast food again.
I had my first job when i was in third year college. I was hired as technical support for MSN Messenger which is actually a microsoft product. During that period we also give support for Hotmail users.
I started my first job at 15 years old.
At that time, I was a part-time tutor that taught a primary five and primary one student.
The experience is good to me, so I am still a part-time tutor at this moment.
Surprised Amazing HoboBarticus... How could you have done so many jobs in so few years?!?
HoboBarticus o.O

I get fired alot. Now I just run my own business. And unfortunately, I'm on the hotseat again, my boss might fire me.
I got my first real job at the age of 15. My mom had connections with a whole chain of clinics. So I got the job of being janitor for one of the clinics. I earn $120 a month, which isn't good at all, but it isn't bad.
i was 16 years old as helper of the helper of one constructor.
Rad Ultima 2
I have actually never had a real job before. I'm 20 years old and have been in my first semester in college for a few months now. Though, I just started a resume and hoping to get a job at Shaw's IT department. Razz
Well, my first real job was in a production line for gearboxes during a summer when I was in the university, I think I was on my second year, so I was 20. It was good pay and I needed the money for my driving licences. Before I worked teaching maths, chemistry, physics to some students but this was not really a full time job. Or I also help some departments of my university when I was at the first years., but working only 10 hours per week.
First job was working in an animal/farm foods quality assessment laboratory. At 18 years old I wanted to work in Science. Then, after 2 years, I realised there was no real money in it. I constantly had the odour of a farm crossed with a chemical accident - which didn't go down well with the laydeez. So I jacked it in, went to uni and got an office job.
kevin briggs
i left school just before my 16th birthday and started my apprenticeship in carpentry and joinery.i attended a training centre for the first full year then went out with employers for the following 3 years and attended college one day a week.

i finally served my apprenticeship and decided that joinery was not for me and i am currently working in the warehousing market.

i still do a lot of joinery jobs around the house and for frienda and family i think that i may go back to it as a full time job in the future
I was sixteen when i got my first job. I worked for a church cleaning the building. it paid 60 a week. Not very good, but it worked for me. I worked there for about two years, and worked at oher places while working there.
lol i still dont have a real job. i do odd jobs for neighbours and stuff, but nothing consistent.
I am 15 and i dont have a job but i could have one if it wasnt for my parents. One of my friends works in a really busy bar and he got me a job there just collecting glasses and stuff but my parents said i wasnt allowed to do it because i am too young!! Evil or Very Mad
I got my first job when i was 18,now i am 19 and i am working in the army.You learn new things here and you get a direction in your life.
I dont remember my age but at most 10.
I sold cold water at an open market in summer.
my first job - mechanic Shocked
Wally World!
My first job was a ride attendant at thorpe park, that wasn't until i was 18 though because i stayed on at school now i work for the tussuads group!
My first real job was stocking groceries at an asian food market.
My first job was at a feed store. I pretty much just moved hay bales and feed around all day. It was boring . Anyhow, it was a good workout and I learned that you can feed rabbit food to guinea pigs but can't feed guinea pig food to rabbits. Or was it the other way around?

My first job was working in oxfam - i did it for about a year - just a few hours at the weekend - started when I was 14/15. I'm now volunteering at a nursing home on weekends and am soon starting a job at marks and spencers. Cool
well my first job was tutoring this yr2 kid. it was quiet fun though the pay wasnt really high...only ten bucks an hour -.-"
my first job was a fitter of furniture and than i worked as a loader... not and easy work, because i had to do that jobfor 11 hours a day (
my first job was to work as a programmer for a local bank here in my country. it is an eight hour job and not really that stressing, but it does not pay that much, just enough to pay the bills.
Jeez my first job was around....(thinking) 10 working with my dad for about 7 dollars an hour as an assistant for him. He is a plubing, heating, electrical specialist.
I was in school/collge up until I was 20. My first proper job was working as an Accounts Assistant for a local firm during the summer break while at university. I was 21 at the time.

Since then I have worked as:

1. Retail assistant/supervisor for a clothing and homeware retailer
2. Mail sorting office worker.
3. Machinist in a wood mill.
4. Market Researcher
5. I.T Solutions for a marketing firm - extracting data from large database using UNIX scripts.
6. Software/Hardware technical support

And now I'm a Web Developer Very Happy
I got my first job when I was 16. I worked weekends when I was off school. I helped my dad and his crewin ICI HVAC installations. So, I kinda fell into it. I was making something like $150 for the weekend in cash, and that's not bad for a 16 year old.

Now, I just got back from Alberta where I was making $25 an hour, and working in some of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen. I really wanted to pursue sheet metal as a career, but there's just not enough of a demand for construction in Ontario anymore.

I've decided to go to college next year to become a pharmacy technician instead. Heh, that's quite a leap, I suppose. Very Happy
15, as a courtesy clerk at Sobeys (A grocery store chain here in Alberta- possibly other locations in Canada?) I'm still there, I've been there 14 months now. Worked my way up through the ranks Razz Now i'm the TOP courtesy clerk (as if that means anything...). Aw well, i'm making 2.00/hour more now than when I started which isn't too bad, especially considering its only a part-time job.
My first job is at the age of 18.I am a trainee of Level Up Games, Inc. I teach newly registered player to play Ragnarok, Rose Online and all games under level up company.
My first job, was an assistant for my dady. I bookmarked things for him, and I still do it. And im getting 100 norwegian cash each hour...

Im planning to be an Web designer, or computer enginer.

Purhaps I will also make some games and sell it on web sites, but first I had to be done with my website and make some games.

They will be playable in youre browser later...

And I will also purhaps try to get some money from adsl, if I get many users.
I've never got my first job till now, though i'm 24 now ;(

I have done two internships in big companies but I do not take those really as a job, because I think a job is for joy and payment meanwhile. And the intern experiences were so not that thing.
got my first parttime job in 1999 as an internet cafe attendant. that was really cool! i met and gain new friends. my first "real" job was on 2003. i worked as an assistant network and system administrator in an ISP. I worked there for a year and went back to my studies!
16 years old as a lifeguard.
mine was working in a coffee shop owned by an indian.
it's a canadian franchise called Tim Horton's, sort of canadian second cup but cheaper.
I was 19 back then and had to make my living expenses with my college education.
That was one of the worst experience because i didn't speak indian language and the workers there are all indians or arabic.... u can imagine what it's like.
Working about 30 hours a week and when the manager calls u at 6 am, u have no choice than to jump off the bed and wear your ridiculous uniform.
And no need to say it was minimum wage
Liu wrote:
16 years old as a lifeguard.

Seriously? Lifeguard as 16 yeas old?

That would be realy cool. Im beeing 16 now, I wish I can have a job like that. Who was you lifeguard for?
My first job was when I was ten. I worked part time at nights helping a Mary Kay saleswoman put labels on all her products. I also filed her client records for her. On rare occasions she had me stick around to help her with her in-home presentations of the products. I was paid an hourly wage of maybe $2.50 an hour or something.

Oddly enough, I was allergic to all her products. LOL!

My second job was around the same time and lasted well into high school (and through three different states). I made old fashioned glasses for a woman who sold her crafts at art fairs. It was a friend of my mothers. She paid me per quality item I sent her. Didn't really enjoy doing it that much, and I eventually ended up phasing it out when my studies took up too much of my time.
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