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EvE Online

EvE Online

Well, i've been searching for a good sci fi type game, and i finally found one. It's called EvE Online. It's a p2p MMORPG, but you can sign up for a free 14 day trial. I've got 11 days left and i already plan on paying for this when it ends. It's a great game, but you've got to have a lot of patience. It's for people who enjoy spending time on little details. The tutorials you follow when you first start take well over an hour in themselves. The universe is HUGE. There is always more than 20 thousand people on at one time it seems. your options are virtually endless. It is extrememly hard to be a new person however. you've got to the get over the "man this is confusing" thing, and play the game, becuase once you do, it will be awesome. I encourage anyone who likes games like X3:The Reunion, Universal Combat, or Freelancer to check out this game.
ya I used the trial and I personaly didn't find it apealling to me. I don't like when you sit in your char for 10 minutes to go threw 8 warp gates and you can't do anything during that time but I can see it would be a cool game once you get a big ship with nice guns. Very Happy
some people don't like waiting Razz.

it's a matter of personal preference i guess.
During those 10 mintues wait you chat with other players. The game is truely a social game. It plays a really big part in the whole thing. The big issues is it is not new player friendly. Not just the learning curve, but the game is hard to get ahead in when big players will kill you as much as look at you.
I played a trial version and i didn't like it very much too time based. You level up in time so people who have been playing a over a year have a huge advantage over one that have been playing a few months. The tutorial was sub par u have to listen to the whole thing to work out what you need to do and it makes you do each step of the tutorial which is annoying.The newbie chat was completely unhelpful and no one wanted to team up due to fear of being tasken into a trap. The traveling around was annoying to with going autopilot to warp several gates. I image it would get annoying when moving over far distances in below 0.5 space as u can't go afk.
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