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Literature is something which is able to relate the reality as well as fiction with your life and amuse you. Literature is something which has been creating ripples in people's life since ages.

I am quite a normal reader and pretty interested in literature. There are a number of books that I could name as my favourites. But talking about the best of the best, I think 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho can be called my favourite book.

Paulo Coelho is a Brazilian writer and 'The Alchemist' i think, is his best creation. Actually it was quite late when I learnt about his book. I read that book after my schooling and before my college. And, I guess that was the perfect timing for it. I was confused and lost. The book helped me realize my dreams. The book very beautifully makes u understand how important is it to dream and convert it into reality. It tells you that nothing is gained without hard work and determination. It was the perfect thing for me when I was confused with myself and my future.

That book made a really deep effect in my life and is really special to me. I see that book as one of the most special form of literature.

So.....everyone who is in any sort of dilemma or confusion or searching something out of their lives or not being able to realize their dreams, I think you should read this novel. I bet this will help you know yourself better.
Yeh Paulo Coelho is pretty cool.
I really liked The Alchemist!
The author has brilliant skills! The book is a masterpeice! It describes life's big realities in such a simplified form that the reader is left amazed!
I think Its one of the best books I've ever read! Reading th book is an experience in it self!
Great Book. Highly recommended!
Da Rossa
This is because he is considered one of the worst writers of Brazil, acording to many Portuguese Teachers of mine.
i got suckered into reading this, since it was labeled "fiction"

i have no disagreement with his basic philosophy, but it seems a little too simplistic.
Paolo Coelho ; a great writer, reading his book is like giving yourself a breath of life. another good book of Coelho : "Veronika decides to die"
it is a very nice book

it was very popular in turkiye when it published.

but the main story is not original

we have a public story like that.

a person has a great hidden treasure in his cellar, but he can discover this trasure only after a long travelling.

when paulo coelho visited to turkiye , someone told him about this.

he told he did't aware of this.
The Alchemist was the first Coelho book that I read and now I can't put them down. Each is full of lessons in life and gems of advice about finding and following your life path, each set out in a wonderfully enchanting story for readers from adolescence to eighty!
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