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An idea...

Well... people like me, that live in Mexico, Spain or countries when the leguage is the Spanish cant understand somethings in this forum, because everthing is in english... can an admin make a Spanish foum please??
that's silly, how can you post in english if you an''t even understand english? just tell them directly that you want a spanish forum... but yet... it can only be considered if there are lot's of spanish speakers here who doesn't know how to speak in english... but i kinda doubt that
members are comes from different countries, that cant make many forums, so i cant agree with you.
I think if you can't read english, you shouldn't join, not to be mean, but for lots of reasons.
First of all, who would translate all the posts placed on the forums, and if you want a spanish section in this forum.. who is there to watch over the forums? If i was the admin, i would like to know what the people are talking about in my forum.
Then i think english is the world#1 language so either you are very young or just can't read or write english. There are lots of spanish forums on the net so maybe you should join them.
Just a suggestion, or learn proper english..
I guess if there is anything you really don't understand, then you ask in a post to be more specific.
Or else there are a lot of free translators on the net where you can translate a whole page or pieces text from english to spanish.
Imagine if more people ask for forums in their own language, this forum would get too many sections and subforums.
So don't count on it, im from the netherlands myself and i think my english is great, maybe even better then my dutch. Wink
I have swedish forum. Much better then english Wink
use this forum to get better at english.
take it like some sort of free english lesson
wow, i thought english should be our offical language here, if we accept spanish, maybe we should take care of other new language versions, you see, i am a chinese, but i can get use to english, why? because we need to pay more attention into get used to others, that is why i strongly suggest we should take just one offical language here

otherwise, we would have every language in this forum. then you guys will complain of lag Very Happy.

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