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Sleeping with my principal...

I like to tell you all about a small story that happend to me, on my school trip Smile
Well, we were going to salyburg, and the first day we got there, me and my friend thought:
ey, why go around in salzburg with teachers, this sucks, anyways, we told our teacher (becuase we were split up in groups, doing some pointless photo competition around salzburg), that we we're just going to buy a drink.
We went inside a shop, and bought a red bull and a coce, headed out the door, and our group was gone.
We went around for about 1 and a half hour looking for somone, and after that time, we found some other people that had free time from their group. We hanged out with them, and some started smoking, and almost got catched by a teacher as we headed in to a hat store. Well, we were lost for about 4 hours in salzburg before finding another leader, and we could walk with them back to the bus.
Now, at the hotel lots of fun stuff happend, but im just gonna take our night, what this is bassically about. In our room, we were up messing about. Throwing stuff out the window, screaming out the window, and all kind of stupid things... About 3 hours later I was really tired, and wanted to get some sleep. I was lying looking into the wall whith my eyes closed, as the light went on. I thought it was my friend Fredd, so I said:
Turn the mother ****** light of fred...
Light stays on...
I start swearing quite randomly, repeatiing words as; ******, and so on, no need to go into detail. Now, I heard they were all laughing, but with their mouth closed, you know what I mean, trying to hold it back. I said:
You think its ****** funny, do you? well, I teach you wahts funny too morrow...
Kept laughing. I said:
shute the ****** up your rucking retard.
and right then, a hand touched my shoulder, the principal was standing right next to me, about 5 cm away from my head. A nightmare, was all that came up in my head.
He said:
Get your stuff, pack up, and come with me.
I left the room with a final comment:
why didnt you say anything, as they started to laugh as hell.

I basically slept next to him, which was not a pleaseent experience, and would not like to do so again, sucked.
Ah well, might take that another day, it ended up him saying "sleeping with me is penelty enough", but I recon that was too much.

that sounds a lil pedo to me.... would tell ur parents
Tell your parents. They should be able to handle everything from there. If this man has done this before, he will probably attempt to do it again. Creeps like him do not belong on the schoolboard.
Sounds weird, I'd tell someone about it.

tru, that has "creep-dogger" written all over it.
You said you basically slept next to him...does that mean in the same room...with others there as well or in the same bed? Either way sounds a lil strange. Confused
haha... damn, i wouldn't of gone n sleeped next 2 a teacher... na, i'd of put my fist in his face n put him on the ground... tell sum1 tho
Damn that's a weird story.

There's that one teacher I wouldn't mind sleeping next to him, on the contrary, but I'm 22 so that's different I suppose Wink

Seriously, you should tell your parents about it. It's weird behaviour. Even if you didn't sleep in the same bed than he did... perhaps it's just one step towards more. I'd end it right here being you.
Confused weird principal. that's kinda scary. T__T did you ever say a word about that to your parents or teachers?
In this aera if anyone in the school board tried that, they would be imeediatly fired. Not only is that wrong, it is just sick. If I were you I would go and tell another administrator, or someone at the school board. If you are worried about having no proof, just a comment like that can ruin a school board members career. If you like the admin, great, but if he does that to someone else, he will end up getting fired, so why try to protect him?


Tyler Lewis
I dof told him to f*** off becuase he cant be making you sleep in the same baed as him, thats sick
I don't think that's legal..
I'd certainly tell your parents about it, even if nothing happened there is something basically wrong and unethical in his actions and he should be reported. Please don't be afraid to talk to your parents about this.
That is very bizzare! The idea of sleeping near a teacher is not a nice one!
it was probably just to keep you in control, not for some perved reason. Besides, it sounds like you were a little out of it. Wink
i don't think you're any wrong. I believe that anyone would get annoyed when they're sleeping and suddenly someone turns on the lights and not say anything.
Your principle has issues. You should report this to some higher authority or something.
If you don't tell someone, something is wrong with you.
jongoldsz wrote:
If you don't tell someone, something is wrong with you.

