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difference between Pentium D, Pentium 4 and AMD Athlon

pls any one tell me, exact difference between intel pentium D, pentium 4 and AMD athlon,

is any big difference between intel pentium D and P4 3Ghz pocessor,

is pentium D 64 bit processor....

what its high speed...

is it next for p4 3.8Ghz processor...
which one is better AMD or Intel...
dunno m8, higher the ghz faster processing power (duh). I've had an AMD 1.5ghz older version for 5 years, and it works fine. However, for laptops intel is the most popular, i dont think amd even makes processors for laptops.;
cheers mate.
Higher the GHz.. bigger the processing power..

This is the BIGGEST fallacy in the computer system market today!

I can give you a simple example:

Consider System A running at 2 GHz, and having X instructions being executed to perform a task.

Consider System B running at 1 GHz, but it needs only X/2 instructions being executed to perform the same task.

Which one has higher processing power?

It is NOT System A. In fact, both System A and System B have the same processing power for the above scenario.

Refer any computer architecture book or Google for 'Cycles Per Instruction'.

All said and done, it is only important for people doing computation intensive tasks, and the general consumer is happily misled by the Intel marketing strategy of higher speeds leading to higher performance.

Oh, by the way, I own a desktop and a laptop, and both are powered by Intel processors Smile
It also depends on the rest of the system. From my experience, even old (but high-end for their time) PIIIs will outperform low-end s478 P4s. As for AMD vs Intel, it depends greatly on what you are spending. In terms of CPUs that are below $150, AMD has a clear lead. Between $150-$250, it is hard to say. At $250+, the Core 2 Duos outperform AMD chips, although if you overclock the AMD chip, it may run much faster than the Core 2 Duo at stock (there are no good Conroe overclocking boards yet).

Now the main difference someone with little computer experience would tell between the three types of CPU you mentioned is the socket configuration. When you turn over the CPU and look at the pins, a Pentium D has no pins, but has 775 gold pads instead (the pins are on the mobo). A Pentium 4 has 478 pins, and an AMD Athlon can have 754, 939, or 940 pins depending on the socket the CPU is.
Pentium D's are essentially 2 Pentium 4's shoved into one cpu. Thus dual core, but not exactly dual core like the X2's.

AMD's athlon 64 line was much better than the Pentium 4's at gaming, mostly due to it's onboard memory controller. However, intel's Core 2 Duo is running circles around ANY amd processors available.
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