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Love twisted in the stars.

I fell in love recently with a casual chat friend I met on AIM over a year and a half ago, I hadn't talked to her in awhile, I was having a horrible week, I have been broke awhile, and staying up late, sleeping in, really being lazy, though inspired, the family didn't get it, it's my last oppurtunity to be a broke bum, I am 18 years old now, and about to hop into the rat race for good, I wasn't in a hurry, well, because of my hippylike behavior, my 9-5 family members, subhumaned me, caused me much heart breaks, why don't they support my dreams... la da da de la da da do... I was stressed much, brought it upon myself...

She was online, I always liked talking to her, I can't remember if I was looking for true conversation or a sex chat when I found her sn, we had similar sorrows and apreciation of beauty and stuff, we stayed friends, we had never.. ******... if you were thinking that, kinda like random dialogue here and there asking and commenting on our current insignificant others etc etc, whatevers clever...

anyhow, she was online.... I said "my family thinks I am crazy"
she says "im crazy"

and indeed we both are i must note this far into it, poeticlly speaking.
it opened up casual talk then the playful statement, I need to get laid, I think she said it not me, and she was like, why haven't we ever met?

I said unsure, she was from georgia when we met, but now lives 300miles away in florida, i said the distance, gasoline, lame mundane factors, i was a jobless boy who hasnt had a full gas tank in awhile...

we talked on and on, turns out, we share almost all the same passions, just kinda different, also interesting she was born 1-12-89, i was 1-11-88, there's just this vibe, I could be like, she's different, but this feels the same as other relationships (yet) different, theres a casual calm, where I almost feel... like she is one of my soul mates.

Who knows if soul mates are real or not, if they are, we have many i believe, if we meet one of them in a lifetime we are fortunate.
She makes me giddy, yet manly, almost like, not just her, but my off balanced burnt out attitude has really been changing lately, I feel like the world is benefitial, and when we have the correct dream, it doesn't matter too much on the actions we make, just going with the flow,

What I am trying to say, is I have had a strong conviction that love is the creator, and it's created some playful and very surreal inspirations in I lately, that I will humbly and modestly nurture, clarity feels great,

Life is so beyond me, my dream.... is to be a visionary artists/teacher of life sciences, and of the magic of plants, and sticking to the dream of seeing myself become the man I want to be, it's like life throws me all the help I need in forms I have yet to meet or see....

I was once athetist, and if god is anything it's a verb, lately I've been feeling and flowing with it, and I think it's benefitial, amongst us, and above us, from the stars to our hearts, and it wants each to live and be anything we desire, why? because it is us....

I love the aphex twin song... Girl Boy Song...
We Are The Music Makers, and we are the Creators of Dreams...

So yeah, me and my love have a date schelduled this october, I'm not naive, how often people think they are in love, whether or not it's love, there are so many similarities in personality I have a beautiful friendship at the least, it's like an ebb and flow, a complete yin and yang of relaxed inspiration....

(what is this kid talking about, what is this christian psychobabble)
Smile Some may get something out of it others don't. It shouldn't make a difference, but I didn't sleep last night, trying to fix my sleep patterns, goto bed early tonight.....

I'll send pics of the wedding, haha,
From studying couples and looking into the hearts of friends though
astrology is an interesting romance clock to show compatibilities,
the zodiac is a living realtime clock, it's a very real and alive art, like an exoterric part of our psychology...

Jeez, I hope I didn't lose everyones hope haha, I am a capricorn we are too real and.... dull at times... we are mermaid goats....
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