Now that's not a very positive attitude. If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.

btw....your post would be considered spam.
I feel everyone's over-reacting a little. I know the media is full of stories of weir teachers and similar stuff but that doesn't mean everone is. Ans Scoria wasn't exactly detailed, I hope s/he didn't mean the same bed but we don't know because we haven't been told.
Of course if if it was the same bed or one of those pull out beds (another bed underneath his which pull out onot the floor), then I support what everyoen else has said (ie. tell your parents), otherwise can't a teacher remove a disruptive person from a dorm?
I agree fully.
Everyone just jumped on the molestation idea.
C'mon now people, ignorance is harmful.
Not every teacher is gonna wanna touch you in private.
Have some common sense.

Although if the teacher tried to hint at anything...
Maybe make suggestive comments?
That's a completely diff story.
That'd be something to report.

I really do think it was more of you cursing so he took you from your friends.
A "detention" type deal.
Dude you were mouthing off in the presence of the principle, there is nothing weird about taking you out of the room. Everybody is paranoid about pedophiles and other stuff why don't you just stop and STOP THINKING AND WONDERING ABOUT IT. Sleeping in the same room as the head honcho of my school would seem like punishment to me, nothing more.
Scotty Too Hotty
if he made you sleep in the same bed as him that makes it wierd. If it was a different bed, it was still wierd.
They have rules and regulations against stuff like that around here. Having a minor of the oppsite sex, or same sex, in a room alone with you is wrong by all standards here. And just the mention of that would launch a major investigation around here.

Now dont get me wrong, there are some nice teachers (female) that were in my high school that i would have gladly left the room with!!!!! But a young lad as i was can only fantasize about somethign like that.!!
Removing the student from her friends is one thing, he (the teacher) could have placed her in with a differant group with a stern warning...why make her sleep in the same room with him?

I the US a doctor cannot even be alone in the same room as a female patient unless a nurse is present...and they are trained professionals trying to do thier job. This guy was just plain out of line, weather he did anything or not.
sonicj wrote:
You said you basically slept next to him...does that mean in the same room...with others there as well or in the same bed? Either way sounds a lil strange. Confused

Hapilly enough, it was in another bed, next to his. his was more sticking out of the wall, a double bed, while mine was along the wall, huh...
That is an odd punishment... if he did anything at all, then he could be in big trouble if you say anything.... as which you should. If he didn't grab/touch/ask to touch/anything else that is discusting for someone his age to do to someone your age. Then you should indeed tell someone. Freaks like that do not belong around anyone younger than them.
Vrythramax wrote:
Removing the student from her friends is one thing, he (the teacher) could have placed her in with a differant group with a stern warning...why make her sleep in the same room with him?

I think it was him and a him. If it was a girl I definitely disagree with it. I don't see a problem with two males, unpleasant maybe but nothing suss.
After the night they just let you leave ?
Well, did you at least get an "A" out of it?
circuits wrote:
Well, did you at least get an "A" out of it?

That's just out of line, try to get a little serious here...not everything is a joking matter.
That does not sound good. First of all why sware there is no point in it. It will always get you into trouble in the end. But secondly this whole story sounds sick, even if it was in the same room it is not righ he should not be aloud any where near children
Well, it would be better if you tell your parents about it before something might happen to you.
I can't imagine how I'll be able to face my principal if we are in the same room~
I don't know about anyone else, but I totally got another idea from the topic title...
The topic title does imply something else altogether, but that why we read the entire post before commenting Wink
Insanity wrote:
I don't know about anyone else, but I totally got another idea from the topic title...

Personally I was quite disappointed when I finished reading the post, I was expecting something scandalous and interesting but I guess it just wasn't to be.

Then maybe your looking in the wrong forums.
I'm not looking for it. I said I was expecting something else. There errr relationships forum is juicy enough for me lol Exclamation
The Author could have made a better dscripton as well...."sleeping with" is not anything like "sleeping in the same roo in seperate beds"

And in the same spirit, I am not going to lock this topis, I am merely going to closed thr door tight enough so nobody can speak out....I mean peep.

Misleading and (now) a dead topic.

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